HERALD INTERNATIONAL (Printing In Over Twenty Languages)

Onward Ever – Publishing The Blessed Gospel!

In Major Languages of Nigeria

    Editor A.O. Sanu reports, "The 2006 Nigerian Herald Readers Conference which was held July 22 in Ibadan was indeed a time refreshing in the presence of the Lord. Fifteen of the thirty-six states in the country were represented. Over one hundred readers attended the conference. There were wonderful testimonies to the glory of God.

    "Praise the Lord for the completion of another issue of the Yoruba Herald. Copies were distributed at the conference. The Hausa translation was typeset a long time ago. We were looking for a proofreader. To the glory of God, a Hausa brother who came to the conference has collected it for proofreading. When he sends it back we shall print in Jesus’ Name. Another Igbo brother has accepted to translate Herald into Igbo language. We praise the Lord for all of these."

To Remote Areas of Myanmar

    Van Cung Tum, editor of the Hakha Chin and Burmese Heralds, reports, "The Burmese and Hakha Chin Heralds are so blessed in Myanmar. They are widely distributed to the remote areas of Myanmar. We received thank you letters ordering and some were wonderful testimonies from the readers. Churches are strengthened and Christians received the encouragement from the word.

    "Yesterday I got a letter from Hakha Town. One of our distribution agents for the Hakha Chin Herald said, ‘The Hakha Chin Herald is working strongly to the people. Many were getting inspiration and empowered by the Holy Spirit. They are getting and leading to the truth. This area is strong in liberalism, but through this literature souls were saved from the liberal teaching.’"

Electronic Witness in Korea

    "While Victorious Life, the Korean Herald, had stopped printing for about two years, thanks to our God the Victorious Life website is opened by His will and love in January 2006," shares editor, Seung-Bu Sung. "I have knelt down in prayer to print it again and to open the website. I had to stop printing Victorious Life because of no sponsors, no His workers. It was not easy, but I have learned how to make it for keeping His work. The original purpose in printing Victorious Life was to bring the Korean churches a fresh emphasis on the Holy Spirit and another challenge to continue witnessing for Jesus Christ. The first issue was a spiritual blessing to pastors and laity. I am sure that the Victorious Life through the website still bring the same blessing. It can bring new life and hope to many of the Christians who are suffering for the Lord Jesus."

Further Sharing in Zambia

    Herald representative Andrew Mumba writes, "It’s a great joy to share with you what the Lord is doing here in Zambia through the Herald of His Coming. To Him be the Glory! I received a letter from a reader in Mongu which is about 600 km west of Lusaka City and I quote... ‘Since I started reading "Herald of His Coming" through an elder of our local Church here, I have been so much blessed spiritually. Now that he has been transferred to another town, I would like you to be sending me two copies each month. One for my own use and the other copy is to be sent to my uncle who is in a remote area of this Province’...end quote. Please include this writer and two others on the mailing list as this is testimony that the Herald has reached even the remotest parts of our country."

Inspiring a Prayer Group in West Indies

    A reader from the West Indies writes, "Thanks again for Herald of His Coming which is so helpful. The articles which I have read over the years have made a significant impact upon my life and work as a Christian leader. I have introduced the Herald to members of a committee who are praying for a national spiritual awakening in Trinidad and Tobago. These fifteen members all agreed to become readers of the Herald of His Coming. Can you please send copies to these believers? I am confident that the articles will aid in their being better able to make meaningful contribution towards the realization of our hearts desire for revival in Trinidad and Tobago. We need the prayers of God’s people."

For the Spiritually Hungry in India

    Malayalam Herald editor, D.M. Vijaya Raj shares, "We are happy when we hear about the ways God speaks to readers through the articles of the Herald. Some people wait for the magazine to reach them, and if they fail to get it in time, they immediately write to me or contact me. We are getting encouraging reports of blessing."

    Word comes from W. Samuel Finney, a worker with the Tamil Herald, "We greet you in the sweet name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are sending Tamil Herald to a brother in Kanater prison, Egypt for a long time. Now we received a letter from him as follows: ‘We have a prayer cell with eight members and praying every Saturday morning 10:00 to 11:30 without fail. There are sixty Christians in the prison.’ He asked for Herald English edition. So please do the needful."

    "The Marathi Herald is going on well," writes editor Deepak M. Kamle. "I am getting many phone calls stating that messages from Herald have benefited them. They received spiritual food and it blessed them in their personal life. Some have stated that the spiritual scripts are very, very useful for their study and meditations. I praise God for His working through Herald magazines."

    K. Franklynn Jayaraj, editor of the Kannada Herald, asks for prayer that God may show mercy towards Kanarese speaking Christians. "The articles are of great blessing to all of them who read them. Let the fire of God fall upon them and get revival."

Eager Response in Romania

    "From all over Romania we are getting such powerful, heartfelt testimonies of the blessing the Herald is to souls. Requests are coming in like a flood. Right now copies of the second Romanian issue are being given out at a meeting of young people from all over the nation," explains editor Carol Schulz. "Pray please that those in attendance will be set on fire for the Lord and His glory, hearing and responding to His calling them to be His and His witnesses. I know the Herald will be a divine instrument in the Lord’s hands to work in their hearts and lives."

Please pray –

    * That each Herald edition will carry the anointing of the Holy Spirit and will bring forth fruit to His glory in lives around the world.

    * That God will continue to move upon willing hearts to send supporting gifts, and that He will richly bless them for it.

    * For more strong prayer partners to uphold each editor.