Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    It is a joy that God does wondrous things to us, and I am blessed to be born again, and also to have the knowledge I have attained through the godly anointed Herald literature and pamphlets you send me. Glory be to God! And also bless all who give their time to make intercession, prayer, volunteer themselves and finances which enables us to receive them. I am challenged to see that God is doing wonders and when I see a Muslim stand and confess Jesus Christ I just go down on my knees and give glory to God because He is able and can do what a man calls impossible, and my prayer is may the Lord give me more faith and strength to serve Him better.

    You are in our prayers for God’s provision to the ministry. I and my wife and children have been so much blessed. Our maturity is through the literature we get through Herald of His Coming. In God we thank you, and may all who prayerfully and financially support Herald of His Coming be overshadowed with grace, mercy and favour to continue to do the work in honesty and truth.


    I am a reader of the Herald of His Coming and a pastor. Since I started reading the Herald of His Coming my preaching, praying, pastoring and teaching have changed for the better. The vision of revival in Zimbabwe has been sharpened. I was really blessed by an article in one Herald entitled, "The Work of the Church Is Done at the Throne." It showed me that prayer is a power that we Christians can use. Right now I am praying, knowing that I am engaging myself in a powerful activity. The Holy Spirit of God is moving in my life and church in a mighty way. Please do continue to send Herald of His Coming for the benefit of me, my family and church. I believe through the Herald and its teaching that we are heading for mighty revival!


    Thank you for the monthly Herald of His Coming. It is the most edifying and inspiring publication I have ever received. It is touching the heartbeat of the Spirit of God. The more prayer in the Body of Christ who read it and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in their everyday lives, the closer a sovereign move of God will be in our nations. Truly the Herald is a magazine birthed in the love and heart of God, and I pray that the readership will grow all over the world….


    I am currently establishing a new church in this remote part of my country. The Herald of His Coming has been an inspiration and of great help to me and the upcoming fellowship. Thank you so much for your faithfulness in sending me this valuable paper from where I have taken most of my church teachings.


    Please do continue to send me this blessed Herald. It is a blessing to many. We just get one copy which is being circulated among us and it is an encouragement, particularly in these latter days when more people talk about other things rather than speaking the Good News of Christ’s final return. The Herald brings us the "oil" and edifying articles which cause us to "examine ourselves." Thank you for this publication and may He grant you grace and blessings to press on until His coming.


    I enjoy reading Herald of His Coming. I am greatly blessed to receive this paper with so much spiritual food to help me in my Christian walk with the Lord. The messages have been a great blessing to me. I thank God for this ministry. Enclosed is a small gift to help carry the load….


    We are missionaries who work amongst the Kuna people, one of the several ethnic groups that are found in Taraba State. We were opportuned to read one of the editions of Herald of His Coming and found it enriching. We will be very grateful if regular editions of this publication and other available Christian literature can be mailed to us through the above postal address. We sincerely believe that the Herald publications will go a long way in quenching our spiritual thirst….


    I have thoroughly enjoyed the rich teaching in the Herald of His Coming over the past period of three years. In particular the paper has challenged me on sins, revival, repentance and prayer. The Heralds have continually reminded me to seek holiness which is quite rare in the present generation. I praise God that I am privileged to be receiving and reading the spiritual, enriched Herald articles. The paper is my personal companion in my service in the church as a fellowship leader. It would be impossible for me to continue being a blessing in the congregation without this blessed Herald magazine.


    I am a receiver of the Herald of His Coming and I make sure to read all the articles. They are of great encouragement in the ministry and personal life. I’ve never read such uncompromising, straight and punching articles, especially on prayer, revival and sin. I believe the Lord is moving and bringing many backslidden and carnal Christians back to His cross.


    Herald of His Coming has been such a blessing to me. I received four past editions from a friend of my mother’s. Since I began reading them, they have helped me very much in further understanding the Scriptures I read in the Bible. Also, I have always desired to pray for the world but didn’t know exactly what to pray about. Thanks to the intercessory prayer requests in the Herald, I now have a lot to pray for the world about. I desire to receive the Herald each month….


    We started receiving Herald of His Coming in March 2009. We have been blessed reading the articles and want to thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ. Herald of His Coming is a blessing to so many people around the world. As you know, there is truly a famine in the West, not of physical food but of spiritual food. Herald of His Coming is meat indeed! The Lord continue to bless the Herald and use it as you humbly submit to His will and leading….


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming for the past year. I enjoy reading this magazine for the new insights it brings me. I make use of the articles in my home Bible studies and also for my Sunday preaching. Herald of His Coming has become part of my life since I received the first issue somewhere in the year 1982. I don’t want to miss an issue….


    I am a reader of the Herald of His Coming. When I was first told about it, I was a bit skeptical and I just applied because a friend told me to do so. God spoke to me through it and I realized that I had been moving away from Him. The wonderful, soul-touching articles of the Herald of His Coming reawakened in me the awareness of the world in which we are living in these end times. I am grateful to God Almighty for touching souls through this paper. Through the Herald I have got many new inspirational messages to share with my fellow brethren in Christ. Because the Herald has been very instrumental in the building of my faith, I hereby take the decision to share it with as many persons as possible, in my congregations, school, work and everywhere the Spirit of God would lead me….


    I am a Christian medical doctor and a regular recipient of Herald of His Coming for more than ten years. Herald of His Coming is a richly anointed material that has nourished my life and the lives of those with whom I share the Word. Please keep me in the mailing list until His Coming….


    It is for me a great pleasure to receive the copy of Herald of His Coming. Since the day I started to read it, I am always happy to receive a new copy of the month. It helps me too much and through it I have started to change my life and give up some behaviour that our God dislike. I wish to receive it continually in order to help to improve my life and my relationship with our God.


    When I saw Herald of His Coming on my table I rejoiced as I did with the first paper I received just a year ago when I became a member of the Herald. There has never been an encouraging ministry in my life like Herald of His Coming just for the year which has ended. I can see myself growing rapidly. They were so fresh as if the authors were looking at me when writing. They comforted me when depressed, they cautioned me when I am going wrong, and they strengthened me when I am weak. May the Almighty God bless the ministry. I always remember you in my prayers.


    How can I adequately thank you for the ministry that Herald of His Coming has had in our lives! During our years as missionaries in Korea and these following years of ministry, the Herald has provided resources, inspiration and spiritual challenge on the deepest level. God has used the messages over and over in life-changing and uplifting ways. Be assured of our prayers for your continuing, vital ministry. We thank the Lord for you and trust He will multiply this small gift.