Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you for the work you are doing in bringing souls to Christ through the Herald publications. They are such a blessing for us here in this part of the world where there is too much of occultism, witchcraft and traditional beliefs. I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for about two years. It has been so much and is still such a perfect manual for spiritual growth and moral discipline. It gives me hope in every sector of my life and has helped me especially in areas of revival and evangelism. I have been crying for revival upon the Church today and God has responded to me so faithfully even with the aid of Herald articles.

    Currently I am involved in intercession prayers for the salvation of Zimbabwean nationals in the wake of a deepening political and economic crisis. I therefore request if you can increase my monthly copies, for I have recently increased the number of people waiting for the newsletter here at my work place, home group and church. It is my desire that one day I will be able to help finance this worthy cause. That’s my prayer. It’s only that it is very difficult to survive normally in this nation now, where inflation is extremely high….


    Thank you for Herald of His Coming. I’ve known about this ministry since the 1970’s and at first I found it to be rather too conservative (my error)! I have since repented and asked the Lord to have mercy on me, a wayward Christian counting on cheap mercy and grace. During the last years with the "new waves" of Christianity brainwashing us into Laodicean oblivion, I am truly grateful for the Herald’s soul-searching, heart-after-God, Bible-based-truth articles. Why? Because He is God, and we are His people, and I have found the articles strengthening, edifying and challenging. Thank God for the Herald’s uncompromising ministry, restoring hope and faith in Him and Him alone. After all the hurts and disillusionments in my life, it’s very reassuring to know that Jesus is our security and true friend, and that He really cares about us.


    Thank God for Herald of His Coming for sending this powerful magazine. I always become happy in my life whenever I receive Herald of His Coming. This paper has helped me a lot. We Christians living in a Muslim country find it hard about the Word of God, because the people don’t want to hear the name "Jesus." In fact, sometimes we are afraid to tell them that we are Christian. Here, if someone wanted to employ you and he/she gets to know that you are a Christian, they don’t want to. In this case unbelieving Christian may change his or her Christian name. Please try your possible best to continue sending the Herald.

    Pray for all Christians living in Muslim countries, so that they may live by the Word of God, because the Bible tells us that man cannot live on bread alone.


    Since I came to read Herald of His Coming at the beginning of 2006, it has been very helpful to me because I have answered the question: "Why is there no revival within the community?" My messages have totally improved and when I read and pass to others, they usually come and request more. Some have even said, "Please, pastor, enroll my name when you are writing back." The messages from the Herald have helped to add more light in my lessons I prepare in teaching leadership. The church in which I am ministering has taken a giant step ahead. I appreciate the work God is doing through the Herald. I request that prayer be made for pastors and church leaders in my area for I hope if there are changes, their message will be channels of blessings to others and the whole area will be won for Christ!


    Herald of His Coming articles are of great strength and encouragement to me. They uplift me and inspire me. The articles greatly help me and my family in our spiritual growth. Please continue to keep me on the Herald mailing list. I am a jobless and struggling single parent of six in a war-torn country with a bad economy, but I trust that by God’s grace my situation will improve and then I will be able to contribute financially to the Herald….


    This college and nursing school praises God for the Herald of His Coming. Not only for its spiritual food but it’s such a great challenge to the personal lives of both the staff and student trainees. It has awakened the college’s spirit to our task since it was first introduced to the college by a missionary friend who visited. The student trainees in this college hunger for spiritual upliftment which they say can be satisfied by Herald’s spiritual papers. The college with a capacity of five hundred, humbly requests for a constant supply of at least twenty copies of Herald of His Coming which we will use to stay focused on basic Christian life issues, for it has encouraged and exposed areas that need to be changed in the lives of both trainees and the staff. We have seriously embarked on prayers for you regularly.


    Would you please send me the Herald of His Coming? A copy was given to me by a friend, and I’ve really enjoyed reading it. My dear mother used to have it regularly when I was just a school girl. I have long been retired now, and its contents are still encouraging and uplifting as well as being true to Scripture….


    I appreciate what you have done so far by sending me past issues of Herald of His Coming. I also received the latest issue of this paper. I would be very grateful if you send me more, both the last and recent issues that I can keep them and use them for making teaching materials in my church. Our church is a growing church that is actively evangelizing throughout the biggest city in Indonesia, and also now throughout the cities and islands of Indonesia to preach the Gospel and performing the power in Jesus’ Name.

    We are preaching about the whole salvation in Jesus that includes the divine healing. We are very busy in ministering and evangelizing, and Herald articles always kindle and burn our hearts to work more in God’s mission field. Thanks for always bringing such a fresh teaching to inspire us in the mission works in Indonesia. May God bless all of you abundantly.


    I came to know about Herald of His Coming from a friend as we had gone to preach the Word of God in some remote area in Uganda. That day for the first time I was interceding for the mission. So he showed me this paper and it has since inspired me into this ministry of intercession. Now I would like to be receiving a copy of Herald and any other material on intercession. May God bless you as you make this positive response toward me, desiring to know God at a friendly level….


    I thank the Lord for you and the Herald of His Coming. For me it is very important to read the messages in it. Many of the messages I have translated for my Bible group. It is a great blessing for me. I hope you may still send it to me.


    I received the materials you sent – two hundred copies of last year’s Herald of His Coming. They came at the right time when we were having our workers’ meeting. The workers were very much excited when I distributed the materials to them. The Herald paper is always a source of inspiration, revival, encouragement and strength to us in the work of the Lord. We are so grateful to God for what He is doing around the world. All glory to His name. If more of these materials can be sent, I will be grateful because more persons are in need of them….


    Thank you for the Heralds that you send every month. They are such a blessing to us, so full of wonderful messages. We need these at such a time of lukewarmness in the churches. I pray for you all. We have a prayer meeting in my home – just four ladies seeking the Lord for revival and other needs….


    This morning I took our men at Men’s Discipleship (a ministry to ex-prisoners) through the message, "Living in Partnership with God," by Crawford Loritts (July’s issue), having them take turns reading a few paragraphs at a time, and our men had several "ah-ha" moments as God revealed His golden nuggets of truth! This was especially true in the section subtitled "Repentance" on page four. The Herald messages are having a wonderful impact on the hearts of our men.


    Thank you for helping me to go deeper in my desire for an intimate relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I will continue to pass each issue on to family and friends. Only wish I were able to help more. I’ll keep you in my prayers.


    It is an enormous blessing to stay on Herald of His Coming mailing list. Herald has been a cause for my spiritual growth and to enlighten the living Word of God in the innermost of me. People are seeing the resulting light. In addition, it has been a great asset to sharing the Word here at our church house gatherings in Philadelphia. Many, many thanks and may God’s hands touch the Herald for the running of the Word of God more than ever before.