Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am writing to inform you how much Herald of His Coming has become a blessing to me and my fellow brothers to whom I distribute the extra copies you send me. Herald teaches that Christ is the foundation of all our obedience at every moment. It also teaches on the second coming of the Lord Jesus…. Herald is not something that we read once and then throw away, but each monthly copy is a blessing, so anyone who receives this blessing can keep it and use it for his lifetime. I read Herald; yes, I read it again and again. I do not know why, but while I was writing this letter my eyes were filled with tears….


    Please continue to send me the rich and rewarding magazine, Herald of His Coming. I am greatly being blessed by the Herald. I use it to prepare Bible study and Sunday school lessons. It is my prayer that the Lord provides your needs so that you will continue to reach us with His Word.


    I appreciate you for sending Herald of His Coming to me. It has blessed my soul richly. It is a "God inspired ministry." It has helped me greatly, a Christian called without a mentor. God in His faithfulness brought me Herald of His Coming which provides deeper truths of God and brings the hunger for spiritual growth. I am very grateful to the Lord. I have two brothers that I share Herald to, so I would like them to receive their own copies….


    Another year has gone by and we give thanks once again for the blessing Herald of His Coming is to us when there is no longer water. It reaches us in our desert bringing the water of God’s Word to satisfy our thirst in a time when there is a real dearth of the Word of God in our area. Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming to us for the last twenty-nine years. God bless you all….


    I appreciate the Lord for what He is using Herald of His Coming to do in my spiritual life, family life and ministry. The messages have been a blessing always to me, and to other ministers of God I share it with and even to the congregation that God is helping me to pastor. The messages have imparted, renewed, redefined, sharpened, focused, quickened, built-up and added positive touch to my teaching…. I earnestly desire increase in growth for our church, so please help me. I also covet your prayers always….


    I am receiving Herald of His Coming since February. I share it with my friend and we are blessed. It is important here since the churches are closed and the government does not support such things, so to those who are away from the churches, it is blessing them more….


    Please find enclosed a cheque. We so appreciate the Herald of His Coming. The articles are such a blessing and are food for the soul. We are missionaries in northern Canada and reading the articles not only edifies us but they are a real blessing to those we share them with….


    Thank you for your steadfast faithfulness in each issue of the Herald that I receive every month. I am a German and the Herald has been for years a blessing to me and helps me a lot to build my faith in the Lord. Especially in the area of praying and intercession the Herald is a great help to me. The Lord has laid it on my heart to pray for our country, Germany, because we are in a great spiritual need. Germany has become a great mission field and needs to be soaked in constant prayer. Through God’s grace I am one of those who stand in the gap for our people and the Herald is a very valuable tool and inspiration to carry on the interceding for our people. So please keep on sending the Herald to me….


    I thank God that I am one of the people receiving the Herald of His Coming every month. It has been an inspirational message to my day-to-day living, and I pray to the Almighty that He will bless you in all your endeavours to make the Living Word known throughout the world. May the Lord give you strength to never look back in keeping the Word alive. My life has been greatly transformed spiritually in reading the Herald. I thought I was down and out when I was involved in the worst sinful part of my life, but having been introduced to the Herald of His Coming by my friend, receiving the paper has been revolutionary. I thank God who lifted me up from the murky life of transgression and darkness. May you pray for me so that I will be stronger and never look back again.


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming which talks about revival. Since I started to read it, my life and my ministry as a pastor changed. Keep on changing people’s lives through these challenging messages.


    Herald of His Coming has so much influenced my life that I read them very often to keep me moving in my Christian life. I thank you for allowing this Spirit-filled paper to change my life for Christ….


    Herald of His Coming has been a blessing to me because each time that I read it, I am made to reexamine myself and my standing with the Lord. It has been also a great encouragement to me. Whenever I read it I also wish the only thing I could do is to pray. May God bless you and may His Church come back to the place of prayer and the fear of the Lord and depart from sin!


    We are happy to receive regularly the Herald paper. It is much blessing to our ministry and family and children. We praise the Lord for the Herald. Thank you. God bless you.


    I am very happy to receive the free copy of Herald monthly. It boosts my spiritual life. Some of my friends whom I had requested copies for them, expressed the same view…. Thank you. God bless you as you continue to help the Gospel to reach out in the whole world.


    I write to let you know how the Herald magazine has been beneficial to me. Since I started receiving these magazines my spiritual life has been greatly transformed. I’ve often used these materials in personal and family devotions. I’ve extracted sermons from here to share with fellow believers in our local church. As I am an elder in a church the Herald has been a point of reference and a source of inspiration and encouragement. Herald articles have challenged us to a deeper relationship with the Lord through His Word and prayer. Our church prayer meetings have been reawakened due to Herald. Our understanding on holiness and righteousness has been transformed for the better. To God be the glory and honour….


    I am being released from prison the first of February. I have been incarcerated for over five years and the Herald has been one of God’s gifts to me for my growth in Christ. I’ve been personally getting the Herald for a good three years. The two previous years I always managed to get hold of a copy. I desire to continue to be edified by the Herald. Obviously I’m very excited about my release. I will truly be starting over as a new man in all sense of the word.

    I came to know Christ in prison. I had called on His name some twenty years before, therefore being saved and in Christ. But I didn’t study the Word to let it cleanse me so that the Holy Spirit could form Christ in me (Gal. 4:19). I was a Laodicean thinking I was in need of nothing because I was now saved, in Christ, and not knowing how wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked I was (Rev. 3:17). But thanks to God for His longsuffering and love for me and that He rebukes and chastens those He loves (Rev. 3:19) and continued to knock at the door of my heart so that when I finally heard Him (in a large part thanks to the Herald that the voice of Christ didn’t cease in calling to me) and opened the door. Christ came in and fulfilled His promise that He would dwell in me (Rev. 3:20; John 6:56). Now I am learning to have my rest in Christ and to live a life of faith, to live by Christ who lives in me (Gal. 2:20), who loves me and gave Himself for me.

    I am now waiting on God with much excitement because I have a hope in me that’s more real than anything I can see. Many, many thanks and blessing on the Herald for all the joy and satisfaction in Christ it has brought to me….


    Thank you for providing articles which equip, humble, encourage, educate, uplift and give water to a thirsty soul. Not only do I look forward to Herald of His Coming each month, but I also endeavor to read past articles which you’ve so generously posted on the Herald website. Thank you for your devotion and consistent dedication to the saints of Christ.


    After many years of receiving the Herald I am still blessed every time I read it. The power of the Holy Spirit is so evident in the articles. Praise God! Might it never change. Maranatha!