Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I have been receiving the Herald of His Coming for the past twenty years, since I was a young man of less than fifteen years. This magazine has lifted me up, enriched my soul and helped me to share effectively the Word of God. The messages in the Herald of His Coming are so encouraging and life changing. They make one to rise up from the deep sleep of ignorance to the Word of God. The messages have brought salvation to many and encouragement to many. I am what I am today in my spiritual life because of its messages. Blessed are those who read and receive this paper always.

    It’s my prayer that many have to get these messages and that brings me to pray for God to provide the resources that you may need this year. I wish I had something to give, but I will always be on my knees praying for the ministry. I feel that I am not only a reader but I am part of the ministry and have a duty to do. That is why I have joined the Prayer Force team. I feel so good being part of the ministry in prayer and some other things. It touches my heart that the ministry is continuing to publish as we get into the 67th year. I am here to distribute and share the Heralds with whoever is close or far from me. I am here to share all the materials that I receive from you as I am seeing many souls being changed by these messages. I pray for the RIGHT CHOICE Salvation herald and the TRUTH FOR YOU and the HEAR, O ISRAEL, that all the readers of these important messages will come to the knowledge of Christ….


    I have just finished praying for Herald of His Coming and others. It is for me an honour to be a Prayer Force prayer partner member. Toward the end of my journey, I could not have asked God for anything better. I have always prayed for Herald since my teens, but now I am committed, and what joy and blessing I receive in return! In all my needs it lifts me higher. When there are articles of the Moores I always keep them. "It Took Pentecost to Shake Jerusalem" was very blessed. It weighs out with "Revival Tarries Because Repentance Is Not Preached." Our churches are soft on sin. But God through prayer can change this tide. Please continue to send me the prayer letter….


    Shalom! We are living in the south region of Israel – the Negev desert and here in this area we understand the meaning of to be lonely and isolated. We are so few followers of Jesus in our area and it’s so good to receive Herald of His Coming every month, to be encouraged by the articles in it and to learn about the work of the Holy Spirit around the world, especially in "hard for the Gospel" countries. Here in Israel it’s also so hard to tell the Good News to our people…. So thank and praise God for receiving the Herald of His Coming every month!


    Before I had contact with Herald of His Coming, I have only a little knowledge about prayer. But after I read Herald of His Coming I understood that prayer by itself is a great work. And it is the only way that we can do God’s work that He prepared for us. I have got more lessons than I can tell you now because of lack of space. May God bless you. I am praying for you in different affairs, including spiritual anointing, financial provision and to have a good response to the needs of the Herald International editions….


    Because of Herald of His Coming sent to us here in this Arab nation, we are now able to win souls for Christ by sharing of these papers…. Apart from Herald papers, we don’t have any other group here and we will continue to pray and go on our knees to intercede to help you as you help us….


    I am writing to thank you for copies of the Herald that you mail to us monthly. We receive twenty copies monthly for around two years now and we do thank God. The Herald has been like a living well, bringing forth such encouragement and challenge to press on. It is always a timely God’s voice to us and every member of the church has been appreciating to receive a copy. I am a member of the Herald Prayer Force team and have been receiving the updated prayer bulletin and am committed to continue partnering in prayer.


    There are few Christian publications like the Herald these days – publications that make me pray and then to pray a little more and then to pray again, that make me cry and that ultimately charge my Christianity, and fire my hunger for righteousness and holiness. Thank you, for the articles mean so much to me. Please keep those articles strong and firm, considering the kind of age in which we are in, in which many men in every aspect of their dealing seem to have no regards for the Maker of their souls, and a Christian will only stand through strong and firm meat.


    I am one of the blessed ones to receive almost every month by the post for one-and-a-half years a copy of the Herald of His Coming. It is truly edifying apart from it being such a great blessing – real nourishment for the soul. My prayer this month specially, has been that God in His mercy should make me a person of deep prayer. In this context the Herald has been a great inspiration….


    Herald of His Coming is indeed a revival paper. Nobody reads it without being impacted by it. It leads you to do something. Besides it usually contains materials that can be used to teach in the church, in a seminar, in revival and so on. Thank you for sending me this blessed Christian literature. Pastors to whom I share it testify that it contains the sober, challenging and transforming messages that rebuke the wickedness and worldliness that pervades the spiritual decadence in this world of ours, as we live deep into the last days. Please continue sending more of this magazine and some more revival materials.


    Many thanks for the monthly issues of Herald of His Coming you have been sending faithfully. After reading I normally pass it to my prayer partners or place it in the church conspicuously for any attending Sunday service to take it away and enjoy the spiritual benefits. This magazine has blessed me personally for which I thank God….


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming. I’ve been reading them approximately twenty-six years. They’ve been always a blessing to me. Beloved, keep up the good work for the Master is at the door (1 Cor. 15:58). Please send one copy to the following address….


    I hereby express my heartfelt gratitude to you for sending me the Herald of His Coming. I cannot describe well enough how much of a blessing the Herald has been to me. I treasure it so much. I am what I am today by God’s grace, partly and significantly through the Herald. Please continue to resource God’s people around the world.


    I recently got born again and I’m finding Herald of His Coming paper very helpful. God is teaching me how to live my new life in Christ through the Herald. I thank God for connecting me to you. Please continue to send it to me as it’s blessing me abundantly….


    I am so happy to continue receiving the Herald of His Coming because it has helped me develop my spiritual muscles. The articles are always precisely selected and presented at the right timing. May I also request for a copy of Florence A. Meek’s newsletter, "Victory through the Blood"?


    I am grateful for all material you send me. I am yet to send you a donation to help with postage. Please bear with me. It is in my heart and will to do it…. Tests and trials are throughout life but there are times when it seems the unnecessary is happening. We have to read and study the Word of God on our own, and there has to be "being preached to" and "being taught." This is why I am so grateful to Herald of His Coming. I am rebuked, corrected, constantly fed, strengthened and therefore marching on because of the material you send me. Even friends when they despair I give them some copies and they are restored. I lack words to tell the goodness the Herald is doing in my life with God’s Word that you share with me.


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for about thirty years now, and each edition is always a special blessing to me. It has encouraged me so many times when I was at a low spiritual time in my walk with God. I have been saved and Spirit filled for almost forty years and still need more and more of God’s great anointing in my life. Thank you for the awakening that I feel as I read the Herald….


    I am continually lifting Herald of His Coming in prayer and am pleased to be able to send you a gift of love. Use it where it can go the farthest. I am grateful for the Herald. It is my little month-long sermonettes since my back problems limit me going to church. I am convicted, discipled and know God’s love for me through the Herald ministry.