Help Others Make The Right Choice!
  By Lois J. Stucky

    "We are all but a breath away from eternity!" This solemn statement appears in a short article on the front page of Herald of His Comingís Salvation Herald, RIGHT CHOICE. In that article, titled "Only Two Destinies," heaven and hell are clearly set forth as the two destinies, and Christ is declared to be the way that leads to Heaven. At the top of that page is a statement for readers to ponder carefully: "Your decision determines your destiny!" Readers need to be gripped by the realization that our eternal, never-ending destiny hinges on the decision we make concerning Christ!

    In Henry Blackabyís article beginning on page one of this issue, he reminds us afresh of the sobering fact that Jesus, who is "Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end" and who knows well about hell, in great faithfulness warns about it, that men and women, boys and girls not perish therein. In love He gave His life to make a way for all to escape that awful fate. As Blackaby writes, Jesus therefore began His preaching with the appeal, "Repent ye, and believe the Gospel" (Mark 1:15). Again Jesus said, "Öexcept ye repent, ye shallÖperish" (Luke 13:3). It is not Godís will that any should perish (2 Pet. 3:9). Jesusí great life mission was to provide Godís way of escape.

    "Foolish, foolish!" we Christians say of those who think lightly of Jesusí teaching on the unpopular subject of hell, or reject it altogether. But consider, Christian friend, we who have received the Gospel of our glorious Lord Jesus into our hearts, are we not foolishly selfish and guilty if we neglect or deliberately shy away from telling others of this treasure of unspeakable worth that Godís grace has bestowed on us? Will it be a treasure in our heart but not in our hand and on our lips to share with others? Do we care enough about souls to help them take the first steps leading them into the eternal destiny of indescribable blessedness which is our hope?

    Some of you may feel, as do I, that you are falling short in diligently giving forth this life and death message. Herald of His Coming offers to help you to do more by writing for copies of RIGHT CHOICE Salvation Herald to share as God leads. This eight-page paper contains two appealing stories about individuals who chose Christ, as well as short articles on the redeeming Blood of Jesus, on repentance, on the difference between salvation and religion, on the Bible being Godís inspired Word, and an article offering helps for those who trust Christ as Savior as they read the paper. The pages are 8 Ĺ x 11, and fold to fit into an envelope and mail for one ounce for those you cannot reach in person.

Give Prayer Backing to Right Choice

    Thousands of RIGHT CHOICE papers are mailed from Herald of His Coming to distributors who have felt the Lord impelling them to go with the Gospel through these printed messengers. Please join in praying that Godís Word in RIGHT CHOICE will be anointed of God to speak clearly and with authority, convicting and convincing readers of their need of a Savior and drawing them to repent and believe. Pray that there will be understanding of Godís Word and that it will be protected from the wicked one coming and snatching away the precious Word of life which is sown in hearts (Matt. 13:18-19).

    If you are able to send a gift toward printing and mailing quantities of RIGHT CHOICE, you will have the joy of helping to send the destiny-determining Gospel to souls near and far. In many places overseas there is a dearth of reading material. Any paper that comes to hand is gladly received and read and shared with others. We invite you to cooperate together with us in an earnest effort to see to it that it is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ that comes to at least some of the unsaved, and not the literature of a false religion that in the end will damn their souls!

    Recently we sent a supply of hundreds of RIGHT CHOICE papers to two men in an American prison who were burdened about fellow inmates. Knowing some would reject a personal witness, they feel led to place a paper Gospel messenger on each of the 1600 beds in the facility where they are incarcerated, giving their personal cell number on the paper for those who would want to know more. Please pray for much fruit from this venture. A former, part-time worker with Herald of His Coming in Kansas had had a vision of hell in his younger years, giving him a heavy burden for souls. In suitable weather he would go home-to-home in towns around our own, as well as in the city of Wichita, leaving RIGHT CHOICE papers at the door. Can some of us do likewise?

    Let us pray one for the other that we will be faithful witnesses of the glorious Gospel. Please pray also for the finances to print and mail more Herald literature in this hour of Godís grace and mercy, before the night comes when it will be too late to do the work God calls His people to do. Even the rich man in hell, of whom Jesus tells, implores that someone go and give the Gospel to spare others his tormenting fate! (Luke 16:23-24).

    For copies of RIGHT CHOICE to expand your witness, write to the following address and please mention the number of copies you can prayerfully use:

Herald of His Coming
P.O. Box 279
Seelyville IN 47878 USA


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