Ten Days Preceding May 27

    Sponsors of the Global Day of Payer write that beginning on Ascension Day, Thursday, May 17, and continuing until Saturday, May 26, believers around the world will be organizing ways to pray together night and day. Inspired by the example of the first followers who "joined together constantly" in prayer (Acts 1:14), it is expected that the ten days between the time of the ascent of Jesus and the descent of His Spirit will be filled with believers praying around the clock and across all time zones. The prayer guide [reproduced on the following pages] is being translated into many languages so that millions of people around the world will have the same biblical beginning points to pray through these ten days. No one will be praying alone.

    The great troubles that shake our world compel us to pray. But even more, the tremendous promises of God should move us to pray with urgency and desire. But regardless of how we may be stirred to pray by great needs or by great hopes there is a universal conviction in these days that Christ Himself is calling His Church to pray. What better way to obey our Lord than to give ourselves to ten days of continual prayer (May 17 May 26), culminating on the Global Day of Prayer on May 27, the Day of Pentecost?

    With your local church, plan special portions of your Pentecost Sunday morning service to be devoted to prayer. Plan to participate in special gatherings that may be in your area. See www.globaldayofprayer.com or www.gdopusa.com for more information.

Ninety Days of Blessing
May 28 August 25
Becoming the Blessing of Christ

    Anticipating the blessing of cities and communities, the Global Day of Prayer becomes a catalytic moment for the forming or furthering of local alliances among pastors, congregations, mission agencies and business leaders to bring practical, transformational blessing to their cities and communities. You may find out how Christians throughout America are fulfilling the promise of the "90 Days of Blessing" at www.gdopusa.com.