Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Herald of His Coming has been a channel of divine blessings for me and the church I pastor for many years now. Five years ago, I began sharing it with the pastors and ministers – soldiers of Christ working with me in this part of the lost world. They were so thankful to God for it because it helped them personally and also their preaching and teaching ministries. Please continue sending me the Herald and if possible send fifteen copies more for the pastors and ministers in my area. We wish to be of help to you financially but we are not able presently due to the almost nonstop calamities here in our place (landslides, typhoons, flash floods) and the skyrocketing prices of basic goods. We are praying and believing someday we’ll be able to send you a token of our gratitude for the blessed ministry to us and our praise to God for Herald of His Coming.


    We have been blessed with the Herald papers some years long and two packages since this month. It is with joy and appreciation that we are writing to Herald office. Simple words cannot express how great and mighty this blessed Herald paper is. The challenging messages have shaped and strengthened our spiritual lives greatly and abundantly. Please continue sending us the extra copies for distribution among those seeking nourishment and solid meat. Please remember that this state is the remotest part of the unpolished mission field between the hilly region borders of India and Myanmar….


    Praise Jesus for He is worthy of every praise! I have continued to receive Herald of His Coming for some years. I thank God for this. The messages from the publication have kept me spiritually alive by its inspiration, which has helped to keep my fire of the Spirit burning even in very perilous times. Every time I read the Herald I am moved to intercede, pray, persistent reading the Word of God from the Bible and hence my desire to serve the Father for His unchanging love. I have used the knowledge and messages from the Herald in my daily witnessing sermons and teaching in group seminars…. I was invited to speak to the circuit preachers and spouses. I talked on materials from the Herald on Divine Visitation by Richard Owen Roberts. Hence they put strong request to receive the monthly publication.


    I was a daily reader of any printed materials and articles, but one day my heart heard a knock from the articles in Herald of His Coming. I was touched by the words "The wages of sin is death." Suddenly I turned away from sin. By the words from the Herald I was raised from death. I started a new life. I now find it a big advantage to continually stick to the Herald of His Coming. It brought me a long way and was of great help to me. Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming. I now believe the Lord Jesus is coming again!...


    I am so thankful for Herald of His Coming. It blessed me in many years. Now I want to receive the format Welsh Revival. Thank you so much for your help.


    Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming each month. It is always a blessing to receive and especially when so much is written on revival, which is what we desperately need in these days. From the Hebrides Scotland I write this and longing for an outpouring of God’s mighty Spirit again. I am pleading Psalm 102:13.


    One of our sisters in Christ has asked for copies of Herald of His Coming to distribute to others in her community. She said that the Herald is very informative and has been strengthening her prayer life. Because of this she would like to give to others for encouragement. Thank you….


    I take this opportunity to appreciate the depth of the contents in Herald of His Coming. I was called upon to lead Bible study on Sunday and without prior preparation knowledge, I was able to stand and lead the congregation because I read in last month’s article about the Word of God. I live in a remote place of Eastern Province, and Herald of His Coming has become my new friend. When I was in the city of Lusaka, I was surrounded by many friends, where I could get Christian literature. This is not the case here where I am, but I am not starved as I thought before I moved here. I thank God for what the Herald is doing in my life and so many others who receive this publication.


    I thank Herald of His Coming for the challenging issues I read in the edition of this magazine. They constitute a strong calling for me to develop a spirit of leadership in order to influence my environment and also a change of prayer focus that considers God’s need greater than mine and looking at things with heaven’s perspectives. Above all, I must say that there is no single time that I read Herald of His Coming without it impacting me spiritually, especially in the area of prayer and consecration. This time I decided to share these issues with one of my prayer partners who got very excited by it. She expressed her desire to be part of this blessing. Please may you accept to include her on the list of your readers? I can assure that her prayer life will be positively challenged by reading this magazine on a regular basis….


    I thank you for the three issues that you have sent me and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the very refreshing and inspiring articles. Although I am quite an active Christian filled with love for our Lord Jesus, and I read quite a bit, I still find the Herald articles touch me deeply. What I would like to say has already been said by the many testimonies from around the world, and I thoroughly agree with them. Keep up the good work.


    Since I started reading Herald of His Coming it has increased my faith, and it has been second to my Bible. Thank you for sending me and my son Herald of His Coming faithfully. It has always been a great blessing and challenge to my own personal life and has often inspired me to tell others the great message of holy living and the Spirit-filled life. It has inspired faith to hold onto God for a fresh visitation from Him. May God continue to bless the work of Herald of His Coming.


    I have been a regular reader of Herald of His Coming for the past seven years, and it has been a great encouragement to me as a Christian worker. I am an evangelist here. Praise the Lord for Herald of His Coming! It has contributed a lot to my spiritual life and my ministry growth….


    I acknowledge receipt of Herald of His Coming which my family finds very edifying. We appreciate it and hope you would continue sending them to us. We pass the past editions to our Christian friends who appreciate them, as we know cost of production and postage is expensive, so my friends do not wish to ask for another copy. We thank you again for the Herald and appreciate your effort.


    Herald of His Coming papers are always a challenge and blessing for me. Very often I find the encouragement I need to fight on in these trying times. I will continue to share them with others. With God’s help I will continue to pray for the ministry.


    Please continue sending me the Herald of His Coming. The publication over the years has helped my ministry. I am a pastor and my sermons are not the same since I started reading this publication. We are living in the last days and a number of articles have drummed this message not only to me but to my congregation as well. My prayer is that God continues providing so that we can continue to gain from this publication.


    Since I started receiving the Herald of His Coming my eyes opened with my ears to start to understand the Gospel in this magazine. I appreciate your efforts of sending me this magazine…. The magazine is food for my hunger and water for my thirst. It taught me to understand the Good News better. Pray for me and our branch….


    I must say how blessed I am reading all those sermons in Herald of His Coming. They have lifted me up to a new spiritual level. As a preacher myself, the materials are of great benefit to me in my ministry….


    Thank you for all the encouraging articles and thanks to God’s precious Holy Spirit who always knows what we need. We find life’s trials getting harder, but He always gives us strength and encouragement through His wonderful Word of truth. Blessings to you all….


    I want to continue receiving my package of Heralds. I intend to send you a love offering as soon as I can. I as a pastor appreciate the opportunity to read Herald of His Coming and to give them out at our church. I have been saving copies since the 1990’s and I value every one of them. Thank you very much. You are in my prayers….