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Prayer Focus On Kenya

    Paul Kimani, editor of Sauti Nyikani (the Swahili Herald in Kenya), recently provided a report with a number of prayer requests. We encourage you to take this report to heart, and to remember in prayer the country of Kenya, the church in Kenya, and the Heraldís ministry in Kenya:

    "We need prayers for our government in Kenya which is made up of two partners who appear to be having differences. As a result, important decisions are not made in time, and issues relating to corruption are not solved efficiently. Pray that there will be unity of purpose between the two parties to enable needed reforms to be carried on.

    "Another major issue facing our country is poverty. Since the beginning of last year when we had election violence, we have had some challenges. Some maize was destroyed. Then rains have failed and hence the food we are getting is not enough. The prices of what is available have shot up making essential foodstuffs inaccessible to the common person. It has now begun to rain. Pray that there will be enough rain and that God will provide food to those who do not have.

    "Prayer is needed for the Church in Kenya. Pray that there may be a true revival in the Church. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between true believers and non-believers since their actions appear to be the same. Pray that Christians will live differently and hence be the salt and the light in a dark world.

    "Finally on Sauti NyikaniÖ This paper has been used in various profitable ways. It has been used as a Bible study material. Others have found a lot of inspiration and encouragement as they benefit from very enriching articles. Still there are those whose knowledge of English is very limited or non-existent. These are very grateful for strong Bible-centered teaching. Last but not least, we have pastors who supplement their sermons with material from Sauti Nyikani. These are just a few of the benefits that different people receive from this regular paper. May God bless the team, including those who compile the Herald of His Coming from which Sauti is translated. May His hand of blessing be particularly upon those who give financially toward this end."

    In a report earlier this year, Mission Network News (mnnonline.org) gives more details about the needs in Kenya:

    "On January 16, the Kenyan government declared a national crisis as the number of starving Kenyans doubled in only three months, quickly reaching over 10 million. The food crisis in Kenya has mainly been caused by drought, which was followed by a 99 percent crop failure; but other factors have also played significant roles. As a result of post-election attacks in 2008, the country lost at least 20,000 acres of maize cultivation. Assets such as corn are being used for biofuel internationally, instead of food. Overall, food staples in Kenya have risen about 44 percent in priceÖ.

    "Although the government now is offering lower prices on seed, distributing extra soil and importing 5 million bags of maize to assist its people, the aid is not enough to immediately quell the crisis. Vice President of Kenya, Kalonzo Musyoka, is calling on the church to fill the gaps, asking church members to show Ďcommitment to helping the government through prayers.í"

    As you pray through the needs described in these two reports, please also pray that Sauti Nyikani will continue to be a source of strong teaching and encouragement for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Kenya. Ask the Lord to continue to work through the paper to embolden pastors and provide them with material for their messages.

    Pray also for Paul Kimani and others who work with Sauti Nyikani, that they will have wisdom in the process of selecting and translating materials, and the Lordís favor in all other aspects of the work as well. Last year Sauti Nyikani changed from a 4-page paper published every other month, to an 8-page paper published quarterly. Thank the Lord with us that this change helps save postage costs, and also makes it possible for readers to receive thirty-two pages of material each year rather than the previous twenty-four pages. Presently, 17,200 copies of each issue of Sauti Nyikani are printed and distributed.

    Praise the Lord for the many believers in Kenya and for the many ministries caring for the church and reaching out to the lost. Praise Him for raising up and sustaining Sauti Nyikani as one of His instruments to bless His people in Kenya. Praise Him also for the ministry of the English version of Herald of His Coming in Kenya. Presently, about 8,600 copies of the English Herald are sent to Kenya each month. Here are a few testimonies about how the Lord is graciously working through these papers:

    Thank you very much for the Herald of His Coming that you keep sending me every month...They have always been an encouragement to me. I have been strengthened spiritually by the magazines. The issues on revival have really inspired me to pray for revival in our nation Kenya. We have gone through difficult times after the last general elections, but this reminded me of what I had been reading in the Herald about other countries that go through difficulties. I thank God that I pray for other nations; therefore, I was encouraged to trust in God even for our nation...I am praying that God will help you as you reach the world with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    I thank the Lord for giving me the chance to read the Herald of His Coming. I have been so much encouraged and we have even started a prayer group in our village which composed of seven members.

    I am a newly converted Christian and I believe the Lord Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. Please I need Herald of His Coming....

    We are pleased to advise that the fifty copies which I have been receiving have been a great help to pastors, evangelists, and elders in northern Kenya...this part of Kenya is dominated by Muslims and Herald of His Coming is handy to inspire mostly in the area of prayer and intercession. The place is remote but with Godís help I have been able to dispatch all the fifty copies....

    I thank God for you brethren for maintaining my name in the mailing list, surely I consider a great miracle and blessing for Herald of His Coming to land safely and regularly at my hands. I read an excerpt concerning Bible fasting...I am thirsty for more of it in order to aid me in repentance and in walking in subsequent victory, as well as to help me become an intercessor for revival in these desperate end time days...I want to thank you for sending me a copy of Purpose in Prayer by E.M. Bounds. It has brought me to another level in my prayer life and I realized that in all these years, I was just making prayerless prayers thinking I have prayed. I thank God for revealing to me through that book the mirror of my prayer life and its pathetic condition of which it needed a lot of repair. Thank you so much....

    I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Receive greetings from my friends and family. We have been encouraged and challenged by each issue that you send. It has always been a blessing and wonderful experience to receive from God through Herald of His Coming.... In December, we lost a lot of property but thanks be to God for no one was killed. As much as my family, relatives and friends were attacked and beaten, houses burnt down, no life was taken. We might have left traumatized but with God all things are possible...My hope, belief and prayer is that you do not stop sending us the issue because itís one copy that has really changed my life ever since I started receiving it...May God bless you richly, abundantly and more than you can imagine. May His showers of blessings keep on raining on Herald of His Coming.

    Rejoice with us for such ministry in Kenya, and pray for the Lordís continued anointing and provision for the days ahead.