"Exhort One Another"
  By Lois J. Stucky

    When the Bible says to "Exhort one another daily…lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin" (Heb. 3:13), that includes encouraging and admonishing one another to sincere Christian living and service, does it not? One translation says, "Help one another to stand firm in the faith" (Phillips). In these days when iniquity is abounding and the love of many is waxing cold (Matt. 24:12), how much we need to heed this word! Reader friends, your correspondence with us at Herald of His Coming is often an encouragement and exhortation to us, even as you write us that the Herald articles serve as such to you. God knows we need "one another" in this hour.

    Each month we print on page 12 excerpts from letters that tell how God uses Herald of His Coming messages to exhort and help readers. This month I would like to give you a glimpse of how your letters are helpful to us. For example, a brother who lives in a country where Christians are severely persecuted and cannot meet together for church services writes: "I consider myself one of those flocks which the Lord has entrusted you to serve through Herald of His Coming in these terrible and testing last days. May God bless you abundantly and make you faithful." Such a letter spurs us to stand faithful at our post as we realize that Herald of His Coming is a virtual spiritual lifeline to some readers in difficult, lonely places. By all means we must faithfully man the lifeline which God has put in our hands, and we do so with prayer in our hearts, glad to serve these who set for us a great example of "faith under fire."

    A writer from Africa says: "What inspires me is the fact that you keep spreading the truth of Jesus, not minding those who just receive the Heralds but never read them. It is because of your persistence that Herald of His Coming has eventually found its way into my hands…." We are made to think of Jesus who preached the truth persistently to the multitudes though some had not ears to hear and some followed Him no more. It causes us to remind ourselves not to grow discouraged if the response seems small. We will believe that some precious seed of the word of truth will fall on good ground and will bring forth fruit. We are encouraged to persevere knowing God has said we will reap in due season if we faint not (Gal. 6:9).

    Another letter said: "Receiving Herald of His Coming every month without paying for it is a big miracle as we know our God is a wonderful God…." This comes from a country where it is difficult if not impossible to send payment even if the writer could manage an offering from his hand-to-mouth living. A letter like this helps us resolve to keep strong in faith and prayer, trusting God for His provision month by month. Readers rejoicing in God’s provision of soul-nourishing messages which they could never buy see God as caring about them. They glorify Him as great and wonderful (which indeed He is!) and they are encouraged to trust Him for other daily needs.

    Seeing how God is glorified and how readers are blessed is reward for the strong battle of faith and prayer we are often involved in here. We look to the Lord for tens of thousands of dollars monthly to maintain the printing and mailing of around 80,000 Herald papers. You friends who send supporting gifts, and you who pray, please rejoice and feel rewarded also! You are a vital part of this miracle which God has been performing for 67 years! Glory to His Name! And know that to be a worker together with God if we faint not, will have an eternal reward.

    A brother from Zimbabwe writes: "The Church of God has the mandate that it has to carry out: ‘Therefore go and make disciples….’ It is imperative for us as Christians to preach the Gospel so that our fellows will receive salvation." The strategy of this brother includes passing out tracts on the bus as he goes home from work. Together with the youth group at church, he plans outreaches into rural areas where the Word of God has not been extensively preached in comparison to the urban areas. Another program he lines up is hospital and prison ministry where they share the good news.

    The zeal of numerous brothers and sisters like this stirs our hearts to stay strong in sharing the good news of the Gospel as far and wide and generously as God enables. We often thank God for the splendid doors He opens through the hearts and hands of dear zealous brothers and sisters in Christ who diligently reach into areas where we could never reach in person. We are eager to go into all the world with the Gospel and gladly partner with such. Their zeal is a constant challenge to ours!

    Might these brief glimpses serve as an exhortation to all of us to press on full force in this significant late hour. You friends taking part in Herald of His Coming ministry through your prayers and gifts and distribution of the papers, be encouraged to keep faithful and persevere in the good work God has entrusted to you. If you are not now taking a part, you are warmly invited to join us in laboring with God in this hour of setting sun.

    Please Pray —

    * That God’s people will seek until they find the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and by His enabling fulfill God’s calling on their lives.

    * That God will anoint the messages in Herald of His Coming that they will count greatly in helping to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord.

    * That God will raise up more men who will give themselves to prayer, among them pastors who will lead their congregations to become praying churches.

    * For God’s grace to be poured upon Christians who are being persecuted for His sake, especially remembering those suffering imprisonment.

    * For God’s continued provision of funds through His faithful stewards to keep a generous and increasing outflow of Herald papers.

    * For the worldwide moving of the Holy Spirit that people of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation will be brought into His kingdom! (Rev. 5:9).