A Prayer For My Country
  By Dave Butts

    Father of all that is, I bow before You acknowledging You as Creator and King over all. As I come to pray for my country, I realize that the prophet Isaiah told us that "the nations are like a drop in a bucket; they are regarded as dust on the scales" (Isa. 40:15). No great empire or humble province lasts forever. Yet Your will brings nations into being and uses them as instruments for Your purposes. The Apostle Paul told us, "From one man [You] made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and [You] determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live" (Acts 17:26).

    I thank You for calling into being the United States of America. I am grateful for the godly foundation laid by men and women of faith who built into the very fabric of our country a commitment to freedom that was seen as being a gift from You. Thank You for the sacrifice of so many through the years who gave time, effort, and sometimes, their very lives to preserve and protect that freedom.

    With no lessening of my appreciation for this nation, I also realize that we have fallen short of our promise. We have increasingly depended upon our own strength and wisdom rather than that which comes from above. We have often catered to the wealthy and ignored the needs of the poor. We have failed to accept all life as a gift from You and have treated the unborn, the afflicted, and the elderly with increasing contempt. In spite of our stated values of equality and justice, we continue to harbor racism and injustice within our society.

    Lord…we repent! Please pour out upon our nation a spirit of repentance. Help us to turn from sin and turn back to You. As we seek Your face, would You revive Your people once again? Would You empower Your Church in this nation to be the salt and light You have called us to be?

    We face troubling times. Our economy has been damaged and many of our citizens are hurting. We find ourselves at war with an enemy that hates us and is determined to destroy us. Our own nation is badly divided in so many ways. The issues faced by our new President are enormous. Grant him Your vision, protection and wisdom. Bring godly advisors around him and help him to look to You and teach him the power of prayer to You in his own life.

    Father, in these days of decision, fulfill Your purposes for our nation. I stand in prayer with my brothers and sisters in Christ and re-commit the United States into Your care. Restore to us the vision of being a city on a hill, a place from which the light of Christ can shine to the nations. May we be a nation whose God is the Lord. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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