Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you for sending the Herald of His Coming. The articles are a tremendous blessing and inspiration, giving me a desire for a deeper relationship with God. In the August issue I have been really challenged by the Lord after reading the article, "Having An Encounter With God." It has stirred me to seek God in prayer more and taught me what true prayer is by seeking and praying about what is on God’s heart, which is what moves Him into action. Please keep sending it.


    I could not express my joy over what I receive daily, all spiritual blessing that God benefits me with, and Herald of His Coming is one of the precious blessings that I receive. I treasure every article. They help me a lot toward maturity and inspire to learn to pray for others. What a blessed opportunity to minister through prayer. At the same time Herald newspaper encourages me and which I share to my co-workers. I’m also updated on news around the world. I keep the Herald in my prayer that it will touch many more lives for Christ….


    Herald of His Coming publications get to the heart of the matter. The sinner is persuaded to rethink on his or her stand, the backslidden is brought back, the discouraged is encouraged, the new born is nourished and the shepherd is given more reasons to continue. I confess, I am always blessed reading Herald of His Coming, old or new makes no difference. Thanks a million.


    I’m greatly blessed by the Herald of His Coming. I’m a keen reader of the articles that you’ve been sending to me, and I thankfully appreciate them for they have brought an enormous change in my spiritual life since I started receiving the paper. Much thanks for the Herald of His Coming, for I’ve shared it with my friends and relatives. The articles have brought a miracle change in their lives to an extent of transforming them into spiritual Christians. Hallelujah!


    It is nearly ten years since I heard of you and since then I received the Herald of His Coming from you. It was the Light for us in this prison. The Lord used it to strengthen me in my faith, build a strong fellowship here, which was and still is a strong testimony. Many souls were saved and a lot of the brothers, after their release, were a light amidst many believers and were used to kindle a new fire among the faithfuls. At the beginning we were a tiny, three-person fellowship in this prison at the foot of the Alps on the German side, but then so many mates were touched by the Spirit of the Lord and joined us. It was a true success story of how Jesus could reach, touch and change people. For me, like many others before me, the Lord opened the door and I am now physically free, though the Lord made me free long ago. Praise Him! Now I will join my family under the following address in Scotland…. The fellowship here in prison needs your care and especially prayers, so please keep them, including me, in your prayers….He is Lord, hallelujah!


    Your labour is not in vain. The Herald teachings are spiritually so powerful that they revive and activate a slumbering Christian. They encourage those in trouble to go forward regardless of the pain that they experience on the way of truth. I personally, and my house have benefited a lot from the teachings the Herald has been presenting in many issues that we have been receiving so far. We have been translating some of the articles into Swahili and deliver them to others in our community. They have been very effective teaching materials in our local fellowship which I chair…. Praises be to our saving Lord Jesus. Amen.


    Thank you for sending us regularly the Herald of His Coming. The paper has been a great blessing to us and to our friends. Some full-time ministers have also been greatly blessed by the articles. I always look forward to receiving the papers every month. I found the June issue very timely. We were facing some problems in church and that was exactly what we needed. Please do continue sending us the papers….


    Herald of His Coming is one of my spiritual foods which has helped me to grow in Christ, and I use it in preparation of sermons. I live in the area which is far from the post office. That’s why even Christian literature is scarce and people are living in darkness. By now through Herald we had started a prayer team, because I live in demon-bound area. We do not even know anything about revival but through reading Herald. At our local church we are praying for revival. I will be happy if you will continue sending me Herald in 2008. Many people want to read it here because when I read I pass it to my fellow leaders. Pray for me that God’s ministry will be accomplished in the area.


    I am praying for Herald of His Coming to continue establishing this important newspaper. Our church is growing stronger because of using these holy magazines. Even our open-air evangelism is growing stronger. Please, would you also pray for me so that my spiritual life should continue….


    I have been using Herald of His Coming for many years now, and this has helped me to achieve my aim as an evangelist. I found the magazine so useful in winning souls. There is not a single day I miss reading Herald of His Coming. I have introduced our members to this paper by giving our library two copies each month. They are very excited in reading such a paper. We have many years’ editions in the library now. May God bless you all….


    I have been receiving the Herald for three months and it is helping me and others here in Zimbabwe where things have become hard for almost everyone. The Herald has helped me to keep the faith even in such trying times. We do not have much money to help with, but we continue to offer our prayers that God will continue to richly bless you as you send the good news….


    I thank God for the Herald of His Coming ministry. Lots of lives are touched, being changed and being reached. Praise God! I’m one of those. I’m being blessed by the messages and testimonies I’ve read in the Herald of His Coming papers being sent to me monthly. I was able to understand the Word of God in a deeper way and could be able to share and relate to my friends and people around me. Thank you for keeping me in the Herald mailing list. As one in the evangelism ministry, I need lots of reading materials about evangelism and revival, on how to be an effective fisher for Christ….


    Thank you for sending twelve copies of the August Herald of His Coming. I gave them out to my three pastors and other intercessors. Herald of His Coming is inspiring! God is at work in a mighty way here. Please pray for salvation to rise up and repentance to fall on our community, especially with our youth! Three of us ladies, ages 72, 76 and 83, were called of God to walk through our three high schools and six middle schools and pray. We were given permission by all the principals and welcomed by many teachers. Pray for our schools.


    I work on commercial tuna and sword fish boats for several weeks at a time. Herald of His Coming is my church at sea. I appreciate the articles. I started reading the Herald ten years ago. That is how I got introduced to Tozer and Finney. I love the books they wrote.


    I praise the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for Herald of His Coming. I am thoroughly encouraged and enriched by each and every issue of the Herald. As you may know, I am incarcerated, and have been for nearly fourteen years. With the abundance of false teaching and doctrines of compromise in the world today, I am thankful to God for the Spirit-filled, doctrinally-sound messages presented in the Herald paper. I am usually very leery of authors I am unfamiliar with, but I have learned over the years that the staff at the Herald truly seeks God’s guidance before printing any article or message….

    I am requesting "Prevailing Prayer" by D. L. Moody be sent to me in magazine format. As I’m sure you’ve heard, prison can be a very violent place. We are currently on lockdown, and have been since February, due to racial riots. There seems to be no end in sight to the waves of retaliatory attacks, and hatred fills the air. However, in the midst of all this, God has put a burden of prayer on my heart to pray for this prison yard. In April I was asked if I wanted to transfer to another prison, and I declined. I didn’t exactly understand at the time why I didn’t request to leave this seemingly forsaken place, but in the last few months God has shown me through His Word – which has been confirmed by many of the Herald articles – that He is looking for a man – an intercessor….

    Editor’s Note: Please uphold this intercessor in prayer and ask God to raise up Christians incarcerated elsewhere to prevail in prayer for God’s victory over the powers of darkness.