Lord, Use Even Me!
  By Lois J. Stucky

    "The greatest motive to pray is that God is worthy to be sought." This was one of the welcoming statements we heard in the pre-conference prayer meetings of Heart-Cry for Revival Conference, which the staff of Herald of His Coming was privileged to attend recently. We were reminded that in heaven, there are those who constantly, day and night worship Him, saying: "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!" (Rev. 4:8). If God is given such worship in heaven, how much ought we who are here on earth to give glory to Him! "Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for Thou hast created all things, and for Thy pleasure they are and were created" (Rev. 4:11).

    It is our privilege to print one of the early messages of the conference in this issue of Herald of His Coming, "Floods On Dry Ground." "Dry Ground" no doubt describes the dwelling place of some – perhaps many – of you Herald readers. In your church and community there seem so few who see the need and have the "thirst" of which Brother Roberts writes for more of the manifest presence of God and for more of an eager hearing and obeying of the Word of God. The Word of God, expressing His purposes, His ways, His heart – how we need to stand in awe of it and to take its precepts into our hearts and minds! And yet more and more in today’s culture it is being ridiculed, despised and discarded.

    That makes it all the more vital that those of us who have tasted the good things of God and to whom they are precious – maintain and deepen the vision and burden that we have for His coming forth to do the marvelous works He is able and wanting to do! Might God help us to seek His worthy and wonderful face in a more sacrificial way! Since our loving God sacrificed His Son, since our dear Jesus sacrificed His life on Calvary, is it not reasonable that we who have received the indescribably great benefits that have come to us as a result, be willing to sacrifice to help in the small way that we can to fulfill His purpose behind it all? A way open to all of us to help is through prayer.

    Who of us is willing to sacrifice time to develop a heart to pray, and then to spend time in prayer? Brother Roberts’ article is helpful to this end. Lord, use me to pray without ceasing.

    In one of the closing sessions of the conference it was inspirational to join in singing, "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" by Martin Luther. With over half of the congregation of about 370 being male voices, it sounded forceful as we reached the climax, "His kingdom is forever!" This life at best is short compared to "forever." Lord, help my life to be geared not to time but to eternity’s "forever"!

Help Us Spread the Message

    For a month before the conference, those planning to attend were invited to unite in prayer seeking God to be present, preparing their own hearts and covering the details and especially the speakers of the event. In response to prayer, God brought forth anointed messages as the speakers faithfully sought His face. The Lord helping, we will be sharing more of these messages in coming months. We encourage you to write us for copies of any issue that especially touches your heart. Ask your pastor for permission to share the copies among the congregation with which you worship. Or you may be a part of a prayer group with whom to share them. How clearly we sense the desperate need for God’s merciful intervention in revival power to turn hearts to Himself before it is eternally too late! We are safely in the ark, but multitudes are yet outside, and the storm is coming.

    In her article on page six, Sarah Foulkes Moore, co-founder with her husband of Herald of His Coming, urges us to pray about and seek a prayer partner, or to form a prayer group, and focus on revival. Sister Moore herself was a faithful, forceful intercessor alongside Brother Moore. Her suggestions are worth following. Be counted with those who sigh and who cry to God for revival personally, nation-wide, worldwide. Lord, use me, use even me!

Praise God!

* That He counts us worthy, through the blood of His Son, to be co-workers with Him in that which endures for eternity. Seek earnestly to know all the good work He purposes for you to do as a worker with Him.

Please Pray!

* That God will anoint and use the messages in this issue of Herald of His Coming to help in a significant way to bring revival to individual hearts and to churches and nations.

* That God will help those whom He has appointed to be pastors to be always Spirit-filled and men of prayer, leading their churches to be houses of prayer.

* That God will increase the mailing list of Herald of His Coming, spreading ever further the messages God commissions it to share. Ask God to inspire to action those who have opportunity to help spread its ministry.

* That God will inspire additional giving to Herald of His Coming, especially in the light of a significant rise in postage charges for mailing overseas. It is painful to think of cutting mailings overseas when the spiritual hunger and need there are very great.