Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you so much for sending me copies of the Herald of His Coming. I started by receiving one copy every month when I was still in Zimbabwe, and when I moved to Botswana the Herald of His Coming followed me there. I am a young minister of the Gospel so I requested for more copies to use in the prison ministry. The anointed messages of Herald of His Coming have touched many brothers and sisters in prison. Another brother was lucky to get a copy of the Herald of His Coming and received Jesus as his Lord and Savior a few days before he was executed. No one was allowed to visit him but God used this anointed magazine. Please continue to send to my address….


    Thanks to Herald of His Coming for faithfully distributing these Spirit-filled papers which are an immense source of encouragement to saints. In particular I thank God because of the article, "We Must Have Unity" under the portion headed, "An Effective Cure for Disunity." This article bore the cure for our disunity in our fellowship and I feel God used this particular Herald to save and restore the broken relations. May God graciously continue blessing the Herald….


    I’m so really blessed of what the Lord is doing in my life, a joy that I could not fully express of daily spiritual blessing which God promised that if we will seek Him with all our heart and learn of Him, He promised that He will be found. I thank God for the Herald of His Coming. God mightily used this newspaper to meet my need to go on in the field of God to share God’s love and encouragement to the weary soul and those who want Christ more. There is joy and peace when Christ is glorified in our lives. I come to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ not to remove my name in the Herald mailing list to receive monthly….


    My warm greetings to you all. I thank God Almighty very much, for through the Herald of His Coming I was blessed for these past thirty years of my conversion. No other paper has upheld me and helped me like Herald of His Coming….


    Thank you for sending the Herald every month. I look forward to receiving it as the articles are balanced and instructive…. I am in my 93rd year, so this may be the last time you will hear from me. I am very deaf in spite of hearing aids and don’t hear sermons at church. So Herald is a great boon.


    I trust all is well at Herald. The Word is still going out on the ships that call here. Thanks for all the material received through these days and months. They have been a help to me and other friends here and as the shipmates receive as well, and are very enlightening to us all….


    Herald of His Coming has been a real blessing to my soul. It has challenged me in every aspect of my life as I continue to wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to come as the King. Surely every month, I’m renewed by the messages in the Herald…. It is of profound benefit to me and friends I give to read. I have received comments from the friends and it has challenged them so much. The messages are touching and they are helping many to keep their eyes focused to Jesus….


    Thank you for sending ten copies of Herald of His Coming to me every month. It is truly a blessing to me, my church members and friends who have been appreciating the paper and the blessing they have derived from it. As a pastor, the Herald has been very useful to me in the area of praying for revival. I look forward to receiving its anointed messages every month. I have discovered that God has of recent been using Herald of His Coming to minister to specific areas of my spiritual need. The Lord is helping me to pray more effectively than ever before and Herald of His Coming is igniting the fire. I am requesting that you increase my monthly copies as more and more of my Christian brethren and other pastors are very interested in reading the Herald, as they begin to discover its rich contents and inspiring messages.


    Thank you for assisting us with Herald of His Coming….We have been blessed and continue to be blessed by these publications. They have been a source of nourishment to our spiritual growth and maturity in the Lord. They have a balanced undiluted food from God….


    I receive Herald of His Coming. I pray for all staff of Herald of His Coming, that God uses you to reach many people for the Kingdom of Heaven. Send me Herald of His Coming every month. I read and they help me to improve my life in Christ.


    I want to express again my special thanks for sending me the precious Herald every month! The Lord has me laid aside. Through many hard trials I have become an invalid. But I do rejoice in the Lord for I know He loves me and does not make a mistake (Rom. 8:28). In these times, the Herald has become so very precious to me. It deepens my relationship with Him. Thank you so much!


    I received my first copy of the Herald of His Coming last two weeks and it has been a blessing to me. A friend of mine who is already benefiting from patronizing the Herald gave my name to you, and thank God you have sent me a copy. It is my sincere hope that you will continue to send me that Herald so that more lives would be affected even as we continue to share it among friends and family members…. Our church prayer group is challenged to corporate prayer and we are doing very well. That is the work of the Spirit through the Herald….


    I enjoy reading Herald of His Coming. The articles on prayer and revival are very profitable reading and very edifying. Yes, I need a revival. Singapore is in need of a revival. More so, my local church needs a revival! "Lord, start a revival; let it begin in me!"


    Thank you sincerely for the Herald of His Coming you always send to our Free Christian Gospel Library here in Cameroon. These magazines have been an inspiration to many of our Christians here in Cameroon….Thank you for your concern….


    Thanks for regularly sending me Herald of His Coming. It is a great blessing for me and in our fellowship. I often used this for Bible study and preaching. The April 2006 issue has blessed me so much and challenged me to seek God more in prayer…


    Thank you for sending us the Herald of His Coming without fail every month. It is a very touching magazine, especially it is very useful in my prayer life…. Please continue to send us this Herald of His Coming. I am praying for the Herald ministry….


    Thank you again and again for sending me Herald of His Coming for many years. My life and ministry changed since I started receiving it. I have no money to send you, but I have one thing to do, that is prayer. I am praying for every one of you and for the Herald ministry….


    I write to confirm on the impact the Herald of His Coming is doing in our lives, especially the issue on the title, "Shining Lights for a Sin-darkened World." I agree with the author. We need much of God in our lives in this generation of instant things. I was built up in my Spirit that I had to evaluate my love for God and the things of God. Thank you for Herald of His Coming, for helping and being urgent for revival. I am not the same any more. I am desiring for much more godly things in my life. Please, I am requesting for fifteen copies to give to my cell members….


    I value much each copy of Herald papers. I continually thank God for using this ministry mightily in His Kingdom. How I desire to give love gifts bigger than what I can give at present but I can’t afford yet to do so. What I can give only to my fullest is my prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ to bless you abundantly beyond your expectations. Thank you also for continually sending a copy of the Heralds monthly to my father in the Philippines. It is his delight to receive monthly copy of the Herald of His Coming….


    Please add me to the Herald mailing list. What a blessing! My friend passed her copies to me and I have read every word, and prayed with renewed fervor. Thank you so much. The Lord bless you and keep you.


    I’ve kept many of the older Heralds and cannot begin to express how God has used them to minister to me at different times/trials in my life over the past thirty years. Thank you for printing the Lord’s almighty truth.