Introduction to "Seek God For The City"

How We Are Praying Ė As One Body

    God wants a united people touching His heart, asking Him to fill their land with His glory.

Why We Are Praying Ė His Glory and Our Joy

    God is already on the move. He is already doing good things, and He has promised to do even better things. These prayers help you ask God to bring on the best.

    God is glorified. God is the One who is orchestrating the united prayer. He is the one stimulating you to pray as never before. Since Godís work is always a story, your best praying will be part of His ongoing story.

    Because there is joy in it. God wants us to experience the joy of working with Him in bringing new life to many others.

    Pursuing Godís purpose. God has been unfolding His purpose throughout the earth for thousands of years. Your prayers will become a pursuit of Christís glory and His kingdom.

Who We Are Praying For Ė Beyond Ourselves

    These prayers are designed to help lift your prayers beyond your own concerns. We will be asking God to do things on a "city-size" scale.

What We Are Praying Toward Ė Godís Purpose Fulfilled

    Pray Godís Word. As you form your own prayers in keeping with the vision and truth of the Scriptures, you will find that your prayers begin to align with Godís heart and purpose.

    Pray the promises. Use this guide to link biblical promises to the needs and challenges around you. Each day has a selection from the Psalms or one of the Old Testament prophets and a word or story on the same topic from Jesusí life, helping you pray your way into great things.