Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I thank the Lord God for what He has done in my life through Herald of His Coming. Your labor is not in vain. We are living in difficult times just as the Scripture testifies, where moral decay and lawlessness is the norm in our society. A diluted Gospel is what is being preached in most of our churches. We are seeking ways to do something for God, rather than God doing something through us. I have found it hard to live by this. The Herald messages have helped a great deal in my life, emphasizing about holiness without which no one shall see God. The Herald has sound doctrine that can help us to discover God’s call concerning our lives and nation. I can testify to that since I have been receiving the faith builder Herald of His Coming. Through the messages God has done a lot in my life. My prayer life has changed from self-focus to world-focus (not worldliness) but "what I am here for," and I thank God who has given me the privilege to join in spiritual watching over the land as an intercessor praying and seeking God for revival in our nation. My appetite for God’s Word has increased that I love to share whatever I have learned from these messages to some of my friends and also giving out some of the magazines after I have read….


    We thank our God the Father and His Son the Lord Yeshua the Messiah, for the Herald of His Coming. Praise God for this paper which is kept so many years in a modest and simple appearance. Today…it is so refreshing to receive a paper like Herald of His Coming which glorifies the Lord and Him Himself. Praise God! Hallelujah! We here in the middle of the Negev desert in Israel, are so encouraged to read the messages and articles which are given by the Herald of His Coming – messages and articles which are inspired by the Holy Spirit. For us it is many times like rivers of living water flowing in the wilderness….


    Enclosed is my gift with gratitude to the Lord and the Herald of His Coming for sending the Herald to me off and on for close to fifty years or more. I am a missionary ninety-two years old, serving with the Hmong, a large minority group of millions in China, Vietnam, Burma, and Thailand. There have been many churches established and the need of revival is very evident….


    Thank you for the inspired words of God which Herald of His Coming is bringing into our hearts. Please continue sending it to us. It is a spiritual balanced diet. Words cannot express how much this paper has done and continues doing in our lives here….God bless you all.


    I am a lecturer at a Bible Institute since 1990. A month ago I got May 2008 issue of Herald of His Coming sent together with a monthly magazine I read. The front page article, "We Stand at the Crossroads of Destiny" truly gave me many new insights and strength for my teaching ministry. I appreciate the article. I also read almost every article. I felt very much energized by the articles. So I would like to request you to put me in the list of your readers and send me the paper monthly, and another copy for the school library too. We are a small Bible College with ninety students. Thank you….


    How I love reading Herald of His Coming! It is making my spiritual life to grow. The articles you include in every issue are like you have seen what I am passing through. I thank God for the ministry which encourages us. Another good news is that Herald newspaper has stimulated our Bible study group which meets every lunch time daily, to start evangelizing at our campus, because we were greatly challenged through the Herald articles, especially by "God’s Law of Revival Is Realistic…."


    Keep printing those great messages! They are helping to prepare the true Church for the coming of Jesus our Lord. We exhort each other and so much more as the day of His coming draws near. As a pastor of a small church, I glean tremendous material from Herald of His Coming, and I am regularly inspired and motivated to greater purity, purpose and power to be faithful to Jesus in these last days. Thank you!


    Thank you for mailing to me the Herald of His Coming. It is a great blessing to read the Spirit-filled articles pertaining to Christianity and many of us are blessed. It edifies our hungry souls….


    I am a Christian brother from Eritrea, East Africa. I am a new graduate of university. I work in a governmental organization which is located in a far place from the capital city. In the place of my work it is so difficult to find spiritual writings. However, God gave us brothers like you who are devoted and dedicated for the precious ministry. When I receive the materials you send I thank God for Herald of His Coming….


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming messages I have received from you. They have surely enriched my services as a pastor and a leader of the church in our locality. I ask you to forgive me for delaying to update my need for the blessed messages of God. I love and cherish the monthly supply of the Herald newspapers….


    God has used Herald of His Coming to bless, improve, strengthen and encourage me spiritually. I am happy to testify that the Lord has used this Herald to revive my prayer life and every time my knowledge of the Word of God has greatly been upgraded….


    I delight in having the Herald of His Coming, and as a missionary this paper fills me with hope and joy. The Herald each month has helped me immensely to keep going when all seems at times hopeless…I have read the Herald in some very adverse conditions and through the reading I have seen my life make a difference to many. Life seems bleak out in the nations sometimes but I know every month I can be assured that my Herald paper is coming and I will grow and fight with you all for the lives of many. Thank you for your love and care. Do not stop the Herald please!


    What a privilege and blessing it’s been to get Herald of His Coming. Each edition’s contents have been timely with whatever the Lord would be ministering in my life. An exceptional example is the leading article, "Christ Is Building His Church" in January 2008. A few weeks before I received this particular edition the Lord quickened the Scripture quoted at the beginning of the article (Matt. 16:18). At the time I got the Herald I was meditating on this Scripture as I had come to a point where I knew there’s more to this passage that the Lord wanted to reveal to me. As you can imagine I was delighted when I got the edition and saw that as the lead article….


    I thank God that He has enabled you to continue sending me monthly Herald magazines. The material contained is so rich. God is opening my spiritual eyes because I perceive things in the way it has never been before. I feel moved and challenged by the emphasis on prayer. Every Herald paper contains encouragements that compel me even to search and be in the presence of the Lord. Please continue to send to me this bread of life, for I believe man cannot live on bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from God….


    My thanks to you for the Herald of His Coming. People are getting the hopeful message of the Gospel. I am happy and pleased to read and talk about the encouraging messages published each month. They help me to get the right words that a Christian should have when I come across people who feel unhappy about the difficult situation they are facing. Herald of His Coming is helping me to have a prayer life….


    Thank you for the Herald copies that I receive. They are a source of blessing and encouragement to me – spirit building and a daily help alongside my Bible….


    Ever since I started reading Herald of His Coming I have grown in Christianity and in Christian ministry. I am blessed in every copy I read. It is like a new dimension in my Christian life. I enjoy it every time I read it….


    For many years the Herald has lifted my spirit while serving as a pastor and evangelist. I did not have this blessing while in Guatemala and Dominican Republic. Now at age 80 I continue to be blessed and encouraged by it. Thanks for your faithfulness.


    Thank you for your faithfulness in sending the Herald to me each month. I keep one, give one to my pastor, and the rest to our senior group. They are greatly appreciated....


    I send you blessings and greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am greatly encouraged and blessed by the anointed messages that are printed in Herald of His Coming. They touch my heart and my spirit so much. Every month I am so hungry and looking for the messages. Be encouraged and keep up the blessed work of the Lord. Maranatha!