When In The Trial Of Faith
  By Lois J. Stucky

    "The battle is the Lordís, Hallelujah!" are the words of a chorus that came to mind as I was in the Herald mailroom praying over bags of mail neatly stacked there. Certainly there was nothing in the mailroom to give it the appearance of a battlefield. Rather, it is normally a scene of joyous and harmonious working together. But since those bags of mail contain Herald of His Coming papers that should be in the mail en route to countries around the world, to us it is a battle of faith, trusting God to supply the funds to get them on the way!

    "The battle is the Lordís" (1 Sam. 17:47) are words of David concerning the scoffing Goliath armed with a sword, a spear and a shield, challenging young David and his slingshot. For generations Christians have rejoiced and taken courage at this story preserved in Godís Word for us of how He wins resounding victories when He can find someone like David, a young man with faith and courage who was confident in his God and acted accordingly.

    All of us are involved these days in battle with the enemy of our souls in one way or another. The Bible speaks of the enemy being active against Godís people "day and night" (Rev. 12:10). As Christians we are unavoidably involved in the great battle going on in the unseen spirit world, the battle of Satan against God, of evil against good. Praise God that He used the Apostle Paul to tell us of the armor He has provided for our preservation in the battle. We have read it often in Ephesians 6, but do we remember to don it daily? It is blessed that all of it is ours as we abide in Christ, for He is the truth as well as our righteousness and peace and salvation (Eph. 6:14-17). And in addition we have the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, and the shield of faith.

    Each of us has weaknesses over which we must keep guard, depending on our temperaments, etc. Satan is sure to attack there. On the other hand, sometimes our strengths are our weaknesses. When we have natural strengths, we are likely to depend on ourselves rather than on Christ, and we can suffer defeat there as well, for our strengths are no match for Satanís. How good that Dr. Kinlaw stresses Christís dependence on the Father, doing nothing of Himself but only what He received from the Father.

    One of Satanís great weapons against Godís people is doubt. How important it is that we read Godís Word daily, meditate on it and memorize it as possible, and be ready to resist the devil with it! A valuable portion of Scripture to increase our faith and to "doubt our doubts" is Mark 11:22-26, mentioned above by Andrew Murray. Even mountains, it tells, can be removed and cast into the sea!

    Cannot the mountain of mailbags in the Herald mailroom be challenged in faith to cross the sea to readers in scattered places of the earth? Friends, will you stand together in faith and prayer with us that readers eagerly awaiting their Herald papers will soon have them at hand? The Bible likens Godís Word to milk (1 Pet. 2:2) and to meat (Heb. 5:12-14), to sustain and build the Body of Christ. Let us ask for Godís full blessing to rest upon His Word as our united faith and prayers get it moving out. And please know that great is our heartfelt thanks to each of you through whose prayers and giving, the Herald messages are doing a blessed work in His beloved Church worldwide, whom He is preparing as the Bride for His Son!

    Praise God with Us Ė

    * For the host of dear saints, many now with the Lord, who have united in labors, faith, prayer, gifts, distribution Ė to help maintain for about 66 years the ministry God raised up through W. C. and Sarah Foulkes Moore. Praise Him that the message to make ready for Christís coming continues to sound as each day brings us closer to His appearing!

    Please Pray with Us Ė * That the Lord will raise up additional friends to help shoulder the load of publishing Herald of His Coming as costs continue to rise, even while the urgency of the message increases.

    * That Godís full blessing will rest upon the Herald messages, causing them to work effectually in the hearts of readers, so the call to watchfulness, holy living, prayer, faithful witness, etc., will result in transformed lives and churches and communities!