HERALD INTERNATIONAL (Printing In Over Twenty Languages)

Fruits Of Labor...

...in Ethiopia

    From a reader of the Amharic Herald: "The Amharic Herald is helping those saints that do not read English. Praise the Lord! Some of our members are using it to witness the Lordship of Jesus Christ to unbelievers in this area. It has been useful also to challenge the spread of cults, false religions and other false teachings...."

...in Zimbabwe

    "It’s encouraging to receive letters from all the corners of Zimbabwe and even outside the country," writes Godfrey Ndiriwenyu, editor of the Shona Herald. "Readers are saying ‘The Shona Herald is helping me and others here in Zimbabwe where things have become hard for almost everyone. The Herald has helped me to keep the faith even in such trying times’...‘The messages help us in understanding and growing in the Word of God’...‘The Shona Herald is so precious to me and it has contributed much to my spiritual growth’...‘I have been in many problems both at work and at home, but through the power of God I am managing to go through them all. As of the moment I am now praying for our country.’ Please continue to pray for the Shona Herald. We thank God for all Shona Herald friends who have stood with us this far."

...in Myanmar/Burma

    Editor, Van Cung Tum reports: "Three persons, two men and one lady, received the water baptism on Sunday, June 3, 2007. They accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord by reading the materials of Herald of His Coming in Burmese. This is the precious work of the Herald magazine. God is working in our country through the Burmese Herald."

...in United States

    A Spanish speaking prisoner in Texas writes, "I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus. It is a blessing to receive Heraldo de Su Venida. I am in a maximum security unit where I spend twenty-four hours in the cell. The Heraldo is a spiritual source. When I read, I imagine to be in a church and to have communion with my brothers..."

...in Romania

    "I’m praying regularly for you all," shares Carol Schulz, editor of the Romanian Herald. "I’m praising God on many occasions for you and the divine work you each do co-laboring with Jesus to build His body. Here, souls are continuing to be richly nourished with God’s heavenly manna...like an Orthodox priest, who was so thrilled to get the Romanian Herald and wondered how we found his name; he had been desperate for the truth to set him free...and a prisoner, who rejoiced when someone gave him an issue. The reports go on and on. We covet your prayers. The Lord is faithful, and we wholly trust Him, step by step."

...in Nigeria

Yoruba Herald editor, A.O. Sanu writes, "We are praying for Herald and we believe the Lord will provide all its needs for wider coverage of Herald. We were not happy about those mails that could not be posted because of shortage of funds. The Lord will take control in Jesus’ Name (Amen). Surely the Lord will surprise us in Jesus’ Name. Our major task is to pray and spread the Gospel to every nook and cranny of the world. He will surely meet the need."

Pray One For Another

    "Ask of Me, and I will make the nations Your inheritance, the ends of the earth Your possession" (Psalm 2:8). This is the command and promise of God the Father to Jesus, His Messiah Son. Jesus was to inherit the nations – not by conquest by the sword, but by intercession, by Jesus’ asking.

    This is what Jesus our High Priest is fulfilling today. This is His role, His divine assignment until He comes again. He is seated at the right hand of God on heaven’s throne (Heb. 8:1). He has been exalted to the position of Sovereign of the universe. He is to reign by intercession until He comes for us. He is to conquer and to win the nations by asking for them.

    So Jesus ever lives to intercede (Heb. 7:25). Intercession is prayer for others, blessing others by prayer that makes requests for them. Today Jesus is asking for the nations – asking for them nation by nation. What a revelation it would be if we could hear the actual words of Jesus as He asks for and pleads for each individual people.

    God did not plan for Jesus to intercede alone. God planned that Jesus would be the High Priest over a whole priesthood. God chose that every child of His would be not only a member of the family of God but also a member of His royal priesthood....

    – Taken from God’s Power Is For You, Wesley L. Duewel

    The U.S. Herald Workers, Herald International Editors, Co-workers and Representatives around the world are setting aside Monday, September 17th as a Day of Prayer and Fasting for the Herald International ministry. We invite you to unite with us in prayer that day as the Lord enables. Might the Lord use each International edition to impact the nations.

    Here are some suggestions for praise and prayer:

Praise the Lord...

    ...for His faithfulness over the ministry of Herald International

    ...for His gracious heart to share His Word and His love

    ...for His mighty power to save the lost and revive His people

Pray for each of the editors,

representatives and other workers...

    ...for renewed calling, strength and encouragement

    ...for physical and spiritual health and protection upon them and their families

    ...for sincerity, purity, humble and repentant hearts, and watchfulness

    ...for wisdom and guidance in all matters, including the selection of messages

Pray for each of the editions...

    ...for fresh anointing to bring revival in lives of readers, churches and communities

    ...for favor with local government authorities, postal authorities, printers, translators, etc.

    ...for all needs to be amply met