Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am thankful for the ministry of Herald of His Coming. Presently I am involved in a ministerial fellowship in Liberia and the Herald has served me gloriously indeed. Herald of His Coming has continued to enhance my spiritual vitality in such perilous times. I am presently distributing my portion of copies that I’ve received with some pastor friends and there is a great demand. Meanwhile, we’ve added this blessed ministry on our ministerial prayer list. Thank you for sending me the monthly articles. May the Lord bless your endeavors as you strive to enhance the great cause of salvation and faith in Christ.


    I greet you in the name of our Lord whom we serve and honour…. I am very prosperous in my spiritual life by Herald of His Coming. Before I got it I have nothing in my spiritual life…. I need it more! If you are willing send it more continually! Thanks a lot. May the Lord bless in your everything.


    Please re-enter my address into the Herald mailing list. It was my father who has gone to be with the Lord, who used to receive this magazine and encouraged me to read it. Since then I’ve read it and it has helped me a lot in my Christian walk. As it has taught me a lot of things I would love to continue to receive Herald of His Coming….


    I always receive monthly Herald of His Coming. It is very helpful in my ministry, the encouraging message that you send. So please continue to send this magazine because it is a blessing for me in my personal devotion to God. This magazine increases my faith and courage, with boldness to teach, and to preach the Gospel of God. Thank you for your kind consideration and may God bless Herald ministry.


    Herald of His Coming has revolutionized my life! The articles have been invaluable and instrumental in my spiritual growth and maturity. Thank you for availing yourselves to God to use you for His glory. I would like to continue receiving Herald of His Coming regularly….


    My heartfelt thanks to you for faithfully sending me Herald of His Coming. It is so enriching and full of spiritual food. When I receive it I read through with joy and it always refreshes my spiritual life. Its contents are weighty and challenging…. Am I permitted to translate the tract "Right Choice" into Maltese? My dad does not read English and he always argues that there is no hell. I wish to translate it to him and give it to him to read and then after (with much prayer) discuss it with him. He’s old now and I don’t want him to go on the other side of eternity without Christ. There are two friends of mine that I wish them to receive the Herald. So these are the addresses….


    My heartfelt gratitude to you for sending me Herald of His Coming, which is my spiritual diet. Each edition is heart stirring as it comes with new insight, especially in the area of prayer. My prayer life has never been the same again after reading it. I pray for the Herald ministry as I’m a member of the Prayer Force. God will bless it abundantly as He is using it to awaken His people to pray and to prepare for His second coming. Kindly keep me in the mailing list as I’m in an area where my only diet spiritually is the Herald.


    Thank you for the regular supply of the Spirit-filled Herald of His Coming. I can not fully explain the impact it has had on my spiritual life. It opened my spiritual eyes allowing me to understand and see into a dimension which before I never imagined existed….


    I thank God because of the ministry of Herald of His Coming and what it has done in my life. I live in an area where it is very difficult to find spiritual books for the area is much dominated by traditional groups. But through Herald I have been blessed and not only me but many believers as well. Please continue sending me the papers. I also request classic books and the past Heralds for distribution to church leaders and for evangelism….


    Since I have started reading the Herald of His Coming magazine, God has been using it to bring me into a deeper level of commitment to His work. The articles have gone a long way to change my life. I will continue to be grateful to you for this wonderful work of revival God is doing through the Herald. I hereby request that you keep on sending me this paper to keep the fire burning in me. I will continue to join hands with the Herald’s ministry in spreading the Gospel of Christ to every nook and cranny of my locality.


    I thank you for putting my name in the mailing list of Herald of His Coming. Already the paper has made the tremendous impact in my Christian life and has greatly transformed my vision altogether. Now for me to live is Christ and nothing else….


    I find Herald of His Coming a wonderful resource for my spiritual growth. Please leave my name on the mailing list. Sometimes it is like getting a cold shower of reality and at times I need that. Thank you and may Jesus enrich your lives as you enrich mine.


    I love to read the Herald of His Coming. I enjoy the Word of God on every page of it. I would appreciate it if I will get the publication in the future, too….


    We are in the end times and what a joy it is for us to receive the Heralds, regularly encouraging and strengthening the Church for its last-day ministry for the Lord. Keep up the good work and God richly bless you to fulfill His calling in these last days. Thank you and God bless you.


    How blessed Herald of His Coming is! My life has been transformed immensely ever since I started receiving Herald of His Coming. I am a Sunday school teacher at our local church and in this regard the Herald is helping me and many more who attend my class, especially young people….


    My life has been greatly enriched by the splendid articles from the Herald of His Coming. I am a coordinator of a young children’s fellowship here in the nation’s capital, Kampala. I have always got guiding teachings in creating a difference in the children’s life from the Herald of His Coming articles. I also share the articles to my students in the challenging school where I am teaching, and with my Christian cell members. As long as the Lord tarries, we are looking forward to the continued reception of the monthly bulletin. May our Lord Jesus Christ use His divine multiplication factor to exceedingly bless you always.


    I am a young, growing teacher, evangelist and minister of the Word of God. Herald of His Coming has helped me a lot with my teaching, preaching and evangelizing in the community. I was also able to connect some other friends to be among the recipients of the monthly Heralds. They have enjoyed the different lessons and subjects taught by different servants of the Herald ministry. Most of the people’s lives have been changed by the Word of truth through Herald of His Coming….


    Would you be kind enough to send me a copy of the June Herald of His Coming? I cut out the "News and Prayer Briefs" and place them in a spiral notebook and pray for the countries.


    How refreshing and helpful it is each time I receive Herald of His Coming. I always find inspiration and spiritual guidance in the pages. My prayer life is not what it was and the John Hyde article helped me realize that. Would you please send me a copy of the book, Praying Hyde?


    Thank you many times over for Herald of His Coming. The articles and their authors are always theologically sound and help me to grow as a Christian. Many times I have had to repent and ask God to give me wisdom and understanding in the Word. Thank you for your longsuffering and love for all of us who receive the Herald.


    I have not read so helpful an article that says it so well and so plainly as I read by Horatius Bonar in the March issue. Thank you for printing such articles that take us to the cross of our Lord and remind us that we must live holy lives. Not many are telling the people these truths. I have printed off a few copies from the internet and will be passing them on as God leads.