Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I received both October and November papers on the same day. When I saw them my heart pumped up with joy. I know that a sweet message has come from abroad. To say the truth the Herald of His Coming is changing my life and I know that God has a purpose with me as He directed me to find the Herald of His Coming paper when I was assisting my sister to vacate from her house…As a born-again Christian and a youth chairman of my church, now I have got a supporting material which will assist me to encourage my fellow believers and new converts. It’s my wish to preach the Gospel to all the people and the Herald of His Coming is like a hidden resource which has come out to support my ministry.

    As a youth I have been greatly encouraged by the story of Helen Ewan. She has taught me a beautiful lesson that the young people should pray all the time. We need to pray for our friends and even the men of God. I know it is only prayer which can bring tranquility in the world. Most of us desert our quiet time of prayer. I know if Christians throughout the world can join hands in a prayer, in a single minute we can change many things…. Pray for me and I will also pray for you.


    I am very grateful to receive Herald of His Coming. I don’t have the words to explain what this paper has done to lives of people I share the messages with. We are having a desire for more of God because of the Spirit inspired messages we read from the Herald. My mind is now more focused on Christ. Many people are blessed through the Herald papers you send me to distribute. I always pray for you….


    Thank you for sending me the Herald. I love to receive the Herald every month. The articles are very significant and help me grow in my spiritual life. It leads me to a deeper relationship with God and a deeper knowledge of His Word….


    I always felt to have the Word of God to know Him much deeper. The Herald helps and gives me more understanding of the message of people who encounter Jesus face to face and change attitude of life to be with the Lord. Jesus’ coming is fast approaching as the world turns to turmoil because of the hatred of His creation to His words. I’m thankful for subscribing me with the Herald. It teaches and makes me a changed person to share more the Gospel to the people I meet and work with….May the Lord bless and anoint you with His surpassing power to live and continue to be a spiritual change to others!


    Thank you for regularly sending me a copy of Herald of His Coming. The issue is not only a blessing. It’s encouraged me to reading my Bible and makes me a ministry at church by home cell, as well as Bible study group leader. Thanks to God. I have a friend who reading recent copy was blessed so please could you send for him a copy regularly by this address….


    I thank God for this reviving magazine, Herald of His Coming, that He has used to do a lot in my life. It has been through one of my sons in the Lord that started to receive a copy for the past year. Since we saw that it has been helping us a lot as individuals, we also decided to use it in the prison ministry. We have been reaching out to five prisons in our country and people are sending testimonies about the anointing that comes with this paper. We intend to reach out to three more prisons, so may you please add fifty more on top of my copy on my usual address….


    Both my wife and I look forward to receiving every delivery of Herald of His Coming because we know that the articles are bound to bless us tremendously and do an eternal work in our lives. We would desire to receive monthly copies continuously as before. May God provide for all your needs according to His riches in glory….


    The Herald is so welcome each month, and is a great help to my spiritual maturity, and Bible knowledge. I am happy to pass it on, and it circulates among church members. Please keep me on the mailing list. We need solid teaching in Scripture.


    I am overwhelmed with joy because of the impact of the messages that come in each magazine of Herald of His Coming. I am pleased because I’ve been reading Herald of His Coming for the past three months. I have been stirred to read God’s Word by the help of the Herald, and this has revived my spirit and my walk with God. It has been such a guide and encouragement to my soul and many of my family members as I’ve been encouraging them to read. I have made others to create interest and the need to read the magazine. Please don’t stop sending me Herald of His Coming.


    I thank God for the inspired Words of God which Herald of His Coming is always reminding me about. In the world of changes, even in Christian doctrines and teachings, the Herald message is still the same – pointing men to God and to live holy, unblemished and untainted lives to God. Please keep it up. I am leading a Christian group, a tribal/ethnic Christian body which aims at evangelizing a people who were warriors in olden days, who were hired by others to fight their "fights." By God’s grace we are penetrating them now with the Gospel….


    I deeply appreciate each month the Herald of His Coming when it arrives with so much content. Not only do I read and digest it from cover to cover but it now gets passed along a trail of avid readers from various church backgrounds, all who sincerely appear to appreciate it as much as I do.


    I always look forward to read Herald of His Coming. It contains the pure Word of the Lord. In this day and age when the Word of God is being diluted, it stands as a beacon of hope and light. It is one of our greatest safeguards against the diluted Word of God which is now being propagated. Please send me the book, By My Spirit, by Jonathan Goforth in magazine format. This will help me to pray for revival in my country, continent and the world at large….


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming. It’s filled with timely messages and words of encouragement for the believer of the last days. I find the Herald supports and inspires me as a pastor as I bring God’s timeless message to my area of ministry. Thank God for providing a valuable resource to the church, helping her to ready herself for the return of her bridegroom, Jesus Christ! Revival is the watchword of our hour. Keep heralding this message!


    Thank you for sending me the Herald for more than a decade. I am a lay preacher. My fellow Christians in my church receive the copies that you send me with joy and great pleasure. There is a nurses’ Christian fellowship at the local hospital here which meets regularly to discuss some of the topics in the Herald under the leadership of a female Christian doctor who is the treasurer of my church. You can now see the ripple effect that the Herald has here….


    I must thank God that you sent the Herald of His Coming….I love reading the articles. I get much knowledge through reading it….That’s why I want you to send it to me continually. I pray that God will provide for you in this publication….


    I am a keen reader of the Herald of His Coming and am very much encouraged by the messages in it. I particularly want to name July 2006 article which had the message of God’s work in Colombia, which showed and revealed that God’s work is not restricted. It will be preached no matter what the devil may plan. Our God is a miracle working God! There is also an article sometime back which was on the East African Revival. I thank God because I was brought up by parents who were of this fellowship and they held on until they were called home by the Lord. I am blessed by the Herald and I would like you to please include one of my many friends to be receiving it….


    I ask you to include my name on the Herald mailing list once again. I was a beneficiary of the Herald ministry and was receiving some precious materials about ten years ago. I stopped writing and the Herald ceased coming. I am most grateful to God that the messages in the Herald publication had a lot of influence in my life. I am now a pastor. Since God is unchangeable and His message does not change, I have been reading through the old Herald publications, and they have been of immense help to me and my church….


    I have been reading the Herald of His Coming for almost 46 years now, and I read every one that comes, sometimes two and three times before I give them out to others to read, from the recreation hall in the trailer park where I live. Keep up the good work….


    God bless you for the Word you send to us. We are in our 80’s and can’t go to church any more. The only new Word we get from God is Herald of His Coming. It seems to be exactly what we need!