June 2008 Issue
Floods On Dry Ground
By Richard Owen Roberts
Revival Praying From Psalm 107
By Dave Butts
Message from the publisher:
News From The Herald Office:
Trusting God For Increased Ministry

By Rich Carmicheal
The Preparation Of The Church For Heaven-sent Revival
By Al Whittinghill
God’s Remedy For Today’s Emergency
By W. C. Moore
We Can – We Must – Focus On Revival!
By Sarah Foulkes Moore
The Blood Of Jesus
By J. M. Hames
Drawing Nigh!
By Horatius Bonar
From Eternity’s Viewpoint
By C. Merrill Johnson
Building Faith In Children
(Part Three: Layer Upon Layer)
By Kim Butts
Christ Our Teacher, Our Intercessor
By Andrew Murray
Lord, Use Even Me!
By Lois J. Stucky
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