Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming papers. They are very much refreshing and encouraging, and in it I get spiritual food. It is a valuable tool for my work. I teach in a seminary with more than four hundred students and more than thirty workers. Please continue sending me the Heralds….


    I thank you deep down from my heart for sending me Christian literature. They are very helpful and encouraging in our Christian life and faith in these last days of evil and apostasy. May the Lord our Savior Jesus keep you up in your ministry until we meet Him in the air to be with Him for ever! We are serving the Lord in this Buddhist land and the door for the Gospel is still closed, and people are dying in their sins of unbelief. However, thanks be to our God that souls are getting saved through personal contacts and prayers….


    It is the wonderful joy I express because of what Herald has done in my life. I am a missionary to the Muslims, Herald has taught me a lot about revival. It has made my spiritual life to be revived especially these moments I am living in spiritual desert. It also enabled me to trust God more than ever with the hope that God will make springs of water in this wilderness. Please do not remove me from the mailing list….


    I thank God for Herald of His Coming for the great impact it has had on my life. I used to receive Herald when I was in junior secondary school. I read unaware of the change it was having on my life. By the grace of God I am now in the university and very active in helping to reach the lost. I believe that the articles that I read from Herald have influenced me to have this desire to work for the Lord. I now join my friends to travel to villages, towns and institutions to preach the Gospel of Christ. My family has also been influenced tremendously by the copies of the magazine we keep. We now have a mini library with copies of Herald for other people to read too. God abundantly bless you as you reach out to the world with the Herald of His Coming….


    I first got a glimpse of the Herald of His Coming while at Bible college years back. The contents and message attracted me much. I wrote for some copies for myself and for distribution. I will distribute some to fellow pastors and Christians for spiritual enrichment. The messages are just the right ones for this time. Please keep on the good work. Don’t relent! Together we are reviving and blessing souls….


    Thank you for sending us Herald of His Coming. It was my mother’s favorite magazine [even during the days when Bulgaria was under communist control]. We enjoy the wonderful articles and deep spiritual food. God bless you richly!


    Thank you for your kindness in sending Herald of His Coming to me. It has helped me very much in my spiritual walk with the Lord. I love the Heralds. Please continue to send me Herald of His Coming….


    Thank you for your continued supply of spiritual materials. I am very much encouraged by them. The Herald is always providing fresh materials to my spiritual life and congregation. Please I encourage you to continue sending this valuable literature….


    I find more spiritual blessings through Herald papers as well as books and magazines I am requesting and receiving from you. As a lay preacher, I am using some of the materials in these papers and find that they are very encouraging and helpful. Please send me a copy of By My Spirit by Jonathan Goforth. The leadership in one of our churches here where I am a member is praying for revival power, and we believe the magazine will be of great help to the church.


    I express my thanks to the Lord in appreciating you all at Herald of His Coming for the service rendered to us servants of the Lord, of whom I am one. Herald is such a rich reservoir of anointed resources I can draw from to be watered and to water the invaluable indigenous souls under my care. I read through the recent issue at one sitting, underlined every point for my reference to be incorporated in my teaching lessons to help these underprivileged and thirsty souls. Thank you for keeping me on the mailing list….


    I am very much helped with the Herald of His Coming. My stepfather accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior after reading the paper. In the past two years I have been doing Bible School, and I was able to do well through reading from Herald newspaper. I am now at Baptist Theological Seminary being equipped to do the ministry of God…. Herald has made me put my trust in God, and has drawn me out of prayerless life that I was in. Herald has helped me to open a preaching point here in my area and I am training three men in evangelism….I have a plan of opening another preaching point in dry season after training the three men. I am just a local farmer here in Malawi. Pray that God should open the window to accomplish the course and look after God’s flock….


    I continue to receive the Herald to this day. It vitalizes my spiritual perspective and inspires me to seek God in prayer for the work of the Lord. The good news in the Herald exhorts us to be more vigilant and prayerful. I share the paper with friends and encourage them through the words in the paper….


    The Herald materials you are sending to me are helping a lot here. They are a mini Bible school, and mini seminary to me. I am keeping you in daily prayers. You are training me to do greater works for God in the years to come. God bless you….


    Words cannot say much how I enjoy reading Herald of His Coming. The articles written by these great men and women of God have been a source of great inspiration, blessing and encouragement to me. Through the paper, the Lord has put inside of me a revival message, and I have been inspired to become a "fire starter," starting fires of revival all around, and since I am a person who is benefiting a lot from the ministry of Herald, I would like you to keep sending me this blessed magazine….


    My purpose of writing you this letter is to request for your help to send me some reading materials that will help me in my Christian life. I know there are many things I should know as a born-again Christian which I have not yet known. Your assistance will go a long way helping me to live a stable Christian life. I want to know much about the things of God, so that I can grow in His Word. I don’t want to be a spiritual baby any longer, but to be a soldier for Christ. That is the main reason I’m asking for materials and to assist me in my day to day Christian life….


    I’d like to say thanks for everything you have done. Because of the Herald, I accepted Jesus into my life here in jail.


    Herald of His Coming blesses my life in an incredible way. It stirs up my heart to seek God with all that I have, and it encourages me to press forward in conquering the land God has promised to me. Thank you for publishing this newspaper and for ministering to God’s people in this way….


    I have received the Herald for some thirty years now, and I have been brought to repentance and tears many times over. I pass my copies on to others who will read them. My support of you in the last years has not been great, but I keep your envelope with my monthly bills to remind me to pray for the Herald ministry and send an offering to you as God leads.


    Our prison yard has been inspired to pray for revival, and Herald of His Coming has kept us motivated. Every issue speaks to our needs. One copy circulates all over the yard of 1200 inmates. Thank you for your support.


    I have just recently read a Herald from 1999. Its topic was the Word of God. I’ve been challenged by it to take God’s Word more seriously and to use it in my daily walk to be more victorious. I tell you this so that you will know that even a Herald almost ten years old is still moving and working on hearts. I’ve begun to read the Herald on a regular basis because I want to grow in the Lord, and I find these papers to be feeding that desire. I am eighteen and living at home with my parents (they receive the Heralds that I read) until God leads me onto the mission field. I’m thankful for the Herald of His Coming papers; and I pray that God will continue to use them to awaken souls out of their slumber.