Testimony From Heart-Cry for Revival Conference 2006
  By Pastor Mike Donald

    This week has been the opportunity for me to experience with my wife and staff a spiritual course correction. Brokenness repentance joy.

    Standing before a congregation knowing the importance of the message, and what is at stake, makes one very reflective. Our ministry serving a congregation motivates us and is a reminder of our personal walk with the Lord. Ministry preparation is heart preparation. The very core of what we do is who we are. We have found that the Lord has used the Heart-Cry for Revival Conference at The Cove to develop who we are by probing the depths of our hearts.

    During the 2006 conference our youth pastor, his wife, my wife, Dru, and I would meet in our room after the evening teaching to reflect on just what we had heard. Most of our time, we found ourselves before the Lord in prayer. Our hearts were tender, our prayers were words of brokenness and repentance. The corporate experience removes any veneer one might want to protect. The messages each time sovereignly targeted our spiritual needs, and the Lord met us. Our cries were heard (Psalm 27:7-9).

    Focusing on who our Lord is and His greatness gently reminds us of our sin and the need for His spiritual cleansing. His greatness is the solution to our sin. He alone has provided a path to return to Him. Our response is a willingness to confess and forsake anything that stands between us and His throne.

    We look forward to returning to the 2008 Heart-Cry for Revival Conference at The Cove. There is an internal desire to return to those places where God has shown Himself. It has become that brook that satisfies a thirsty soul. We left The Cove last time encouraged, full of joy, knowing that we had been in His presence.