Salvation Heralds For Distribution

    To help you with your witness for Christ among the unsaved, Herald of His Coming has RIGHT CHOICE. To warn of the occult, there is TRUTH FOR YOU, especially appropriate for young people, who are chief targets of aggressive occult groups. For unsaved Jewish people there is HEAR, O ISRAEL.

    A Spanish translation of RIGHT CHOICE has recently been prepared. It is entitled SELECCION CORRECTA. Having copies of this Spanish paper on hand enables you to give a witness to Spanish-speaking people, even though you may not know the language.

    These papers are not periodicals but are printed in quantity as needed. They are sent without charge, but your gifts help make possible further printings of the papers. We encourage you to write for copies to distribute personally as a witness in your "Jerusalem," and as God enables, to send your gifts to mail copies to eager distributors in "the ends of the earth" (Acts 1:8). Together let us bountifully sow the precious seed of the Gospel and pray that many thousands will repent and be saved!