Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I apologize for having failed to update you during the past year; it was occasioned by tight schedule at the college. Now I am at my local station where I am as usual enjoying the blessed Herald of His Coming. These inspiring messages have helped me to grow spiritually. The Herald has led me to a deeper relationship with God, deeper knowledge of the Word of God. I formed a prayer group, which as a result is very aggressive in evangelizing the Word of God to the unreached souls. Because of the anointed messages, my prayer partners and readers of Herald of His Coming have been awakened and are now preachers in various places. Herald of His Coming has transformed my life in the ministry of prayer, strengthened my faith, has nourished my spiritual life and has stirred my heart to press into the Spirit in a wonderful way. I give glory and honour to God and thanks to God for Herald of His Coming….


    I came in contact with Herald of His Coming one day when I was searching for a book in our store. I kept it and later went through it. And since then it has been a source of inspiration for me, and I’ve been reading the past editions of 1993, ’96 and ’97. My father’s name had been on the mailing list before and that’s why we have so many outdated editions. Please include my name on the mailing list so I can have my own copies because Herald has been timely to my need since I came in contact with it. I must say thank you for the blessed work of God through the Herald, reviving both our hearts and the church. Again, I must confess my passion for King Jesus has increased and my perception changed. Thanks!


    I am currently a recipient of Herald of His Coming, which I find extremely educative and anointed as well as being an essential tool in helping to develop and strengthen my Christian faith. Thank you for the blessed work you are doing in spreading the Gospel. I normally pass the Herald to others, but I am unable to pass it on to my mother who lives in South Africa. Could you, therefore, please add her name to the mailing list?….


    Still mightily blessed and challenged by the Herald of His Coming, as my father was in the ’40’s and ’50’s.


    I am a happy recipient of the Herald of His Coming. This magazine has done a lot in my life and in the lives of members of my choir group. The timely inspiring messages I have been reading from you have strengthened me when I am weak, encouraged me at moments I am about to give up, and revived my spirit when I feel low. I have been sharing some of the messages with my choir group during meditations. The messages have touched souls. To God be the glory! I am so much grateful for the spiritual food you have been sending to me. It is my plea therefore that you continue to send the magazine to me….


    Thank you for faithfully sending me the Herald of His Coming. This has been a tremendous blessing in my life and in the lives of believers in Sri Lanka. I am a missionary to Sri Lanka from the USA. I use articles from the Herald as I prepare messages to preach to "hungry" souls. Thank you so much. Please continue to send the Herald of His Coming to me. I would like to receive a copy of the book in magazine format, The Master’s Indwelling, for my spiritual growth and for me to use it to share in Bible study groups in our own language….


    I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the powerful articles of Herald of His Coming. I was introduced to the Herald by a colleague who occasionally sends me the paper. However, my reading of the paper is inconsistent due to his irregular sending. I would like therefore to have correspondence with you. I am a teacher at a satellite school, and I am involved in Scripture Union activities. The supply of this holy paper and other biblical material will go a long way to help me with the Union’s activities. This is a remote school which is situated at the heart of farmlands and generally lacks biblical enlightenments…. However, after reading an article in the Herald of His Coming (February 2008) headlined "A Great Year For You," I was greatly inspired…. My country is in a political upheaval and economic doldrums, as a result of a myriad of issues. This is a time when God’s calling is utmost. Thank you for your kindness and contribution….


    The Herald has been a blessing to many as it circulates. It reminds us to: LIVE FOR TODAY in His RESURRECTION power and await His return. Thank you for the Herald.


    I have received the Herald of His Coming papers and they always are a blessing to me. It is wonderful to know that the Word of God is going out so that others can see that Christ Jesus is coming soon. I repeat – Jesus is coming very soon! So the world needs to know. May God continue to bless the Herald of His Coming work….


    I write to request The Great Revival in Wales in magazine format to enable me to clarify my spiritual vision and intensify my burden for revival in my area where people have no faith in the Lord Jesus Christ but are mainly very religious. Herald magazines have greatly helped me to grow spiritually and have increased my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Please continue sending the Herald to me.


    I am a Brazilian missionary who is working in Guinea-Bissau with WEC International. I would like to receive Herald of His Coming. I read one a few months ago that was lent me by a missionary friend who is working in Guinea-Bissau too. That reading has been very important to my life, bringing me encouragement in my work. Thank you for your attention. May the Lord bless you….


    I currently get Herald of His Coming through my church. I am writing to ask to have my name added to the Herald Prayer Force. I believe the Holy Spirit is working through publications such as the Herald of His Coming to prepare each Christian as part of the Bride of Christ – teaching self-denial and living the crucified life (which so few seem to grasp and really live it). God bless you in your efforts to communicate His heart.


    I am giving God thanks for all that are sending these blessed materials to us. The Herald teachings are spiritually so powerful that they activate and revive the members of our women’s fellowship. The various messages in the Herald papers encourage those in trouble to go forward regardless of the pain that they experience on the way of Truth. I personally and the entire members have benefited a lot from the teachings the Herald has been presenting in the many issues that we have received so far. I shall be most grateful if you would send me 100 copies of Right Choice for my distribution among members and acquaintances who still do not know the Lord. I pray for the anointing of the Lord to be on every paper, that the Holy Spirit will be able to touch the heart of the readers, bringing about conviction and belief in Jesus Christ.


    Thank you for always sending me Herald of His Coming. Every time it comes through my door, I can’t wait to read it all. It always speaks to my heart; and draws me closer to my Lord. I have used it many times at our friendly hour at church to minister to the group that come every week, and it keeps us filled and fed and encouraged….


    I am so blessed to receive regularly Herald of His Coming and want to help others receive it as well. May the Lord continue to direct you month by month so we are taught biblical truths relevant for today for growth and evangelism….


    I am writing to thank you for the Herald of His Coming. I started receiving the Herald of His Coming from March this year. It has imparted a lot into my life. In a desperate situation it comforts me alongside with my Bible. It has taught me how to put my faith in Christ to work. Thank you, and may God richly bless you for bringing the Herald of His Coming into my life.


    I want you to know your labor is not in vain. You already send me about ten or fifteen papers monthly, but please increase it to fifty papers a month. Our church eagerly awaits Herald of His Coming. It is such a blessing. Also, I am a chaplain at the county jail. When we finish with the papers they will be put to good use and not in the garbage. Please keep up the good and most needed work.


    Just a note to bless you for the years you have given Herald of His Coming to me. Now at ninety years of age, I’m still looking for the coming of my Lord. I don’t have time to doubt His answers to all our prayers. Keep looking to Jesus for all His will, and all His guidance in everything. Be encouraged in the work He directs you into. Claim His promises and praise Him for His miracles. God bless all of you. Keep praying!