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"Feed My Sheep" in Russia

Beginning of a Good Work

    "I know there is no coincidence," shares Armenui Gevurian, editor of Predvestnik, the Russian Herald, "but there is Godís plan. Consider the following: I am Russian teacher. Also, I am fond of English. I learned it with pleasure and was not pleased that I was not able to use the knowledge.

    "But the day came, almost seventeen years later when an American pastor came here to Ryazan and started a church. God brought me to that church. I was put there as interpreter, secretary and administrator. I not only interpreted and translated materials, but became involved in some printing work and doing some simple layouts for a Christian newsletter. All this laid a foundation for me to be able to do the whole work on the Predvestnik. Thus God changed even my occupation."

Plans to Grow

    God is changing lives. "The Church in Russia is growing," explains Armenui. "We are seeing a second generation of Christians. These young people were raised in the church. They serve God now and love Him. It is important for Christians to read, know, study the Word of God, live according to it and have a relationship with the Living Christ.

    "There are still lots of villages in Russia where there are no churches, and they have not been reached by the Gospel. The churches that are open in Russia are small. Pastors do not have enough support there, including good strong spiritual food.

    "Today Russia is sending missionaries to former republics of the Soviet Union, and this is the place where non-Christian population needs the Good News."

Nurturing and Feeding

    "The main goal of the Predvestnik," describes Armenui, "is to renew Godís people, to encourage Christians and their leaders, to strengthen them spiritually so that they will experience real revival in their prayer life. Thus leaders can use it to help others."

    When asked about what the Lord has done through the Russian Herald, Armenui replied, "Often we do not see the results. God says that His Word never returns to Him void. The work for Him brings a fruit although from the human point of view we cannot know when this will take place. You will have a clearer picture of Godís impact on His people by reading letters from our readers."

Translated Testimonies from Readers of the Predvestnik

    "Our church in Novosibirsk started to move in evangelism, and we received the Predvestnik. The issue is about this! How pleasant to see Godís hand also in such things!" Ė Novosibirsk Region

    "Thank you for the copies of the Predvestnik you sent me. I have read all of them and received great Godís blessings from the reading. Our church is visiting and taking care of six groups and small churches in villages and cities of Kurgansk area. We would like them to have this newspaper. Please send ten copies if possible...." Ė Kurgan Region

    "I saw the Predvestnik by chance and liked it very much. I gave it to other believers. Our village is small, there is no appropriate church here and I gather all eleven people at my house. We have small library, and I would like to have this edition. Thank you in advance!" Ė Altayski Krai Region

    "I would like to inform you that all twenty copies of the Predvestnik that you send me I really distribute among brothers and sisters that accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, but because of some reasons do not have Christian fellowship right now. Thank God that He places these people on my heart and gave me opportunity to feed them with this food through Predvestnik. These believers live in different places, villages and small cities which are rather far away from each other. Glory to God for all of His ways..." Ė Tverskay Olbast Region

    "I have read the Predvestnik, and I liked it. I gave the newspaper to my sister to read. I got the newspaper visiting a church in Chernigov, Ukraine. If it is possible, please send a copy to my church in my name." Ė Primorski Krai Region

    "Greetings to you, dear workers of the Predvestnik! On behalf of ministers of our church we want to say THANK YOU for your labor on Godís field for the Predvestnik which publishes articles about prayer and contains edification. We pray for all of you. With great desire we are looking forward for the new issues. Please accept our offering..." Ė Stavropolski Krai Region

    "My wife and I got the Predvestnik in our church. We liked it very much. This paper helps us to get ready for prayer meetings, helps us in the work with our ladies group and it teaches us how to pray for revival. We ask you to send a copy on our address and also please send it to our daughter who lives in another city..." Ė Tumen Region

    "The Predvestnik is definitely the newspaper that people read. People in our church wait for each issue and distribute the copies between members of our church and other churches in our city. Itís a good newspaper. The articles address vital problems and completely change our way of thinking." Ė Kirov

    "Our small church read the Predvestnik and we do ask you please to send it to us...we will send offerings, but there are only few of us..." Ė Krasnodarski Krai Region

Please Join in Presenting Requests to God

    The Russian Herald is in need of a volunteer interpreter. By having another translator, Armenui will have more time to spend on selecting articles, on the vision and prayer for the newspaper and on contacts with Christian organizations and Russian pastors. This would also help to publish the paper with stability, without delays, since the workload would be shared.

Praying for Russia:

    * For many to come to the Living Christ.

    * For the revival of the Church in Russia.

    * For Russian pastors, Christian leaders and all believers, for Godís power in their life and for them not to be conformed to this world.

    * For the young people that they will find Christ and turn away from an ungodly life.

Praying for the Russian Herald Ministry:

    * For fresh vision, new opportunities for ministry, new readers and for Godís life-changing power and anointing on the articles.

    * For Godís guidance and power of His Spirit.

    * For stability, including finances.

Praying for Armenui:

    * For good health, complete recovery, spiritual and physical strength.

    * For wisdom from God.

    * For more revelation from God.