The 10/40 Window represents a rectangular area of the world, extending from 10 degrees to 40 degrees north of the equator and spanning the globe from western Africa to eastern Asia. Nearly 4 billion people live in the 10/40 Window. An estimated 1.6 billion have never heard the Gospel message even once! In the 10/40 Window are headquarters of every major non-Christian religion – Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Animism, and Atheism.

    Many of the 10/40 nations lack religious freedom. It is the Christian believers in these nations who are the largest group of people subjected to persecution for their faith. To add to the difficulty for Christians living in the 10/40 Window, many of these nations are deeply troubled with terrorism, corruption and lawlessness.

    Praying Through The 10/40 Window calendar on the opposite page lists the 67 nations in the Window, including population figures, leaders, religions and other data. Prayer is focused on the topics of persecution, corruption, lawlessness, terrorism and world religions. Below are printed prayer points for each of the topics to expand our prayers and help us unite in effective praying for this desperately needy area of the world, that millions might hear the Gospel and put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. To order full-size calendars please visit

    The following prayer points are adapted from the Window International Network.


• Pray that fear of the Lord will fall on those who persecute Christians and that the Angel of the Lord will protect Christians. (2 Corinthians 5:11)*

• Pray that members of the underground church have wisdom to know how and where to meet. Pray that they find creative ways – "God ideas" – to safely share their faith in a hostile environment. (Psalm 112:6-8)

• Pray for God to strengthen those who are imprisoned at this time and give peace and security to their families. Pray for God to uphold both secret believers and those who are undergoing horrendous torture. (Daniel 3:25)*

• Pray for the persecuted ethnic minorities – for the alleviation of their suffering and for an end to the violence carried out against them by those in authority. (Psalm 119:114)

• Pray that agencies that work on behalf of the persecuted and those suffering under human rights violations will speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Pray that renewed hope of justice and deliverance will come to those who have been so badly treated. (Proverbs 31:8)

• Pray for church leaders – that God will give them wisdom in responding to the current wave of persecution. (Daniel 2:14)

• Pray that all who choose to follow Christ will know how to live appropriately under the threat of persecution. Pray that God will surround Christians with His shield of protection and will send angels to minister to them as heirs of salvation. (Psalm 29:11; Hebrews 1:14)

• Pray that Christians globally will be aware of the suffering of their brothers and sisters elsewhere and will take action to help them. (Joshua 1:14)

• Pray for churches and ministries that have had their Christian workers martyred for the cause of Christ – that they will be courageous and continue to press toward the high calling on their lives to spread the Gospel, and win even their enemies to Christ (Philippians 3:14).


• Pray that Christians will not be tempted to accept bribes. Pray that they will be men and women of integrity. (Proverbs 6:35)

• Pray for godly men and women to obtain positions of influence in these countries. (Daniel 2:46-48)

• Pray that the government and security forces will act responsibly and fairly in protecting Christian communities. (1 Timothy 2:1-4)

• Pray that new oil wealth will be wisely used for the benefit of all citizens, and that fears of it bringing corruption and even violence will prove unfounded. (Proverbs 10:22)

• Pray that humanitarian aid and assistance will be received by those needing it the most. (Psalm 35:10)

• Pray for an end to discrimination against Christians and that they will get good jobs so that they can properly care for their families. (Genesis 39:4)

• Pray for wisdom for Christians dealing with the expectation of bribery by officials. Pray that they will stand firm for legitimate rights and will not participate in corruption. (Deuteronomy 16:19)*


• The Afghani drug trade is estimated to be among the worst in the world. Pray that it will cease. (Mark 4:6)*

• Pray that the international community will investigate the murders and inhumane treatment of Christians detained on trumped up charges by unjust governments. (Psalm 27:12)

• Pray that militant, extremist organizations will be held with increased accountability for their intolerant actions (1 Peter 4:5) and for leaders to be granted repentance by God.

• Pray for effective security to be provided by the army and police for the protection of citizens. (Proverbs 10:9)

• Pray that Christians globally will ask their governments to look into the mistreatment of 10/40 Window Christians and that the global church will find a way to meet their physical needs. (1 John 3:17-18)

• Please pray that persecuted Christians will know God’s protection, comfort, and encouragement in the midst of the lawlessness and isolation. (Psalm 91)

• Pray that God will intervene in the human rights situation. (Psalm 72:4)*

• Pray that the underground rebels who are threatening to shut down Christian schools, hospitals, bookstores and businesses unless they receive exorbitant amounts of money, will be caught, tried and jailed for extortion. (Ezekiel 22:12-14)


• Pray that the terrorist groups will become confused, and will not be able to regroup, recruit, or have the capacity to be disruptive. Pray that the demonic forces that are using the terrorists like puppets will be toppled, and that the people will be set free to worship the Lord. Pray that their leaders will experience conversion to Christianity. (1 Timothy 2:1-4)

• Pray for religious tolerance. Pray especially against the work of extremists who should be labeled terrorists and dealt with by governmental authorities accordingly. (Proverbs 11:21)

• Pray that the tourist industry (which often brings in a sizeable amount of the country’s income) will put pressure on governments to allow freedom of religion. Pray that the international community will not tolerate outbreaks of injustice and violence against Christians and will flood the United Nations, US Congress and European Union leaders with millions of letters crying out for justice for all citizens. (Amos 5:24)

• Pray that when the enemy comes against innocent people that the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against the enemy. (Exodus 15:3, 6-7 and Isaiah 59:19)

• Pray that the strategy of using jihad soldiers from other towns, cities, and nations to violate Christians and followers of other religions will cease and desist. (Nehemiah 6:16)

• Pray for efforts to address violence against women, including "honor killing." (Psalm 31:15)*

• Pray that the Lord will contend with those who contend with non-combatants, and that the Lord will resist those who fight against the innocent. (Exodus 14:21-31)

• Pray that governments will provide protection for all of their citizens, including Christians who are often in the minority. (Jeremiah 23:4)

• Pray that the influence of violent groups operating in neighboring countries will not spread to peaceful countries. (2 Timothy 2:24-26)

• Pray that renegade and hostile terrorists are caught and properly dealt with for their continued violence against innocent people. (Mark 4:22)

World Religions

• Ask the Lord to continue to intervene so that legislation will not be passed making it illegal to convert from the dominant religion to Christianity. (Daniel 7:25-26)

• Pray for converts facing real pressure to renounce their faith in God. Ask that He would give them strength to stand firm in their faith in the face of great hardships. Pray that Christians will be refreshed and strengthened during times of trials. (Philippians 1:7)

• Pray that countries whose Constitutions grant them freedom of religion will abide by the Constitution and allow their citizens to freely practice their faith. (Psalm 97:7)

• Pray for government leaders in the 10/40 Window to seek to do more than protect their own self-interest. Pray for leaders to have a change of heart and mind, even conversion to Christ. (Daniel 6:26-27)

• Pray that changes in leadership will pave the way for enduring and effective dialogue toward resolving religious and social conflicts. (1 Timothy 2:1-4)

• Pray for new Christian believers who find it difficult to be delivered from the societal and spiritual bonds of their former religions. Pray they will be trained in the Word of God and stand firm in their newfound faith. (2 Corinthians 3:14-18)

• Pray for Christian interdenominational unity and for good relations among the various religious communities. (Ephesians 4:3)

• Pray that government officials would have the courage to keep religious extremists from building strongholds in their countries, and that they would uphold the constitutional rights of all citizens. (2 Chronicles 32:7)

• Pray that Christians learn how to speak forth the Word of God (the Bible) to overcome demonic schemes. (Isaiah 55:10-11)

• Pray for Christian parents to have wisdom on how to teach their children the ways of the Lord. (Deuteronomy 6:6-9)

•The prayer points that are designated with the asterisks were derived from The Persecuted Church Prayer Devotional by Beverly Pegues, copyright 2006, published by Authentic Publishing.