Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am a 23-year-old volunteer in National Youth Service of Kenya. I received Jesus as my personal Savior in April 2000. Since then God is showing me His ways through His Spirit. One of the ways is the Herald of His Coming. One of my friends who is also a retired principal gave me few copies which have been so much comforting and strengthening my faith. Through the moving messages I have been kept free from worries concerning my further education, job and entire future, for it has given me the secret of patiently submitting all my cares and worries to the Lord. The more I read the Herald of His Coming and meditate upon the Lord, the more thirst and urge I feel to practice practical holiness. It has also been a great help in preparing my sermon which I do share with my fellow servicemen….


    I thank God that my name is still in the mailing list of Herald of His Coming. My life has been changed greatly ever since I started reading Herald of His Coming. The topics you treat touch and influence my life. After going through each copy, I as a doctor pass it on to my patients who equally enjoy reading it. Herald is my "spiritual food." Please keep on sending me each copy every month.


    I cannot thank you enough for the Herald of His Coming. It strengthens my faith and also my prayer life. It is food for the soul.


    Thank you so much for the last article about repentance. It’s so true that for many churches this topic is forgotten. Thank you for showing us to remember what is really important.


    Please will you continue to send me Herald of His Coming as I find it a great blessing as I have these last 28 years. There is a dearth of the Word in our land. Herald of His Coming arrives bringing water into our desert. Only revival, a real sovereign work of the Lord, can save this dire situation that we are in. So many are drawn to new paths that are deceptive, while the old paths await our return. God bless you all!


    I enclose another small contribution as the Lord enables me to help with His cause. I derive a lot of blessing through reading Herald of His Coming, which I share with others. The world we’re living in is so wicked, and the devil is such a powerful adversary. Praise the Lord for people like you in my dear country also, who are instrumental in bringing sinners from darkness into the Lord’s marvelous light.


    Herald of His Coming is helping me so much. As I am a pastor I get many messages which can build me and others. This last two weeks 14 people came to Jesus as our Lord and Savior…. Please, kindly I beg you to continue sending me Herald of His Coming. I hope to read it till the day I will see my Lord Jesus!


    I always thank the Lord for the Heralds that I receive every month since you started sending them to me. They have been a source of inspiration to me and the other people I share my copy with. We have formed a prayer group in our congregation of about ten people. We are praying for revival in our church, country and the whole world….


    Thank you so much for your prayers and for sending us Herald of His Coming. There are many people who get help through Herald of His Coming. I am teaching many people in the prayer meetings through this good paper….We are planting churches and holding prayer meetings. Please continue to send Herald of His Coming. I am so happy for it.


    I appreciate your sending Herald of His Coming to me all these years. It has been a great blessing to me. The resources have helped me grow a lot spiritually, leading me to a deeper knowledge of the Word and close relationship with the living God….


    Thank you for sending me the Herald regularly. I wish to continue to receive the Herald because it stirs my heart and faith to love Jesus more, to follow Him more closely and to see Him more clearly. The articles always encourage me at times when I am in low hope….


    Thank God that I have been a reader of Herald of His Coming for more than a year. I am truly blessed by reading it. I feel a fresh anointing upon reading the Herald. I’m also moved by the message I’ve read. There is a spiritual impact on my part. I do hope to be of help to the Herald ministry someday by God’s grace. Please always remember me in sending the Herald papers….


    Thank you for your faithfulness in sending the monthly Herald of His Coming to me. Through the Herald my spiritual life has not only grown deeper in faith but develops in prayers. I also bless other brothers with this same copy of the paper after having read it. I always continue to pray for the ministry of Herald, that the Lord should continue to bless it as it also continues to bless others….


    I shall be most grateful if you would send me 50 copies of RIGHT CHOICE for my distribution among my friends and acquaintances who still do not know the Lord. I pray for the anointing of the Lord to be on every paper, that the Holy Spirit will be able to touch the hearts of the readers bringing about conviction and belief in Jesus Christ….


    Thank you very much for the encouraging messages on revival in the Herald which touch our hearts and motivate us to more prayer. The Lord is laying increasing burdens of prayer on us as we expect the working of His Holy Spirit among us. The collection of the "Heart Cry for Revival" articles have arrived safely, and we gladly read and share from them in various languages…. Please also send two sets of Heralds to dear friends in Burma who cannot send any money but spread the news of revival there….


    I have been reading the Herald of His Coming since a year ago. I thank you heartily for your faithfulness in sending me this precious paper all through the year. The articles of the Herald of His Coming are blessed and scripturally sound. In fact, the articles are most inspiring and very helpful to the preacher, the Sunday school teacher and prayer groups. I would be very grateful if you send me five extra copies to share among my fellow pastors….


    Herald of His Coming has been a big blessing to my spiritual nourishment, family and the church as a whole. I am a young pastor ministering with the Assembly of God Mission in Guinea. Your inputs are so wonderful to us since I started reading them through a friend. Since English materials are not accessible here in this French setting, I would love to apply to you in order to count me on the monthly distribution as recipient. Please pray for revival in Guinea….


    I am a young missionary who has been tremendously blessed through Herald of His Coming since last year by courtesy of a dear friend who gives me a copy any time he receives from you. But now we have been separated because both of us have been sent on missions in different parts of the country. Therefore, for sometime now, I have missed this rare treasure. As a result, I saved some money to acquire a mailbox so that I can continue to enjoy the Herald which has been a source of encouragement and enlightenment both to me and the people that I share with….It’s very difficult for me to pray, but I also know that without prayer, I cannot win much souls for Christ, who loved and saved me. I want to be like John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, etc., in carrying the Gospel far, especially to the younger generations.


    On reading some back numbers of Herald of His Coming I have been so blessed. Would you send me about six copies each month that I can pass on to others? We are a small group of Christians praying for revival. I’m sure the Herald would be a great encouragement to us all.


    Thank you for printing Herald of His Coming. I enjoy the articles; they are so inspiring and light the fire of the Lord in my heart.


    Every time I get Herald literature my spirit gets a boost….The effect the various articles have been on me is showing to others and as they draw nearer to me, I have been sharing Herald of His Coming more and more in this detention center. Thanks be to the Lord and all praise to His name for your sending me Prevailing Prayer by D. L. Moody. My prayer life is growing especially with my learning more of the principles of prayer…. I pray daily for all the Herald staff, writers, contributors, and readers, that they all be nourished fully by the Spirit of God in their lives….I ask that you also send me a copy of "Victory through the Blood" newsletter by Florence A. Meek....

    Editor’s note: The helpful Herald newsletter, "Victory through the Blood," is available free of charge to those who write and request it.