Striving Together In Prayer
  By Lois J. Stucky

    How encouraging it is to read in many of your letters that you are praying for Herald of His Coming! It seems that God is increasingly laying a burden of prayer on the hearts of His people, that His work here and everywhere be more firmly undergirded and more forcefully advanced. Who knows better than God how the battle is intensifying as the end draws nearer and how great is the need for the Almighty intervention He gives in answer to prayer? Eagerly He listens for the heart cries of His people who are willing to enter into His plans for these last days before Jesus returns. He yet purposes great and mighty things for earth’s billions before last judgments fall, and our prayers will help to bring these mercies to mankind! (Jer. 33:3).

    Sister Moore, co-founder of Herald of His Coming, often passionately exhorted the Herald staff with the quote: "Where prayer is focused, power falls!" How she longed to see the fire of God fall in worldwide revival! She envisioned God enduing the simple Herald messengers with power from on high to help light those revival fires around the world. Today, more than thirty years after Sister Moore was called above, anti-Christ forces are even more frantically at work than she had keenly sensed in her day, and the call is greater than ever to get down to the business of praying with increasing boldness and diligence. God stands ready to do more than we could ask or think, if we will do our part by pointed and urgent asking (Eph. 3:20).

    In 1887 Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth were appointed as missionaries to China and were to open a new field in Honan Province. A veteran missionary of another mission, Hudson Taylor, chosen and faithful, wrote to them at the time: "…we as a mission, have tried for ten years to enter that province from the south, and have only just succeeded. It is one of the most anti-foreign provinces in China…. Brother, if you would enter that province, you must go forward on your knees." Surely every work of God must go forward on its knees if it is to accomplish all God desires.

    Many of us have ground to gain before being the "good soldier" of which the Apostle Paul writes (2 Tim. 2:3), and that includes being a good soldier in prayer. How much easier it is to sink into an easy chair with good reading or to catch a quick nap. Or perhaps it is the television, or surfing the web on the computer, or another favorite diversion that waylays you. Some reader sent in a page from a magazine containing a jarring excerpt from an article, a few lines of which read: "You need to talk to yourself! When your ‘self’ rises up and tries to discourage you, you need to refute ‘self’ and declare that you will do what God wants and what God desires!" Is not that part of living the crucified life of which Paul Billheimer writes on pages 6 and 7?

    If more of us, by God’s grace, set ourselves to daily live the crucified life, then the victorious life of the throne would course more freely through us. Our prayer lives would be enhanced and God’s glorious kingdom throughout the world would be more triumphantly advanced. Add to the crucified life, our dependence on the Holy Spirit as we pray, as Jonathan Graf and Alvin Vander Griend so helpfully instruct us. Will you join me this year in sincerely seeking to humble ourselves afresh, seek God’s face more earnestly, turn from shameful ways of selfishness and lukewarmness, and become more faithful prayer soldiers – that our Lord might find more pleasure in His people, and be better able to bring to victorious consummation His glorious kingdom?

Herald Prayer Force

    Herald of His Coming is eager to fully do what God raised up this ministry to accomplish. The united prayers of Herald readers can go far in opening the way to place more Heralds in eager outstretched hands. (And your gifts are essential help also!) Around the world there are those who cry out for the truth in this hour when many hopes have proved false and when fear of the things coming on the earth assail the heart and mind. Only the blessed Gospel has the answer to satisfy searching hearts with peace and assurance of life eternal and readiness to meet the Lord at His coming.

    Several of the letters on page 12 of this month’s issue, mention that the writer is a member of the Herald Prayer Force. The Prayer Force is a group of scattered Herald readers who have a burden to pray more pointedly and regularly for the Herald ministry. It is open to anyone who is willing to regularly hold up Herald of His Coming in prayer. A quarterly newsletter is mailed to members listing some outstanding specific needs. If it is in your heart to help regularly in Herald of His Coming ministry through prayer, please send us your name and address and request to have your name added to the Herald Prayer Force. Thank you! We welcome you warmly!

Praise God --

    * That He is great and does wondrous things (Psa. 86:10).

Please Pray --

    * For the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit on every copy of Herald of His Coming, making it effective in setting hearts aflame for Christ.

    * For increased donations of readers to meet the ever-increasing costs. Please believe God with us for the thousands of dollars required to mail this issue to readers overseas!

    * That unbelievers in homes which receive Herald of His Coming will be drawn by the Holy Spirit to look into them, and will be convicted of sin and will flee into the arms of the loving Savior for pardon and salvation.

    * For multiplied grace to flow to brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who suffer for His Name’s sake.