Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I remember in the 1980’s I wrote to you from Ghana, Africa. I was saved in the early 1980’s and God through Herald of His Coming brought me close to Him. The Herald was the water that mixed the concrete for the foundation God built me on through His Word. I came to the United States in 1998 and even though I am now a professional banker, God has used me as a tool to expand His Kingdom.

    I was surprised to know Herald of His Coming is still in print. There were times I would read the Herald and weep like a child because of the conviction the Holy Spirit brought to bear on my soul. A soul from Africa, deep in the jungle, was snatched from hell fire because you were willing to send the Herald all the way in to this jungle! I am filled with emotions when I remember the teachings and sermons in it that God through it guided this poor, formerly wayward, starving and hell-bound African boy into a Spirit-filled, matured temple of the Lord today….Yours on the Lord’s side….


    Herald of His Coming is a blessed ministry and my life has changed because of this ministry. It’s been a year now since I started receiving the Herald of His Coming, and what I can say is that my faith and my fellowship with God have been uplifted in such a positive way. Each time I read it I find myself at another level spiritually. I will keep on praying that God will keep on revealing mighty revelations about His Word and that His children will understand it and make use of it.

    The Herald has become a part of my life, and I am one of those who is thirsty for revival. The messages about revival have uplifted me especially during these times in our lives where everything looks so hard, but I thank you that you keep reminding us that our God is our firm foundation….


    Herald of His Coming materials enhance my daily praying. I have a prayer time in my office at lunch break, and during night in my home. In my life I am cultivating the presence of the Holy Spirit. I have gotten God five years ago. Now we have a small meeting group in my living place, a fellowship program on Tuesday and a Bible study group praying time on Thursday weekly. God is at work in these two praying schedules. Our groups, especially of the Tuesdays, is in great keenness for His glory and grace to revive the holy people of Ethiopians and bless our land….


    Thanks for your faithfulness in sending me Herald of His Coming. It is not only the spiritual food, but it’s such a great challenge and inspiration to my personal life. It also helps me on my messages preparation as I share it with others. Whenever I read it, I feel so fresh of zeal and commitment to follow Jesus, to love and to trust Him more. I always continue to pray for the ministry of Herald, that the Lord should continue to bless it, as it also continues to bless others.


    Herewith a small donation. I used to read Herald of His Coming as a teenager in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s and was greatly inspired and fed by it. I lost track of you with all the excitements of going away to college, starting work and getting married. Fifty years on I’ve caught up with the Herald again. The paper is smaller, the layout is different – but it’s still the same exciting and incisive message – which I need even more in old age. Thank you for your faithfulness down the years!


    I thank God every time I receive Herald of His Coming. This paper is our daily bread. It’s food for our souls. It helps me in my walk with my Savior. It helps me to know more about my Savior and to defeat our enemy. I wish to God that I too can make a contribution, but the Lord knows how we have a foreign money problem here in Seychelles. But I know that with our prayer others can be blessed by our Lord to give and continue giving so that the Herald can continue to feed us with the Word of God. I want to know more because I am still a baby in Christ….


    I can assure you, brethren, that from the time I started receiving the Herald of His Coming, my prayer life and spiritual growth has improved greatly. By the grace of God I am able to stand in the gap in prayer, building a bridge between my beloved ones and our Lord. Brethren, I am glad to inform you that we have formed an interdenominational army of intercessors – people that will spend quality time praying according to God’s Word for the needs of the people. If you can, increase the copies of the Herald to ten from five. I would also want to request for the magazine format title, Power Through Prayer. Pray for us also that God will provide grace so that we will be able to pray persistently without giving up. I’m standing with you in my prayers.


    Enclosed is a cheque to help in the Herald ministry. I look forward every month for the Herald of His Coming and enjoy reading it. It brings a much-needed message for God’s people today! God bless you all.


    I have been receiving a copy of Herald of His Coming monthly without fail. And without doubt the anointed messages and exhortations which are wholly biblical, have sustained me. I read each copy from cover to cover, not for knowledge and boasting, but for myself – education and edification in the truly holy spiritual truths. I then pass it on to other sisters and brothers in Christ to read and pass it on for the edification of others. I pray for you every day, although not in great detail, but the Lord knows your toil of holy love and all your needs and not only He can but He will provide for all your needs. Thanking God for setting before us a precious gem like Herald of His Coming….


    Many thanks to Herald of His Coming for the continued supply of the inspiring Herald of His Coming. This material has been useful for prayer sessions at the family and church level. The articles have helped me a lot in building me up spiritually. The messages are anointed. I always look forward to the Herald arriving and anxiously open it to see what the theme is for the month….


    I am so excited to tell you what God has done in my spiritual life through the reading of Herald of His Coming magazines monthly sent to me. I had lost zeal and longing for spiritual things for some years, but was ignited back through the messages I came across in Herald on revival. I therefore express my profound gratitude for sending me copies of Herald consistently. God bless you all.


    The Spirit-filled ministry in the Herald thrills my soul with love for my Lord and Savior Jesus. My heart also is touched and blessed when I read the letters in "Out of Mail Box 279." How wonderful to know the Herald is helping Christians in all these many countries! I earnestly pray that the Lord will continue to bless and inspire everyone who works at the Herald.


    Thank you for receiving Herald of His Coming regularly. Not even a single issue is lost from September 2005 to October 2006. It means the postal service from USA and Myanmar is good, for which we are thankful to God for the faithful service of the postal departments. I am now over 79 years in age and besides it, I am in very poor health. To write letters is very difficult for me. Though I could not work, I can still read very well. The Herald of His Coming is very good to me to remind me what I have known and no longer vivid in my mind. It helps to revive and revitalize me in my daily life. It helps me to know what is happening all over the world in connection with Christianity….If you continue to send me the Herald for some more time I would be very glad….


    It is with great delight that I now sit and write you this letter to let you know that I have been receiving the monthly Herald of His Coming. My mind went back to the first time I received these papers. It happen when I was seventeen years old. I am now sixty-nine years old, not married, still living with my dear mother. I have pastored for three years and three months two different churches. I took the first Herald of His Coming from my Sunday school teacher, one brother Charles, and from there on I had been receiving the paper each month. Brother Charles was a fisherman and he went to be with the Lord last year. My mother, who led me to the Lord when I was twelve years old, told me that when Brother Charles was dying he said, "Imagine me a poor fisherman is going through the gates of pearl!" Were not those lovely words?.... I hope to send to you an offering. May God continue to prosper and bless your labour of love.


    Thank you for the newsletter Herald of His Coming. I look forward to receiving it every month. It is such a breath of fresh air. This world needs a true spiritual revival, and the writers and editors at Herald of His Coming believe that it is still possible, even in this dark hour we are living in, and that is evident in the articles in the Herald. Please keep up the work that you are doing and with the prayers of the true believers, we will see a spiritual awakening again in this world, before our precious King returns for His bride! Maranatha!