"Early Will I Seek Thee"
  By Lois J. Stucky

    "O God, Thou art my God; early will I seek Thee…" (Psa. 63:1).

    What a marvelous God we Christians have to worship as "my God!" Ours is the one and only God, perfect in all His being and in all His ways! He bids us come and seek Him, because He desires our fellowship and is willing and able to fulfill all our needs. Our God is beyond words to adequately describe! Blessed are all who put their trust in this wonderful One!

Seek God Early in Life

    "Early will I seek Thee…," says the Psalmist David. He is one who began to seek God early in life, as a shepherd boy out on the hillside, and he grew into a man after God’s own heart. Almost his whole life was devoted to serving God in a significant way. This outstanding example helps us realize the importance of seeking God early in life.

    Parents have the greatest of opportunities to help children seek God early in life, and in this day of many alluring diversions from spiritual interest, parents have particular responsibility to do so. We trust a goodly number of parents are taking to heart Kim Butts’ monthly articles on "Our Families and Homes for God." In them are invaluable helps in directing children into God’s Word and teaching them to seek Him. It is essential that children’s hearts be established in God and His Word if they are to successfully escape Satan’s wicked snares "to steal, and to kill, and to destroy" (John 10:10). He is savagely intent on that in this day. How much God counts on Christian parents to train up their children in the way in which they should go (Prov. 22:6), that their lives will be devoted to Him and His service!

    We encourage you to please pass on your Herald paper after finishing with it, to some parents who do not now receive it. You are invited at any time to write for extra copies to share, perhaps to a Sunday school class of parents with young children or to your relatives or neighbors. Point out the family page and encourage them to write to be placed on the mailing list for similar future articles. The oncoming generation must be saved for the God who created them, loves them dearly, and has good plans for their lives.

Seek God Early in the Day

    Concerning seeking God early, which he says is "the time for dew and freshness," Charles H. Spurgeon wrote: "Communion with God is so sweet that the chill of the morning is forgotten and the luxury of the couch is despised." If you are one who needs encouragement to rise earlier in order to benefit from sweet communion with God, we encourage you to read articles from past issues of Herald of His Coming by George Müller and Andrew Murray. The Müller article can be accessed on the Herald website in the May 1996 issue, "Preparing My Heart For The Day," and the Murray article, "The Morning Hours With God," in the March 2002 issue. Both of these articles may also be obtained in print by writing to Herald of His Coming and requesting by title. (To read them on the website, go to: www.heraldofhiscoming.com and click on Past Issues).

    Such outstanding saints as the above advising us to seek God early is a good indication of the importance of it. But whatever time of day is best for us individually to seek God, bear in mind that He deserves to be sought eagerly, earnestly and diligently. Might we give Him His due; He will give us precious returns.

Praise God with Us –

    *For each one who seeks God for His almighty help to those who devotedly spread God’s Word around the world, and who include Herald of His Coming and staff as we serve here, endeavoring to fulfill His calling to this ministry.

Please Pray with Us –

    * That the anointing of the Spirit upon this issue of Herald of His Coming will be strong, stirring the hearts of readers to earnestly prepare for a divine visitation.

    * That God will send in the funds essential to the mailing of this issue to readers in this country and abroad. Thank God that the mailing service which handles much of our overseas mailing, has graciously kept the increase in rate very modest!

    * For God’s anointing, direction and protection on all the Herald ministry and workers. Pray for safe and timely delivery of all incoming and outgoing mail.

    * That God will thrust forth workers to take the Gospel into all the world until even remotest places will be reached.

    * That God will inspire and endue His people to prevail in prayer for the mighty visitation of the Holy Spirit greatly needed in this late and critical hour!