Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming paper that has been food for my soul for thirty years…My reason for writing today is to ask if you can please send me five copies of the December 2006 and January 2007 Heralds. I have distributed all my copies that I have received from you but I need more to send to a few family members. Some have just come to salvation and others I want to encourage, as we are busy as a family to fast and pray on Wednesdays. We are getting up at three in the morning to pray. There is so much in the Herald to inspire and move any heart….


    I am so thankful to God for the Herald of His Coming and all that God is doing in this ministry. I have been so blessed ever since I started receiving and reading the Herald. It has helped me so much in areas of preaching and teaching in my local church, even outside the local church. I pray that the Lord will continually bless this ministry….


    I have been receiving Herald newsletter for a while and I appreciate the inspiration I am getting through the articles. I pastor a church and Herald has continually proved helpful in dispensing my calling responsibilities. The articles have a high spiritual content that has revived my relationship with the Lord. I find I minister from a cup running over to the flock of God. Please do not take me off the mailing list. My prayers are with you in the work of the ministry.


    Thank you for continuing to send Herald of His Coming to me so long time. It is a great blessing to me and I also have to translate into Thai for our members of Healthcare Christian Fellowship to read this year. I am so willing to receive the news from you, and my friend wants to have it. Please send to her….


    I am a born-again believer of Jesus Christ our Saviour. I am a law student at university where I am advocating for a fellowship to be opened for students. I go to Assemblies of God Church and I am involved with the youth ministry where I am the treasurer and at zone youth level in our district. I have a passion for the Word of God and I love encouraging others from the Scriptures. I came across Herald of His Coming in 2005 and this time around 2007. It is a paper you don’t put down till you have digested what is written down. It is so full of hope and enlightenment to the world and a conference in its own. I am asking if you can be sending me a copy each month and a few more to share with other youths here in my area. I would be very grateful indeed.


    Enclosed I give to you my gift for the precious work in promulgating the pure Word of our dear God and Jesus Christ. I am very grateful for the Herald of His Coming, which invigorates me with its thorough contents. Please keep me on the mailing list….


    I am writing to appreciate the work that Herald of His Coming has been doing. As a local church leader, I have been greatly empowered, encouraged and strengthened by articles. My family has greatly benefited from the issues I have been receiving for the past two years. Our level of faith and knowledge of the Word of God has increased. We will keep praying for the entire team over there and may the good Lord graciously and abundantly bless you all….


    Thank you all the staff of Herald of His Coming for their self offering to distribute this good news of our God Jehovah to many nations in the world, even to me. I see it is a staff for my foot and light for my life and it gives me encouragement and hope in my living God. I got this Herald from my brother who is receiving every month and I also read it. I request you to send one to me every month. It is pleasant and joyful….


    I work in leadership at a Filipino Church in Hong Kong. The attendees are "overseas foreign workers" from the Philippines who have come here to work as domestic helpers. Many of them work 16+ hours a day, 6 days a week, and they generally get Sunday as a day off. Our ladies are passionate about Christ and appreciate growing in His Word. I was introduced to Herald of His Coming by visitors to Hong Kong in 2004. I appreciated the samples they left with me, and was especially excited about our fellowship ladies reading them. We all find the Herald to be inspirational and edifying. These women would like to continue receiving copies of the Herald….


    Please continue to keep us on the mailing list. Everybody in our office looks forward with eagerness at the beginning of every month for new issue of Herald. I can’t imagine how it will look like if you stop sending us Herald of His Coming now. It has always been a source of inspiration, revival, encouragement and strength to us in the work of God. A copy you send every month is passed around the staff to read. Now we request that you do this kindness to us. Please increase the number of Heralds you send to us so that each of us can have more time to interact with this heart-searching paper. We are so grateful to God for what He is doing through Herald all around the world…We are praying for you.


    Thank you for all the Heralds to date. These papers have been such a blessing to me, as I have been going through a long period of illness. I have drawn much strength and been so blessed and challenged by the well-written articles. Thanks to yourselves for a blessed paper and to our magnificent God for His precious Word!


    I appreciate Herald of His Coming more than you will ever imagine. It exposes me to the deep valleys, crooked paths, high mountains and other areas of my life in which the Lordship of Jesus must be established. The article, "Preparing For Divine Visitation" was so inspiring and challenging that I couldn’t help but go before the Lord for a five-day self-appraisal and spiritual renewal fast. Consequently, I experienced the lovingkindness of God, who has revived me and took me to the next level. God richly bless you all!....


    Greetings and thank you so much for your labour of love in continuing to make the Herald of His Coming available to us and others. I’m continually amazed at how blessed each issue is – uplifting, encouraging, presenting the living truth, challenging our hearts to respond to the heart of God with an appetite to know Him better.


    When the Herald of His Coming comes to hand, I put all things aside for its nourishment to my life. My personal sincere gratitude to you for sending to me Herald of His Coming. It will always mean a lot. It saturates my soul and heart. I thank our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for you and the printed powerful message from Herald which faithfully gives the Word of God to strengthen my heart over many years.


    I appreciate the continued supply of Herald of His Coming copies which you continue to send each month. Herald of His Coming has continued to be a constant source of encouragement in my life as church leader, devotions together with my family and source of encouragement to my fellow students as I am now back for continued education at medical school. Herald of His Coming is rich in the doctrine of the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have learned a lot through this newsletter. May God continue to prosper this ministry….


    Thanks in Jesus’ name for the Herald papers. They are life to me. I read them over and over. I am now old. I have had them for over fifty years, and they are as fresh as ever. God bless you and keep the Herald going.


    I look forward to Herald of His Coming. It lifts my spirit and blesses me and my husband in our ministry. We are on the road for Jesus and need a refreshing regularly. We do prison ministry as well. Could you send five copies from now on in place of one? We will give them to the most needy. Thank God for Herald of His Coming, through which He touches so many of us. Working one soul at a time!


    I am a "retired" minister actively involved in jail ministry and in a prayer mobilization for revival in our country churches. I have benefited greatly from the inspiring messages in the Herald and join with you in praying and working and preparing for genuine revival in the Church of America.


    I so enjoy the articles included in the Herald. They are very inspirational and biblically sound. Thank you for your steadfastness. Having a ministry in a rehab/living establishment, many times I find the topic and the Scripture focus of my sermons are inspired by the Herald articles. Keep up the work that you are doing and be blessed….