Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming so faithfully. It has always been a great blessing and challenge to my own personal life and has often inspired me to proclaim the great message of holy living and the Spirit-filled life. It has inspired faith to hold onto God for a fresh visitation from Him. May God continue to bless the work of Herald of His Coming.


    Over at Singapore, I have been receiving Herald of His Coming on a regular basis on behalf of my church. I am presently stationed in Sydney for at least a period of one year or longer. Kindly send three copies of Herald of His Coming so that I and my loved ones can continue to be blessed by its ministry…I have been reading Herald of His Coming for the past forty years, ever since I first accepted Christ as a student. I am presently sixty years of age. The Lord has invariably spoken and guided me in my walk with Him through the Heralds.


    I have been reading Herald of His Coming and it has touched my life. I am a youth leader and youth pastor leading in about twenty churches. I am also a patron of Scripture Union at a secondary school. The message is vital to the young people and God can touch their hearts through such information….


    I am a Christian and I got one copy of Herald of His Coming from a Christian brother. I read it through and it helped me in many areas of my Christian life. So I am requesting you to put my name in the mailing list to receive the Herald regularly….


    I have been passing on my additional copy of Herald of His Coming to mature Christians who really appreciate it. So many Christians need to get deeper into the things of God and intercessory prayer that is so needed in these final hours. Satan is opposing on every side because he knows his time is short, but glory to God who is the King of kings and Lord of lords, Satan is defeated!


    I am a youth worker, working partly in South Africa and also in Namibia. This is my fourth year in this mission, and our motto is "Seek First the Kingdom." Our goal is to tell as many people as possible of the Lord Jesus Christ and how to get saved. I realize the importance of pure Bible based literature. I love the works of A. Murray, R. A. Torrey, C. H. Spurgeon and D. L. Moody. Through the articles in the Herald of His Coming I am many times blessed and satisfied….


    Please continue to send me Herald of His Coming. It is helping us to grow in our spiritual lives. We are using it in our Bible studies and prayer meetings. Our churches are growing through Herald of His Coming. Please send us more copies….There are many praying for you here. We are feeding the orphans and clothing them. We send some to school. Please pray for us….


    Greetings to you in the wonderful name of our soon-coming King and Master! I am saying from the depth of my heart that I love the Herald paper even more than my natural food. It’s a source of blessing to me and I pass them on to people like myself who are excited about good spiritual food. I can say that thirty years ago this same Herald paper taught me how to fast and pray when I read about Spurgeon and Finney and the many others. May God bless the Herald ministry and keep up the good work until Jesus comes. To God be the glory; great things He hath done! My offering is not plenty, but God will multiply it to His glory.


    May the Lord richly bless you for keeping me on the mailing list for the past twenty-one years. My life has not been the same since I started receiving Herald of His Coming. I am now a leader of a revived and growing ministry here in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Thank you, Herald, for all the contribution you have made. Keep on keeping on, please.


    Just want you to know that the articles in the Herald continue to bless and convict me each month. God’s Word has a way of doing that! May God continue to guide you as you wait on Him for His choice of topics and messages to include. May our hearts, ears and eyes be open to listen and then act upon what He speaks to us about. God knows how much the Church needs to be revived!


    I have been receiving great and wonderful blessings from Herald of His Coming through this God’s Spirit-anointed magazine since 2002. The articles written in it are so touching, encouraging and spiritual building to me. I have been reached in areas like revival, prayer, the Word of God, and especially "Our Family and Homes for God" which has really changed my family to fear God. Thank you and God greatly and richly bless you….


    We’ve been praying for the continuous provision for Herald of His Coming. We know our gift is not even a dent compared to the total cost needed. However, kindly receive it as a seed with our prayer for supernatural multiplication. We thank you from our hearts. We covet your prayers for the many small groups we’ve been coordinating as we have seen the hands of God working miraculously in this land….


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming. It has been a great help to me. Many times it has come through the post at the right time, just when I needed it. The words have spoken to me through so many speakers. I would like to remain on the mailing list….


    When I got almost discouraged [due to opposition] there came the Herald of His Coming to my door. I did not do anything than to eat it and got encouraged. You may not know what it did in my life but God knows. Keep up and may the Lord help you encourage people like us who are serving in an area where Islam is almost 80 percent and Christians 4.3 percent. Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming to me.


    I first got Herald of His Coming through a bus preacher. My life was touched tremendously when I read it, though I am a believer, but Herald of His Coming opened my spiritual eyes and developed a new hunger for the Lord in my heart and my soul. The zeal to tell people about Jesus engulfed me, and I said that this is the real message of our time and the real food for my hungry soul. Please, I need other life-transforming materials and even the past messages of Herald of His Coming so that I can extend some to others….


    My wife and I with our friends are blessed to read Herald of His Coming. Our knowledge and understanding about prayer reached to another level. Even my friend is sharing to us through the phone how the Herald helped her a lot. According to her, she always has a preaching because of the paper. No one is discipling her right now; it’s only the Herald who is sustaining her needs spiritually. Kindly include her in the mailing list….


    Thanks to you for these inspired words of God which Herald of His Coming has always pumped into my heart. As a youth I have been greatly encouraged a lot, uplifted on my prayer life and strengthened through the anointed messages I receive monthly from this great faith builder. I have shared some of my copies with my friends who in return are also thankful and now have a desire to know God the more. Brethren, Herald means so much for me, for I know it is only prayer which can bring tranquility in the world and enables us as young people not to be destroyed and consumed by the present evil of our days which are contrary to the will of the Most High concerning our lives. Thanks for sending materials that have transformed my prayer life and the stories of these who have lived and shone for Jesus in season and out, through their prayer lives. I tell you I love these men and need to read more about them….God is calling me to serve Him and it is my desire that I want to not me be seen but Christ be glorified in me. I want to pray, that is all.


    I enjoy the Herald of His Coming as much today as when I first started reading it about 58 years ago. It has kept me stirred up and on fire for God all these years. God has blessed me through the Herald in many different ways. The anointed articles can be applied to our own lives and also used as sermon topics….


    I get a whole lot of knowledge from reading Herald of His Coming here where I am incarcerated. I teach a new converts’ class, and I receive lots of enlightenment in the articles that I share with my class. I also get blessed reading how the Herald of His Coming reaches to many countries around the world, where the Gospel is so very much needed. God continue to bless Herald of His Coming!