Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Sorry for this delay in writing but thank God, not in praying. I give God all the glory and praise for the Herald of His Coming ministry, and what an opportunity and responsibility to be a prayer partner! God has been faithful in keeping me faithful through His blessed Holy Spirit. Through difficult days (bodily ailments), at times spending long hours in the hospitals, quite often up to 3-5 times per month, I do mental prayer for the ministry according to the prayer letters and news and prayer briefs…. I started reading Herald of His Coming in my late 20’s or early 30’s. It is still a blessing, challenge, encouragement to me. Thank God for a solid foundation Jesus Christ that was laid by such obedient and faithful servants as Brother and Sister Moore.

    I thank God for the faithful, meek and fervent staff over the years. The gates of hell cannot prevail. All glory to God! I am so familiar with the present staff through the Prayer Force letter that I feel one with you in spirit. To encourage you in your needs, He who has called is faithful. The anointing that is ever fresh as dew, since the beginning, His strength, love and grace will see you through as Herald of His Coming continues. The growth in the ministry is only God. My heart is so touched and blessed and moved every time I read the Out of Box. I give God praise and glory for the many countries on our continent where the Herald is sent. I bless God for the readers and Church in Africa. How we need this! I can but only see nations coming to Him….


    I thank the Lord for Herald of His Coming. The Lord has used it to help hungry and thirsty souls like me. My life has been dramatically transformed because of the Herald I receive monthly. It has seemed to us as an oasis to a traveler in the desert. I am the prayer coordinator of our fellowship and God has ignited a desire in me to cry out for revival. It won’t come just by talking or desiring but by the upper room prayers….


    This is to inform you that I am still very interested in the Herald of His Coming. So please don’t remove my name from the mailing list. I am a missionary in Koma Hills. My mission field is very remote. I just opened the last copy sent to me recently. The Herald has been a source of encouragement and support to my spiritual well-being on the mission field….


    I have been receiving the Herald in Mauritius, where I lived for the past years. I have been so blessed and my family too. How often we have been encouraged to keep on faithfully with our beloved Savior Jesus Christ, even when life circumstances can be so hard. Thank you with all my grateful heart. We have moved to France where my husband needs to be because he has been diagnosed with a serious illness….Please keep sending me the Herald as we do not have any Christian library here. Thank you so much….


    Glory to God and praise to Him for continuous blessings to all of you, and to His ministry Herald of His Coming! The ministry of God is an instrument to save many souls and to help His children grow more in their spiritual life. All the messages and articles in the monthly issues are anointed by the Holy Spirit. That’s why it makes a person’s soul and spirit more thirsty to read it more and more and feel how God works into our life. I am still working here…and I am very much involved in prayer ministry, so kindly send me a copy of Love to Pray….


    Thank you for sending me regularly the Herald of His Coming. It’s a great blessing for me in my spiritual life. The Herald of His Coming helped me more to grow in the Lord Jesus as I am now taking a ministry in the church. Thank you for the Herald’s encouraging, and I do share this with my friends. They like to receive the Herald of His Coming too. Will you kindly send it continually to them? It will help them to be more strong in the Lord Jesus Christ….


    Thank you for helping, equipping and training us. The Herald of His Coming helped me to train and teach my church leaders and members. I myself studied all the best of spiritual message from it. It helped me to change my spiritual life and the life of the churches. It is providing us the most of the spiritual food….


    Thank you for continually sending me my Herald of His Coming papers plus the five extras that I usually distribute to other hungry souls here in our country. The articles written in each monthly issue are timely. It has contributed a lot in our worship life and prayer life and other areas too of our life. Hallelujah! To God be the glory! Here are some additional names to add on the mailing list….


    I feel at a loss for words expressing my gratitude to you. You have been sending me Herald of His Coming for over sixteen years now. But I feel shy because I can’t support you financially at least for the time being. I feel I have lost greatly since you stopped sending me this precious and inspiring magazine as I read it and share it with some of my colleagues at work and at church. I also translate some of its articles for the benefit of the whole church. I hope you enlist me again to send me Herald of His Coming. (Editor’s note: We gladly resume sending to all such as this brother, who let us know it is their desire to continue receiving. We cull the mailing list only to avoid a continual sending where it is not wanted or read.)


    Emmanuel Bible Institute here came to know about the free magazine titled Herald of His Coming, which has been a tremendous blessing. The institution had been receiving the magazine previously regularly but now it has stopped to be sent. This institution has decided to offer three years of course on the Bible. So we are in need of materials concerning the Scriptures. If possible please send the Herald to the following address. We shall be extremely thankful….


    I am writing to thank you for Herald of His Coming. I have been praying for this precious paper for over thirty years. I don’t think I could do without it. I feel that it is part of my life. Do what you think where the enclosed money is needful. God bless you all.


    Thank you for your faithful ministry all these years. I was in contact with Herald of His Coming some forty years ago as a young Christian. Now as an elder I would very much like my church people to be blessed by the anointed Herald paper. Presently I am burdened to pray for revival and evangelism for my church. It would be very much appreciated if you can kindly send us twenty copies of the monthly issues of Herald of His Coming. I find it relevant to my church context. Keep my church on your regular mailing list, please….


    It is not easy to get words that can well express my heartfelt thanks to you for sending the Herald of His Coming regularly to me for such a long decade. Indeed our spiritual growth in our church has been multiplied since I have always included the messages of the Herald of His Coming in my sermons. Certainly God will richly bless you….


    It’s been a great pleasure to receive Herald of His Coming monthly. The articles are power packed and written with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Upon feeding on these articles, one gets rejuvenated. Then full of life and hope, he goes about as a living testament in this dark and evil world. There are only a few magazines/journals in this world that give energy and vitality next only to that derived from feeding on the Living Word of God….Remember me in your prayers. Keep me on your mailing list for the English Herald. All glory to God!


    My husband and I are short-term missionaries and are away seven or eight months each year. We are encouragers to pastors and leaders to the nations and for the past eighteen years have worked in thirty-nine nations. Herald of His Coming has been a source of heavenly manna that sustains us and encourages us to keep going. Please keep us on the mailing list and know that the work is not in vain. Be encouraged to press on during these difficult days.


    I am always amazed and blessed by each issue of Herald of His Coming. The featured writers and contributors never cease to urge me closer to our Lord and Savior. Their Holy Spirit-guided messages speak to my soul. Thank you for ministering to me and supporting me during this period of my incarceration….I pray for you often….


    I can’t begin to tell you what kind of blessing the Herald is to us here. I pass it on as I get it and it’s just what we need each time I receive it. Please continue to send it each month. Please pray for my family that we might be all that God wants us to be. I will also continue to pray that God will bless at the Herald.