Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    The messages of the Herald of His Coming are food for my soul. Just like what Jesus meant when He said, "…Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God" (Matt. 4:4). Whenever I read the Herald of His Coming my spirit leaps to new levels of glory and my spiritual strength gets renewed and my faith increases. The Herald makes the Gospel jump out of the Bible to reality. It is so practical and encouraging. Sometimes it finds me downcast due to this prison environment, but when I start to read it, it takes me beyond depression to the realm of worship. I was so moved by the article on "Revival Is Possible! Revival Is Needed!" I would ask you to send me a copy of The Great Revival in Wales. I believe God is stirring something in this place. It will be called "The Prison Revival." Pray with us especially for that and continue to bless me with the Herald of His Coming until He comes….


    I am very grateful and would like to express my gratitude toward this Herald newsletter and organization which enable and encourage rural ministers as me in time of distress and lowliness of heart. Please pray for Malaysia, especially Tamil churches, to rise up to greater heights in witnessing. Remember me and my small congregation to grow and mature in the Lord. All glory unto Him!


    I praise God that Herald of His Coming can serve for God till now with encouraging articles and telling about Jesus who is God to all people. Since I started receiving Herald of His Coming, it has impressed me to increase on knowing of the will of God in my life. It supports and gives strength to me and in my ministry. I have eagerness to read Herald of His Coming. May God continue to bless the work of Herald of His Coming….


    I write to express our gratitude and appreciation to God for Herald of His Coming. By the grace of God we in this Christian library are avid readers of the Herald magazines. The magazine has been a monumental resource to our life and ministry, particularly in these last days when many churches no longer preach the old-time messages of holiness, righteousness, restitution, revival, prayer, etc., the way it should be preached. It is our prayer that the good Lord of all grace, continue to help you to sustain the good work He has begun with Herald of His Coming until the day of His coming….


    I must commend Herald of His Coming for sending me a copy of this precious treasure monthly. It is a great source of inspiration. It helps me to move along in the Lord. When I am down it lifts my spirit, gives me hope and new strength for the journey. It is my motivation and courage…. I am making a request of five additional copies so that I can give to other Christians who are in need….


    I am receiving Herald of His Coming for about 20 long years. I am very grateful to you all for faithfully sending this magazine to me for such a long time. I have grown much spiritually through the magazine. All the articles are anointed by the Holy Spirit and I am drawn closer to God every time I read the Herald. Please continue to send it to me.


    It is my pleasure to express my gratitude for the Herald of His Coming. The Herald has been my great support in spreading the Word of God. I am a Sunday school teacher and I wish to receive a number of the Herald papers every month which I will share with my students….


    I have read a copy of Herald of His Coming from my friend and as a result, it has strengthened my faith and heart. I am an orphan as I lost both of my parents in the northern Uganda war…. Through reading Herald of His Coming it has shown to me that Jesus is with us every time guiding, and He knows everything and has more power than Satan. May you send me a copy of Herald of His Coming to continually strengthen my heart and faith….


    God continue to bless the Herald ministries. I had always been encouraged with Herald of His Coming even in my younger days in Brunei where I was born and grew up. Even there I received the Herald publications regularly. We shared them among the Christians there. Brunei is a Muslim country. All Christian literatures are hard to get. There isn’t any Christian bookstore in Brunei….


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming, a blessed publication, for at least seven years. Recently I cared for my Mum during her journey of going to be with the Lord. This blessed and anointed publication enabled me to find the strength to go through this difficult time. I was particularly touched by Crawford Loritts’ message on "Be Strong and Courageous." This helped me tremendously and has been a source of study and prayer, resulting in a much deeper awareness of the purpose God has for my life….


    Thanks to hear from you again. We love you and we always pray for you and your families. Many people enjoy the Herald of His Coming newspaper, including me and my family. As a preacher, I use it a lot in my messages. The Heralds are real life giving and life changing. They are very inspirational. I am sending some names of friends to receive the Herald because we used to share the one copy that you send for me. God bless you.


    I have received Herald of His Coming magazine edition for the first time. It has really blessed me. Thank you very much for sending me this. Pakistan is an Islamic country and we Christians are just few. I wish this wonderful teaching could be shared with all Pakistani people. Thank you once again for sending me this blessed magazine….


    Thank you for this pearl, Herald of His Coming…. Please send me five copies of "Bible Fasting" newsletter. I want to preach this material and to teach it to members of our church translated into Arabic, or to be read by some who read English. We always pray for you. Pray for us.


    I write to appreciate the work that Herald of His Coming has been doing for me last year. As a teacher I have been greatly empowered, encouraged and strengthened by the words. I therefore strongly wish to continue receiving Herald of His Coming even this year 2009 because it always stirs my heart and faith to love Jesus more, to follow Him more closely and to see Him more clearly….


    Thank you for receiving the Herald of His Coming. It helps me a lot because it’s here where I take my topic for our Bible study. All the contents were well explained and no need to use more references. It’s a perfect tool for us beginners to lead a Bible study. The Herald issue September 2008 touched my heart and my questions were answered upon reading the message from the publisher, "Your Troubles Are Not In Vain." Exactly, the message is for me. Before, I’m questioning God why He allowed these things happened in our life that I didn’t expect to happen. But upon reading the Herald messages I realize, who am I to question God? Now, whatever trials come in my life, I lift them up to our almighty God because He knows what’s best for us.


    Thank you! The Herald is so important to us in jail. When we see "the Herald guy" walking down the hall a bunch of the fellows line up for him to give us a copy. The Herald is one of the best publications I receive and I would love to share it with my family. Please enroll them as readers. It would be a wonderful gift to them.


    I have been reading this voice of God for over ten years. I can say that I have always found it encouraging. Basic Bible with an extra edge of fellowship that steps in just when you need it most. Revival for my soul is what I’m pressing for, for I’ve been too long in the desert. Pray for me.


    Thank you for the blessing that Herald of His Coming is in our life. Recently we have been using one of the articles on Repentance and Revival for a Bible study in our prison ministry. It has been one of the best we have worked with. The men are participating and it is also convicting us all of the sin that can creep in if we are not on our guard.


    Thanks for the wise and encouraging words in Herald of His Coming. It charges me up each time I read and believe for God’s hand moving us forward in His purpose here in Minnesota. God bless you for the timely articles.


    Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming. I am in prison. It is always so good to see the Herald of His Coming come through the tray slot at mail call. Please keep sending the paper to me as long as you can. All that I can give is a few stamps to help you spread the Word and the good news of Christ’s coming soon. I always pass the Herald around the block.