March 2007 Issue
It Took Pentecost To Shake Jerusalem
By W. C. Moore
Gratitude And Humility
By Dave Butts
News From The Herald Office
By Rich Carmicheal
Preparing For Divine Visitation
By Richard Owen Roberts
The Virtue Of Humility
By William Law (1686-1761)
Keep Near The Cross
By Horatius Bonar
Whom God Uses
By H. A. Ironside
Copies Available, "It Took Pentecost
To Shake Jerusalem," By W. C. Moore
A Secret Of Effective Service
By DeVern Fromke
Loving Thoughts Of God
By G. D. Watson
Climbing Our Spiritual Alps
By Charles Usher
Moment By Moment
By Gordon B. Watt
Our Blessed Hope
--Gospel Tract Society
Prayers For A Peaceful Household
By Kim Butts
God Gives The Spirit As We Ask
By Andrew Murray
"Early Will I Seek Thee"
By Lois J. Stucky
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News And Prayer Briefs
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