HERALD INTERNATIONAL (Printing In Over Twenty Languages)

Thankful Hearts In Nigeria
  Report from Rev. A. O. Sanu

    We thank the Lord for the ministry of Herald of His Coming in Nigeria. Herald has been in circulation in Nigeria for well over 50 years. There are readers who have been reading Herald for more than 40 years. About 1990, the U.S. Herald office requested that my wife and I should begin to represent Herald of His Coming in Nigeria. This was how the Herald Office was opened in Ibadan.

    At that particular time the cost of postage from the U.S. to other countries including Nigeria was high so it was decided at that time to send the Herald in bulk to Nigeria to us in Ibadan for postage to individual readers in Nigeria. We were posting well over 20,000 copies to readers at that time, and the money for postage usually came from the Herald headquarters in United States. The mailing resumed in the U.S. when the mailing situation there improved.

    We bless the name of the Lord for the ministry of Herald which has been a blessing to many readers over the years. The Herald itself has been publishing the testimonies of some of the readers from Nigeria in its monthly edition. Many of our readers appreciate the good work that Herald is doing in their lives.

    A brother wrote, "Herald of His Coming is not just an ordinary magazine, it is a carrier of the Spirit of God with a life-giving anointing. May the hand of the Lord continually be on all working directly or indirectly with the Herald of His Coming in strengthening the faith of Christians...."

    A sister wrote, "Since I came across Herald of His Coming, God has been using it to build my life and build other lives around me because as a servant of God, I have used the content to reach many lives in my congregation...."

    A church leader also wrote, "I am writing to appreciate your effort in putting Herald of His Coming across to my church members and me. We always read it and we see Godís touch in every life. Indeed Herald of His Coming has been a source of inspiration to us."

    Most readers do not want their names to be removed from the mailing list. They are always begging that this should not be done. A reader once wrote, "Suddenly the joy came to an end when the ministry wrote me a letter titled ĎThis will be your last copy of the Herald unless we hear from you.í"

    We bless the Lord that new editions of Yoruba Herald and Igbo Herald were released and distributed to participants at the July 2007 Herald Readers Conference. The Salvation herald, Right Choice, has also been translated into Igbo language. We are working on printing it and sending to our Igbo readers. The Hausa edition of Herald has been typeset. It should be ready for circulation early 2008 by Godís grace.

    We thank God for the Church in Nigeria. It is growing in leaps and bounds. Many people are accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior. Most churches are very active. There are crusades, retreats all over, and night vigils have become very common in most churches. Many churches are becoming aware of being involved in missionary work. While some churches adopt missionaries, some send their own men as missionaries to needy places. We still need greater awareness of missions in long established churches. There is a need for the influence of Christians to be felt more in the society. We are to be salt to the world and also the light. The Bible says a city that is set upon a hill cannot be hid; neither do men light the candle and put it under the bushel (Matt. 5:14-15). There is a need for Christians in Nigeria to be able to stand firm in the faith and not allow the prevailing worldly situation to have a negative effect on them. There is a need for revival in Nigeria which should start from the household of faith and spill over to the entire country.

    Some of our established churches and the new Pentecostal churches are now engaged in the establishment of universities. This is a new trend in the country. We believe if these new universities emphasize godliness and mold the lives of the young ones that will pass through their four walls in the way of the Lord it will indeed be an asset to the nation.

    We thank God that our country is enjoying relative peace after the controversies that surrounded the last election. Christians prayed so hard before the election. We thank God that He heard our prayers because it was the first time a civilian government was handing the government down to another civilian government. We also thank God for the measure of peace in the religious situation in the country even though sharia is still being practiced in some of the northern states of the country.

    Praise God:

Praise the Lord for civilian to civilian government transition of May 2007.
Praise the Lord for the relative peace we are experiencing.
Praise the Lord the Church in Nigeria is marching on and the gates of hell will never prevail against it (Matt. 16:18).
Praise God for the provision to send over 20,000 copies to Nigeria monthly.
Praise God for the involvement of the Church in establishment of universities.
Praise God for Herald prayer cells that have been established in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Kaduna and Niger States of Nigeria.

    Please pray:

That the Church in Nigeria will be alive to her role.
That there will never be any religious upheaval anymore in this country.
That God will send revival into our nation.
That peace will reign supreme all over Nigeria including the Niger/Delta area.
That the economy will improve.
That Herald prayer cells will also come to stay in other states of the country.
For the 2008 Readers Conference in Nigeria.