Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Over the past year I have had a steady supply of Herald of His Coming, which has not just edified me but has instructed me to be a good instructor. I have preached many messages I have read from this paper and felt their vividness and the need to share it with others. I have had the Herald as a companion not only in times of loneliness in the jungle but also as a friend when I am in the office. The value of what the Herald is doing is inestimable. I have supplied the copies I have read to some pastors in some remote areas who have no access to any Bible literature. I thank you very sincerely for your faithfulness and sacrifices made to make Herald of His Coming available to its readers. To God be the glory!


    Any time I read from Herald of His Coming magazine, a new fire of God sparks in my heart, mind and soul. A new urge to work and labor more than before triggers within me. Any time I read I find amazing mysteries and rather deep and secret thoughts of God unfolding to me. The Word of God sparks like an ignited engine in me which either launches me into prayer, studying of God’s Word or evangelism. I cannot testify of all the blessings I have received since 1997 that you began sending me Herald’s magazine. God richly bless you for those heart-touching messages contained in the magazines. Please, sir, my church sent me on a mission since July 2006 and I have just returned. In my accumulated magazines received recently I found the following books in magazine format worth requesting…. I humbly ask if copies are available so that I can receive of them, so that I would be able to build much better on the spiritual foundation I have laid for myself and my church members….


    Thank you for sending me the Herald regularly. The coming of Christ is so imminent that we need to be ready to meet Him, and the Herald is giving me spiritual food. May the dear Lord bless the Herald. I always remember it much in my prayers….


    It is God’s blessing for me to receive every copy of Herald of His Coming during the past years. I am an elder in our church and am handling Bible studies, Sunday school and am asked to preach once a month to our congregation. Herald of His Coming has given me insight, inspiration and guidance through the power of the Holy Spirit in my work to lead people to Jesus Christ, and teach them of His commandments. It is therefore my desire and prayer that I shall continue to receive monthly a copy of this Herald of His Coming….


    Thank you for your faithfulness in sending the Herald of His Coming monthly. This paper contains godly articles and we over here in Sri Lanka have been blessed and encouraged. Please do continue to send us the Herald of His Coming….


    Praise the Son of God that the Herald of His Coming you are sending to me changes my personal life in a way that I find myself loving to read the Word of God more and more all the time. Jesus Christ is feeding, nurturing and reviving me and all those I share it with. When reading Herald something stirs inside me and challenges me to go on praying. I am always waiting hungrily for the Herald to reach me….


    Thank you for being faithful all these years that you have consistently sent the Herald of His Coming to me. Please be encouraged your work is not in vain. Some of us have continued on this journey because of the encouragement that we receive through the Herald of His Coming. May God richly bless you that you may not lack in anything. Please pray for me that this year may bring refreshment to my soul….


    I take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude and thanks for the Herald of His Coming. Truly it is a poignant Herald to my heart of the coming of our dear Jesus. I am an older missionary deep in the mountains of Haiti. The ravages of the enemy are intense about me. The strongholds of Voodoo claim so many lives. How I treasure the coming of each issue of the most soul-searching Herald. It is truly the "Voice of God" to my heart….


    Over a period of one year now I have been receiving the Herald of His Coming magazines. It has blessed me in helping to understand the Bible. Though you may be very far, the Herald has become rivers of living water to those who are far and thus transforming their lives, with me being an example. When I find myself at the lowest plane, what I do is to get an old magazine and refresh my soul with it. This Herald has become a source of inspiration to my soul with its next messages every month. It restores the brokenhearted and heals the wounded in the soul. May God bless you for your generosity and expand the Herald boundaries that this message may reach many….


    Herald of His Coming has empowered and changed my life. The messages are helping me to grow spiritually and face goodness and challenges of life. I am inspired to live a life of holiness. I am no longer shy to preach or share the Word of God. My prayer is that the Lord open the floodgates of heaven over this ministry in Jesus’ Name.


    I wish to continue to receive Herald of His Coming because it always stirs my heart and faith to love Jesus more, to follow Him more closely and to see Him more clearly. Thank you for this ministry that has touched me as a pastor.


    Each time I receive Herald of His Coming paper, I read it from cover to cover. And each time I receive a great blessing. Sometimes I pass my copy on to somebody else, but each time I’m afraid that others might throw away the paper after reading or not reading. I save my copies and reread some articles again and again. Thank you very much for your faithfulness….


    I have been reading Herald of His Coming with great interest and enthusiasm. It certainly has helped me in my spiritual journey. It is one of the most enriching biblical literatures that I have ever read. Every month I look forward to the next issue that is coming. I have also been sharing with others how the Herald of His Coming has helped me to look at things from the eternal perspective and understand the important issues concerning the Kingdom of God….


    I write to express my gratitude and appreciation to God of glory on the behalf of Herald of His Coming. By the grace of God I am an avid reader of the Herald, and the magazine has been a monumental resource to my life and ministry, particularly in these last days when cold messages are coming from many pulpits in the world, and holiness, without which no man can see the Lord, is being put down. I happen to be a lecturer in a university here in Nigeria and I am sent by my church leadership to be assisting our pastor in one of our campus churches in town. I drew a lot of inspiration from the Herald as I use it both to prepare sermons to preach and also exhortation for the body of Christ. It is my prayer that the good Lord of all grace will continue to help you to sustain the good work He has begun with Herald of His Coming until the day of His second advent. Amen!....


    I thank Herald of His Coming team for sending me the newsletter monthly for over twenty years now. The message has been so helpful to my life and other friends I share with. Please continue sending me the newsletter as it has become a source of spiritual power….


    Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming for many years. My life changed since I started reading it. The December and January articles have come to me at the right time – "Knowing the Shepherd." It is what is happening to me. For many months I didn’t find solution why my life has undergone many difficult situations. I thank writers of Herald of His Coming because they are the mouth of God for such a distressed life like me. Now my life is uplifted and restored (Psa. 23). Please don’t discontinue this life-changing magazine from my soul.


    Herald of His Coming has contributed much impact toward our Christian lives. Since I started receiving readings from you, my friends and I have grabbed a lot from it, so we have taken a big step in our Christian growth. The materials you have sent to me, I have been lucky to get a group of other three people with whom we sit, read and share from texts, after which we have been transformed to a total Christian life. May the grace of our Lord Jesus and the blessings of the Holy Spirit be to Herald of His Coming….


    Thank you, dear brethren, for your utmost faithfulness to preach the Word to many nations. When I find my thoughts go toward the world, I find Herald’s trumpet call ushering me back into the narrow path. Lovingly….


    I want you to know all your efforts are paying off here in this state prison. There are at least ten to fifteen brothers reading Herald of His Coming. Please know many eyes and ears are feeling your labors. Yes, victory in our King Jesus Christ! Maranatha!