Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Praise be unto the Lord God Almighty who enabled me to come across the Herald of His Coming magazines. I am a pastor of a church in a remote village, interior where there is no market, communication nor transport. I cover 30 km by foot one way from my home to this church which I am pastoring.

    Recently God has shown His mercy and favour and in a supernatural way, poured His Holy Spirit upon this little church of about thirty members of which only five have access to a Bible. I have been hearing of revivals, but this is the first time I have experienced what a revival is! Herald of His Coming magazines that I was given by one brother helped me understand this is a revival. One can easily get confused when revival comes as it doesn’t come our version. I was surprised on the Sunday that Holy Ghost was poured upon this little church. It just began during worship time around 11 a.m. People broke out in cries, groans and pleading for mercy from God with repentance. People repented and nothing else could be done. Everything came to a standstill. No sermon, no singing, no offering. Just no other programme could go on. Only prayer, and it’s just not an ordinary prayer, but everybody cried. God seemed to have come down to this little known church in a bush where even visitor speakers whom I was inviting were failing to come. But this particular Sunday God Himself came. The prayers continued from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. in the evening. Great things happened. I cannot put it down all on this paper. But revival is sweet. Presence of God is sweet. I thank God so much for visiting us…. The revival has spread and three other churches have experienced the same….


    I would like to convey to you my most heartfelt thanks for your consistent supply of this informative and edifying Herald of His Coming to me for more than a quarter of a century now! Only eternity knows the extent of the positive impact the Herald is exerting in my life and teaching ministry in particular….


    Thank you for being such a blessing to us (and to so many around the world), by your faithful distribution of Herald of His Coming. As Christ’s coming draws nearer and the apostasy even within the evangelical church spreads, the message the Herald proclaims becomes ever more vital and needed. Praise God, Jesus is Lord, the Holy Spirit is with us, and we have the Scriptures which cannot be broken!


    I am helped a lot with Herald articles. They are very powerful. I am growing spiritually and being healed. My soul is healthy now because of the powerful, healthy Herald material. May the Lord God bless you and all members of the staff of Herald of His Coming. My church is also benefited much because I am now teaching the Bible at the Bible study lessons during our church meetings. I am using Herald of His Coming to construct lectures and topics. People are testifying how they are being helped a lot.... I am also joining you in prayers on the programmes like Global Prayers, National Day of Prayer, etc. I am attending all programmes through Herald of His Coming. Many people here from my local church are greeting you also.


    I thank you for the work you are doing in keeping our hearts burning with the fire of God. The Herald of His Coming has messages which are a blessing to us. I thank you also for sending me a package which I carefully distributed. The Herald has helped me to have lessons on repentance and revival which I teach in the church. The Herald has also helped me to develop the discipline of prayer. I request that you keep my name on the mailing list and continue to send me a package.


    Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming and keeping my name in the list. It’s a treasure to have and receive the magazine, because it encourages me to touch the world through prayer. There are times that while reading I cried and praised God because of the mighty acts, how God changed the lives of many people through the ministry. The Herald ministry is very much appreciated. My friends in the church want to receive Herald of His Coming, too. Please include them in the list. Thanks.


    Many blessings to you once again. Herald articles always prod, challenge or uplift in such a precious way. May we all prepare as greater judgment falls upon us for our nations turning away from the Lord. Yet hope is with us that the Lord will also send the latter rain to awaken "the dead" that He may be glorified!


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming every month. I am writing to update my record as the year comes to an end. I want to continue receiving Herald of His Coming every month. I am not the only beneficiary of Herald of His Coming. My brothers in the Lord as well as some of my pastor friends are blessed also. Personally, Herald of His Coming has helped me tremendously in my growth in the Lord. It has helped my prayer life, sermon delivery and my Bible school life….


    Herald of His Coming is a real blessing to my soul and I am very grateful for keeping me on the mailing list. I want to thank God for you for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit to know of the burdens of God, to talk of revival, which many have forgotten in this our generation. The Herald has spurred me no small deal to resolving to talk of revival in our generation because everything around us tells us that we need revival!


    I thank my God for Herald of His Coming for the great impact it has had on my life. The Herald is always providing fresh materials to my spiritual life. The contents and message of this Herald attracted me very much, and my friend accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. How I treasure the coming of each issue of the most soul-searching Herald, the voice of God to my heart. We now have copies of Herald for another friend to read too, the Gospel of the Lord…. I myself don’t have any work income to buy book and magazine and others.... I love this Herald and also the spiritual blessing through Herald from the Bible….


    Thank you for all the Heralds you have been sending me during the past number of years. It has built up my spiritual life, helping to get ready for Christ’s soon coming. I am praying for the Herald ministry.


    I am so thankful to God for Herald of His Coming. God has blessed me immensely through the Herald. I am one of the pastors of our church in Latvia. Latvia is part of the EU and was formerly in the Soviet Union. God loves this nation and has good things in store for this nation. God has used the Herald of His Coming to encourage me to pray for revival in this nation….


    Please, please, I am requesting you not to remove my name and my address from the Herald mailing list. Herald of His Coming is the food of my soul, and I can’t wait to read it. My soul rejoices because of the doctrine that is taught in it. It speaks to me each day and I am growing in the knowledge of the Word of God….


    I love reading the Herald spiritual materials. It is a spiritual college for those who have no money to go for further studies. Please send the Herald to the following pastors….


    Thanks for Herald of His Coming. I use the articles when I teach about prayer each week at our church where four of us meet to pray one hour each week for our church and the great commission (lost around the world).


    Just a note to tell you how much I am blessed with the Herald each month for all these many years…. I remain always a prayer partner, which gives me such joy to have a part in this precious ministry that blesses so many each month. Thank you!


    Thank you for all the wonderful, spiritual, fulfilling messages found in Herald of His Coming. Reading the Herald for 47 years consecutively has truly kept my eyes focused on the coming of Christ, and especially to pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit worldwide….


    As one who was bound in the chains of sinful pursuits, I have learned that earthly prisons are a most effective tool of salvation. Too I have come to realize that prisons here on earth are a pleasant alternative when compared to the eternal misery of hell and its fires. As a prisoner, I thank my heavenly Father daily for caring enough about me to rescue me from the shackles of sin and provide yet another chance for me to come to Him in this prison. I now have ample time to reflect upon the foolishness of a past idled with sinful lusts and ungodly acts….I thank the Lord that all my needs are met in Him! And, that all things work to the glory of God!