October 2007 Issue
The Role Of A Spiritual Watchman
By Henry Blackaby
Repentance Brings Seasons Of Refreshing
By Rich Carmicheal
What Is The Relationship Between Israel And The Church?
By W. A. Criswell
"Repent And Be Faithful!"
By A. W. Tozer
The Vision Of Jesus In Revelation – Arranged from A First-Century
Message To Twentieth-Century Christians
By G. Campbell Morgan
Heart Cry For Revival
By Sammy Tippit
Praying For Your Children
By Sammy Tippit
God’s Deliverance Wrought Through Fasting And Prayer
Prayer – The Power That Projects The Gospel
By E. M. Bounds
Christ Died For Us – We Die For Christ
By Francis H. Rose (A Christian martyr in the Philippines in 1943)
Restraining Prayer: Is It Sin?
By Andrew Murray
Herald International - Soul Hunger In And For India
By Wesley L. Duewel
News And Prayer Briefs
Out Of Mail Box 279