July 2007 Issue
The Atmosphere Of Revival
By Sammy Tippit
The Triumphal Entry...Again!
By Dave Butts
Proclaiming Christ
By Rich Carmicheal
God Asks All
By James A. Stewart
Mobilize To Evangelize
By Stephen F. Olford
The Secret Of John Hyde’s Prayer Life
As told to J. Pengwern Jones by John Hyde
Copies Available, Praying Hyde
Hazardous Materialism
By J. V. Fesko
Put Your Hope In God
(Establishing a Victorious Heritage for the Generations to Come)

By Kim Butts
Persistence In Prayer
By Andrew Murray
Our Reasonable Response
By Lois J. Stucky
Herald International - Your Prayer Can Reap World Harvest
News And Prayer Briefs
Out Of Mail Box 279