HERALD INTERNATIONAL (Printing In Over Twenty Languages)

Helping International Editions Share God’s Word

    Our Heavenly Father’s love for the world is so great He sent His Beloved Son to redeem men "…from every tribe and language and people and nation" (Rev. 5:9) and He calls His people to go to the ends of the earth and make disciples of all nations. We praise Him for granting Herald of His Coming the opportunity to participate in this blessed work, as this ministry is privileged to share His message in many places and in various languages. The U.S. office, for example, is blessed to not only publish and distribute the English and Spanish versions, but also to provide financial support for several other language editions that have little financial means. This has been possible through the years because of the generosity of Herald friends.

    While some financial support continues to come for various Herald International editions, the funds received are not adequate to meet all of the needs. Perhaps you may be able, as the Lord leads, to offer support for one or more of these editions. Or perhaps you may be able to invite your Sunday School class, Bible study group, missions’ team, church family or other individuals to provide support. You may be able to provide support to help with some of the costs of one issue, or all of the costs for one or more issues. To this end, we encourage you to read prayerfully through the following brief descriptions of editions in need of support. If you would like more information about any of these, or if you want to offer one-time or ongoing financial support, please feel most welcome to contact the Herald office. For your convenience, a link is included at the bottom of this page. Please also join us in praying that each of these editions will not only have the resources to maintain present printings and mailings, but be able to reach even more readers with the Lord’s message.

Burmese and Hakha Chin Heralds in Myanmar

    Brother Van Cung Tum, editor of the Burmese and Hakha Chin Heralds in Myanmar (formerly Burma), writes, "As you know, there is no missionary from abroad since 1966. Therefore, the material is so blessed for the readers as Christian literature is so scarce in Myanmar." He reports that these Heralds are food for the spiritual growth of the readers, and that "souls are saved and strengthened…." Currently, our Brother Van Cung Tum is printing and distributing 10,000 copies of the Burmese Herald four times a year, and 6,000 copies of the Hakha Chin Herald. He would like to be able to increase the number of printings for both issues to six times per year.

Tagalog Herald in the Philippines

    The German Herald office had been able to provide the funds needed for each issue of Pahayag Ng Kanyang Pagdating (the Tagalog Herald) in the Philippines, but because of limited finances is no longer able to offer this assistance. We hope, therefore, that the Lord will touch the hearts of others to help support this work. Currently, 5,000 copies of the paper are printed and distributed four times a year, though the editor, Zenny Sarmiento, hopes to eventually be able to publish the paper every other month. The paper is distributed to various churches, hospitals, schools, prisons and individuals in the Philippines, as well as to some Filipino people who live abroad. It is providing inspiration for Sunday School classes, Bible studies, pulpit ministry and evangelistic outreach. One of the challenges for the work is how expensive postage stamps are. Sister Zenny writes, "My husband, who is a pastor, personally drives the Tagalog Herald to nearby provinces. Five hundred Pesos worth of gasoline can reach ten churches. It’s a lot less costly than buying postage stamps…."

Swahili Herald in Congo

    In last month’s Herald we joyfully reported that the first issue of Ujumbe Wa Kuja Kwake, the Swahili Herald for Congo, is printed and in distribution! The conditions in Congo are terrible, and the birth of this new version of the Herald will help bring much encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Christ there. This is certainly a door for ministry that the Lord has opened, and we rejoice over the opportunity to participate in His work in Congo. About 4,500 copies of this first issue, a large 20-page issue, were prepared and printed, and plans are underway to print about 7,000 copies of a second issue, a smaller 12-page issue. Reducing the number of pages from 20 to 12 will allow more people to have access to the paper, and yet still provide enough space for several good messages. We hope to be able to print at least six issues per year.

Portuguese Herald in Brazil

    The burden that Chris Walker, editor of Arauto Da Sua Vinda (the Portuguese Herald), has for Herald readers in Brazil, South America is evident in his words, "There is a tremendous need for people here to really know the Lord, to hunger after reality, to go deeper than the average level of going to church, singing lively worship songs, hearing a message and going home. Many people don’t even know there is much more than what they are experiencing. We have been burdened to see a much deeper prayer ministry raised up in many places." Toward this end, Brother Walker is able to print 15,000 copies of Arauto Da Sua Vinda every other month. While the goal is for the work to become self-supporting, donations from readers of the Portuguese Herald presently amount to only about ten percent of the expenses involved. Therefore, much help is needed.

Russian Herald

    Armenui Gevurian, the editor of the Russian Herald, has a deep heart for revival in Russia, and we praise the Lord for working through the paper to help stir revival in the hearts of churches, pastors and other individuals. The need for this paper and the benefits of it are evident in testimonies such as this one from a pastor in Tyumen region: "Our home church is grateful to you for ‘Herald of His Coming.’ It is very inspiring and encourages us spiritually. We would like to continue to receive the paper in the future." Or, this testimony from Tver region: "…Believe me that the Russian Herald is needed for me as the air, as the drop of water in wilderness. I ask you about mailing to my address 20 copies…I will pass them on to my brothers and sisters that live in different areas of my region. Help me minister to these people."

    Presently, about 2,500 copies of each issue of the Russian Herald are printed and distributed a few times a year as funds allow. We hope to be able to begin printing at least six times a year.

Sinhalese Herald in Sri Lanka

    With the prevalence of false religion in Sri Lanka and efforts toward anti-conversion legislation, our brothers and sisters in Christ receive much spiritual encouragement from the copies of Pera Maga Doothaya (the Sinhalese Herald) that are printed and distributed there under the supervision of Brother W. Nissanka. Presently, four issues of 4,000 copies each are printed yearly. Brother Nissanka would like to increase the number of yearly issues to six.

Nepal Herald

    Brother Nava Raj Panta, editor of the Nepal Christian Herald, publishes 3,000 copies of the paper each month. He writes that "many village pastors are preaching good sermons through reading the articles of Nepal Herald, and their ministries are blessed, too. The Christians of this Himalayan nation are receiving the sermons of Heart-Cry for Revival Conference of United States and others which are far from them. It is great rejoicing for all." Good testimonies are also coming from readers in countries outside of Nepal including Korea, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, India, Bhutan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Australia.

Spanish Heralds to Colombia

    Last April the Lord opened the door for the Herald ministry to become involved in a wonderful work of revival He is doing among prisoners in Colombia, South America. Jeannine Brabon, whom God is using mightily there, shared with us that they could use 5,000 to 10,000 copies of each issue of Heraldo de Su Venida (the Spanish Herald) for distribution to prisons and churches. Since last April, we have been blessed to send about 6,500 copies every other month, and we are seeking the Lord to raise up supporters to enable this special outreach to continue.

The Difference Your Support Will Make

    Again, we believe that each of these Heralds is doing an important work in sharing the Lord’s message with precious souls. What a marvelous privilege it is that the Lord allows you and me the opportunity to participate in such work. Any prayer or support you can offer will make a difference, both now and for eternity! Here is one reminder of how much others appreciate the help of friends like you: "I am receiving each and every month, this cannot be taken for granted as there are some people who are assisting so that a person like me, who is based in a far away place should be one of the beneficiaries. Our almighty God should bless all the people who are assisting in any way or any means at Herald of His Coming…." Or, as the Apostle Paul writes, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" (Rom. 10:15).

    If you would like to offer one-time or ongoing financial support for one or more of the Herald International editions listed above, please feel welcome to contact the Herald office or
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