Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    When I was growing up as a child, I saw my parents, of blessed memory, reading and sharing the scriptural benefits and teachings of Herald of His Coming regularly. They lived a very good Christian life and I believe Herald of His Coming was a big source of inspiration to them. They died when I was about nineteen years old. Since then I never read or heard about the Herald. I am thirty-nine years old, married with three children.

    I consider myself highly favoured and blessed when a Baptist friend of mine recently gave me September 2006 edition of Herald of His Coming to read. It was wonderful. My wife read it too and we consider Herald of His Coming indispensable for scriptural knowledge, illumination and inspiration. My wife and I are into ministering the Gospel and we need copies of Herald paper for the local church and relations, and for family library for posterity. Please, we need five copies monthly as the Lord provides. Thank youÖ.Continue to enrich lives for the kingdom of God through the printed page. We are praying for you.


    Thank you for the Herald magazines which you have continued sending to me for some time now. This magazine has ministered to so many people who have been more revived than ever before. On the monthly basis I have been traveling, visiting our newly established churches in various parts of our country. During these visits I have received a number of testimonies of what the magazine has done to them spiritually. I have even seen the establishment of many prayer points in the places where they were not before, meaning the Herald has made tremendous impact on the lives of many people. Please do not remove me from the mailing list and continue to be sending to me this rich, reviving magazine, which is shaping and rooting people on the true foundation, the Lord Jesus Christ.


    I wanted to send the enclosed gift for the ministry of Herald of His Coming right away. Iíve been blessed and challenged continually over the years myself every time I read the paper, so that I want others to have these God-anointed messages, especially if they donít have the resources to pay for them. Keep up the good work. We have more and more need of the Heraldís invaluable ministry in these dark, dark daysÖ.


    I am a reader of Herald of His Coming for the past two years. The Herald has completely changed my life, my relationship with God and other people with me. I am a regional chairperson of the Tanzania Fellowship of Evangelical Students, an organization with the object to save students in higher learning institutions. These articles have helped me in taking good care of these people. My prayer is that God will fill you so as to keep on nurturing the lives of Godís people.


    I read my first ever issue in early 2005, and there were some of the issues that had a specific focus on prayer. These completely revolutionized my personal prayer life and that of my church! I have grown from someone who couldnít pray to the prayer coordinator of my churchÖ.


    I appreciate the excellent articles in the Herald of His Coming. They are encouraging and challenging. I have been praying for revival for many years and the Heralds encourage me to not give upÖ.


    I receive my Herald of His Coming every month. This is a source of blessing for me. I am a director of a Christian Media Ministry, and we produce radio programs which we broadcast through different radio stations. We use our copies of Herald of His Coming as a source of different topics. Thank you for that good work you do for the Lord.


    I am so happy that I again have managed to get in contact with the Herald. The first time was when I lived in Africa, Sudan, where I also was saved by our Lord Jesus Christ. An older couple sent by the Lord to help us to see the truth also had the Herald of His Coming and we started to receive the same. Since that time I have become a widow and live in Sweden, but I am still deeply interested in whatís going on in the world. I love the articles in the Herald of His Coming as they teach me so much. So please continue to send the Herald to me in Sweden. It also gives me an opportunity to share with others what I read.


    Words cannot fully express my gratitude for Herald of His Coming. Thank you very much for the paper which has assisted in teaching others about Christ, especially in the rural and remote areas of Binga. I will be glad if you will send me "Right Choice" and any other materials which can be beneficial to my spiritual growth. Our area has been unreachable for the past years due to poor road networks. One had to walk long distances on foot to reach any centers. Thanks to the Herald which has so miraculously reached our area!


    I love what the Lord is doing through Herald of His Coming. I am one witness that can confidently speak how the Lord awakens and prepares us for His second glorious coming, let alone the content in all topics that you share which are useful for our edification from our beloved Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The banner itself [headline] always reminds and quickens our blessed hope of the coming of the King of kings and the Lord of lords, Jesus ChristÖ.!


    Kindly donít stop sending Herald of His Coming because the materials in this paper are not easily found anywhere. They are so reviving and empowering, and inspiring. I read them with my husband who has just started a church and they are full of encouraging words for starters and old-timers for ministry growth.


    I appreciate every issue of Herald of His Coming. The articles on revival are a challenge. O how the Church today needs revival! Herald is getting out a message that is so desperately needed today.


    All of us at home (4 of us) love reading Herald of His Coming. Now, in our living room is a "home clip-bound" collection of past issues. A quick random flip into the collection and we have always found some renewed reading. Keep mailing. Thank you!


    The blessed work God is doing via the Herald of His Coming is encouraging me day by day. My heartfelt thanks to Herald for the timely articles that have boosted my faith. Here the Christians are few. I am much interested in reading of Christian literatures. I am so thankful for the article, "Divine Visitations Ė Manís Great Hope," by Richard Owen Roberts, where he has dealt with Godís judgment and His condemnation. Here I should not forget the writing of Andrew Murray for writing about the importance of prayer in the article, "The Lack of Prayer."


    The Herald of His Coming has been my greatest help for decades, from 1970ís. Much of the treasure of the Word of God in me has come from it. I have greatly used it for revival messages, prayers and scriptural parenting. It has also made me an international intercessor. The package you have been sending me has been of great help to many brethren in our town in all denominations. Please send more, and may God bless you.


    Thank you for sending the Herald. One of the articles brought me to repentance and a personal revival Ė with many tears of joy and thanksgiving. Iím so grateful to you all. May our Lord keep you and bless you through our prayers.


    I canít begin to tell you how much Herald of His Coming means to me. The articles are so good and thought provoking. I am thankful that there isnít advertising so we get more meat from the Word. It is such an encouragement to me. When Iím finished reading the Herald paper, I pass it on to my neighbor. She enjoys it as much as I do.Ö


    I praise God for the ministry of the Herald. I have been blessed exceedingly. I use the Herald as a tool in leading my students to pray for the world. I teach English in a small Mexican school. My mother has been forwarding the Herald to me. I would like them sent to my Texas address. Thank you.


    Thank you for the articles on revival in the recent issue. It thrilled my heart which cried out, "Lord, do it again!" We have seen some stirrings over the years but long for more. Just this past Sunday I was preaching in New Hampshire and the Spirit visited us. There was real reconciliation and a sense of His presence. Enclosed is our gift to help with the Herald work.


    I have read and been blessed by the Herald for many years now. This paper is anointed. The many articles by these anointed men and women of God keep the flame of revival burning. Our need for revival is past being desperate. We now need a total reformation. The Herald helps us to know there is in this nation a great burden for revival. The Herald material is so rich and inspiring. Many of the articles confirm things I have heard and experienced in the secret place of my prayer closetÖ.