Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I’m the coordinator of a revival body comprised of Christians from different denominations who strongly believe in true revival of Christianity. We have been labouring for true revival in our land for the past ten years and God has been blessing our efforts with showers of blessing while we still trust Him for heavy downpour. Recently the Lord gave me a burden to bring together all true ministers of the Gospel in our community to travail for the birth of true revival in our land. By the grace of God, the few who desire a change in the land have been attending regularly a monthly ministers’ vigil, where we humbly and passionately seek the face of God for an unprecedented divine visitation upon our land.

    Having been discipled and burdened for revival by Herald of His Coming, which I have been digesting ever since I gave my life to Christ twenty years ago, I desire the Herald for all the men of God in our land, especially those who have joined us in the labour for revival. Presently thirty copies monthly will do. Before now I have been receiving ten copies regularly for my team…. God is raising generals in this generation and I am one of them. We are praying for you.


    I have been encouraged and strengthened by taking time to read and meditate on the articles in Herald of His Coming. I get a sumptuous meal in each publication. The soul stirring article in January 2008 issue by Miss A. M. Jacobsz is medicine to my spiritual life. It made me weep and pray. A similar situation to the one she tells about has existed in my congregation with a sister. But oh the difference after prayer! God gave me the love to love her though her actions are the same. This message has a lasting impact on my life. God bless you all!


    Herald of His Coming has been a great inspiration to me, helping me in increasing my faith and making me grow up spiritually. It has helped me also in increasing my fear and love of God, even in such a harsh economic climate like ours, which has forced many to abandon the faith….


    Thank you for continually keeping me on Herald of His Coming mailing list. I have been blessed and inspired by the teachings. For some time I have been looking at myself and even the Christians around me and wondering why there is not much difference between us and the non-Christians. Sometimes even our behaviour is worse than the non-believers. But through Herald teachings, I have discovered that we lack the power. Though we profess Christ there is no power to enable us to live a victorious life. Now I have decided to seek God and pray for this power. My desire is to be holy first and foremost. I want to bear fruit that will give God glory. Please pray with me, and God bless you.


    Please do continue to send me the Herald. I always find a new lot of people that I can distribute to. I have a missionary friend now who does evangelizing at the truck stops and speaks to truck drivers as they are far from home traveling from one province to the other. He ministers to them even with the Herald paper.


    Herald of His Coming has been an apt companion to me for more than five years now and the various articles have not only changed and strengthened my Christian life as a believer, but also impacted the congregation the Lord has graciously put under my care as an under shepherd. The Lord has on several occasions used the articles to sensitize and lead me in a particular direction of prayer as well as preaching, and for this I say thank you….


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming. It is a great blessing as we are in this part of the world. It has become a source of encouragement and support to my ministry. Please I request you to continue to send me Herald of His Coming.


    The Herald of His Coming is a great blessing to me. Oh what a challenge it is! Everything in it is nourishing to the soul and I love every bit of it. May the Lord continue to grant you wisdom as you proclaim His return through this paper. When I read about other Christians in different countries and how through hardships they remain faithful to the Lord in spite of persecution, I feel the urge to do more for the Lord. The Herald also encourages me to pray more….


    I can’t tell you all the spiritual things the Lord has done for me through Herald of His Coming. My relationship with the Lord is so different in contrast to before. The magazine has prepared me in presenting my whole being as a living and holy sacrifice that is acceptable to God. I have been appointed as the church board secretary and also the church intercessors coordinator. In my uphill spiritual task I do not feel empty so long as the Herald magazine is within reach….


    Thanks for generating a continuous awareness on God’s Word. Herald of His Coming awakens me to think globally and pray globally. Your four-year friendship with me has brought fresh taste to my life. I now have a library of Herald papers, a store of resource material for my research to my Sunday sermon deliveries. I’m a lay preacher….


    I thank you for the Herald issue. It is a blessed one and it expounds deeper truths in my spiritual life. I have been receiving and studying for the past ten years. I am using the Herald in my fasting and all-night prayer meetings. The paper has been a blessing to me in many ways….


    Thank you for sending the Herald of His Coming. I sit and read it cover to cover as I receive it. I am a woman of prayer and the Herald has a lot of encouragement for prayer warriors. May God richly bless the ministry….


    I have been blessed by the ministry of the Herald of His Coming over the years. The articles by great men and women of God have inspired me to have the desire to be a mighty prayer warrior and soul winner. I have learnt much about revival through reading articles in the Herald. As a result of this, I am now praying for revival in my personal life, family and church….


    I am short of words of how to express my thanks and gratitude to you. The Herald is a blessing to me and my congregation from the spiritual teachings I learn from reading the Herald of His Coming. Thank you for the constant messages about revival, especially now that we are in the last hours of the last days! I am always praying about revival as foretold by Joel 2:28-32, and what happened in Acts 2 is only a beginning. Hallelujah to Jesus who promised to all His believers so that we can witness for Him effectively that more souls be brought back to His fold!


    Since I read the first issue of the Herald that came into my hands I have eagerly waited for the next monthly issue to be able to drink again from this unending source of knowledge and inspiration that comes from the throne of our mighty God. I pray that Herald of His Coming can continue as a source of salvation and revival both for non-believers and believers….


    The Heralds you have sent to me are very useful to me. I long for it like the man longs for water in the desert. It blesses me and heals me, refreshes me, strengthens me by the Word of God and Spirit of God…. Thank you.


    Since I began getting Herald of His Coming materials, my life has changed greatly. I’m able to stand in a gap in prayer, building a bridge between my beloved ones and our Lord. People are interceding and praying according to God’s Word and the needs of the people and the ministry of Christ. I therefore request you to add me more copies in order to supply to the brothers in Christ in a nearby parish. They have begun using them in the home cells fellowship. They follow examples in the articles found in the Herald of His Coming.


    I am a pastor that has served the Lord for forty-three years, and I have served in the above Baptist church for seventeen years. The Herald materials have been a good help to me in the ministry. I need spiritual help from Herald of His Coming as a man of God….


    Please do not stop mailing the Herald paper to me as it revives my soul every time. The Herald has inspired me in the Word of God and I share it with my family and some of the pensioners who fail to go to church regularly because of old age and distance to the church.


    I am writing to thank you for the spiritual guidance that the Herald provides me. The articles are uplifting, refining and encouraging. The articles may not always be what I want to hear, but they are always just what I need to hear. I appreciate greatly the role that Herald plays in my life.