Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    This vocational and nursing school praises God for the Herald of His Coming, not only for its spiritual food, but it’s such a great challenge to the personal lives of both the staff and students. It has awakened our spirit to our task since it was first introduced by a pastor friend who visited the students. The hunger for spiritual upliftment, they say, can be satisfied by Herald’s spiritual papers. The vocational school with a capacity of four hundred, humbly requests for a constant supply of Herald of His Coming, which we will use to stay focused on basic Christian life issues, for it has encouraged and exposed areas that need to be changed in the lives of both trainees and the staff. We have seriously embarked on prayers for you regularly.


    I have been receiving the Herald of His Coming for years now. The messages are anointed by the Holy Spirit. They are life changing. They revive my heart to return to the first love with my Saviour. They stir me up to witness the Gospel of Christ to others and encourage me to live a holy life that pleases God. As an evangelist in our locality and a chairman of our local fellowship, I have been spending some time to translate some of the messages in Herald of His Coming into Kiswahili so as to share them with my house and other Christians. I have seen God’s people being strengthened in having faith in the Lord and loving Him in these perilous times. I pray to God that you shouldn’t faint at all but continue to serve the Lord faithfully….


    Praise the Lord for Herald of His Coming. I have been opportuned to receive a copy of this blessed paper for years. It has contributed a lot to my spiritual growth. I have been challenged, edified and encouraged by it. The Word of God and His Spirit have enabled me to stand firm during my trials and adversities. God is indeed faithful and just. Amen!


    I haven’t words to express what a comfort and help and blessing Herald of His Coming is to me! I must say thanks to you for years of encouraging and faith-building sermons and articles each month. Messages out of the Herald magazine have helped me to get to know about the personality of the Holy Spirit, and taught me how to worship the Lord. When I received my last magazine I read that you will stop sending it to me. I had to write you and ask you to please continue to send me this spiritual food. As I am a leader in the church, it has truly helped me and others. You are always in my prayers….


    Thank you once again for the Herald of His Coming. I am being blessed and ministered to by the anointed word which you print. Others are being blessed and lives are being changed through the extra copies that you send. Continue to send me as many copies as possible. You may also send past issues…. Thank you and may God continue to bless and use you in spreading His Word.


    I thank you for faithfully sending Herald of His Coming. I am growing up in my spiritual life. Our Lord bless you. Send it more and not cease.


    I praise God and rejoice with you for the extraordinary work that Herald messages are doing in the lives of men who have the burden of prayer and want to remain aflamed for God. Interestingly, Herald messages through the power of the Holy Ghost have sparked the fire of God on the altar of the hearts of many business-minded Christians, as a result of which many are accepting the call to totally work for Him. Herald of His Coming, through its messages is raising soldiers who are burning, living souls for Christ. God bless you for the unspeakable work done….


    I feel greatly blessed to be on the mailing list for the Herald of His Coming every month. My spiritual life has been greatly blessed over the years through this paper. I praise God for that. Every month I find articles that rejuvenate my zeal for the Lord. May you please continue to send me a copy every month as you are able. Remember me in your prayers.


    I cut my spiritual teeth on the Herald of His Coming back in the start of the eighties. It is still my spiritual rudder next to the Bible. Thank you for the past Herald copies. It was as if you knew that my husband is a pastor, and as such we reach out to as many local people unsaved as we can…. I have been blessed by many of the Herald booklets as well. The newsletter on Elizabeth is a timeless jewel and I use it as a reference in my talks to young and old women. May the Lord multiply the blessing on your labour.


    I have been reading the Herald of His Coming for the past 32 years. It has been a paper that I have always looked forward to. These are days that we need a revival and the Herald is giving me much encouragement….


    My wife and I are evangelizing amongst the English-speaking community which includes some Jews. It is long, slow and hard, but we press on…. A while ago we had some copies of "Hear, O Israel" Jewish Salvation sheet from you. Would it be possible to receive more copies from you?


    Thank you for regularly sending me the Herald. Each time I receive it I receive spiritual nourishment and it greatly helps me in my work as an elder in my church. Since I did not have a formal theological training, the Herald, with the help of the Holy Spirit, has become my trainer. May God therefore bless all of you at Herald….


    My heart’s always full of joy when I write to you. Why? Because Herald meant a lot for me in my life. Since my conversion 11.4.1976, Herald has kept the fire burning in my heart with good messages. I cannot forget Herald. I pray for you always, and whatever God enables me to give I try my best to give. May the Almighty God bless you all for these blessed messages. Stand firm in the Word, and may the Lord help you all to continue His work….


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming. This monthly edition has helped me to equip, train and teach both the leadership and members in my church. Personally it has helped me to grow spiritually, and it has become the source of encouragement and support to my ministry. Please continue sending me Herald of His Coming.


    I wish to express my sincere thanks to Herald of His Coming for all the Herald magazines I have received so far. I will never be able to repay you for all that the Herald of His Coming has done for me. My spiritual life has been transformed greatly. Please, I would like to remain on the mailing list.


    I have been a regular reader of Herald of His Coming for the past four years and it has been a great encouragement to me as a Christian worker. I gave some copies of the past editions to a patient in a psychiatric centre during his recuperation and convalescence period. The copies he read helped him to find his feet again in the truth of God’s Word, and he is enjoying his Christian life and commitment to Christ again. Thank you for the copies you sent me. I plan to take more to the prison inmates in our locality….


    Accept holy and blessed greetings in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, our soon-coming King. I believe God has called Herald of His Coming at a time like this to strengthen believers and to help them to be more grounded in the Word through the blessed sermons and explanations of the Scriptures. Many times I have been greatly inspired and moved in Spirit by reading Herald of His Coming. May you continue to work the work of Him who has called you into His marvelous light. Enclosed is my gift for sending out the Herald papers….


    I thank the Lord for all that Herald of His Coming does. It carried me through six years in prison (three of those years in the hole). Now I’m free and a Christian Bible College student. Thank you.


T    hank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming. It has been used many times by God’s Spirit to speak to me about things like my need to deepen my prayer life, be more sensitive to personal sin, my need to pray for revival and to aspire that my life would be all about prayer…. The Herald has a way of speaking to my heart in meeting me where I am. God bless you all!


    Recently I was reintroduced to the Herald of His Coming. Needless to say, I’m happy about this. A friend whom I met last summer has been giving me her copies, but we don’t always see each other, sometimes for months. I want my own copies and then I can pass them on to others. This material is so vital now! Bless you for your faithfulness all these years.