Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    As a young boy I used to pick the Herald for my father (now deceased) from the postal box. Now I’m a servant of the Gospel and I believe if Christ tarries, my own children will also benefit from the Herald of His Coming. I have by God’s grace distributed the Herald bulk copies I’ve been receiving among fellow ministers in the church and mainly at the "Christian Insurance Fellowship" of a corporation staff, where I’ve ministered weekly since year 2000. Brethren in the fellowship have always been eagerly looking forward to the Herald and those who could not get their personal copies go as far as making photocopies.

    Last Sunday at the Sunday school the topic was "Fishing for Men’s Souls." After the class we were asked to go out for a door-to-door witnessing and I was overwhelmed by the experience and the outcome of the outing. For a long time now I’ve never had to be outside the church premises on a Sunday morning; so it was surprising to see what it’s like out there during Sunday service. We met many Christians who didn’t go to church and some Muslims even welcomed us to pray with them in the name of Jesus. I have always shied away from door-to-door witnessing but this got something started in me. And the "waking jolt" I got was from the article "Occupy Till I Come" in the December 2005 edition which I picked again to read this morning. I have been challenged by last Sunday’s experience coupled with this article. I think I have to rise up to do something of this door-to-door thing. There has always been a quiet dread of it before now, but now the jinx is broken – praise God! I will start with 120 copies of the "Right Choice" [Salvation herald]. God bless the Herald.


    I have been receiving copies of the Herald of His Coming for the last one year and it had been very inspirational to me. I gave my life to Christ Jesus and the copies of the Herald have helped to shape my faith too much. There has been a lot of discouragement to my life, and especially the copy for August 2005, "The Reality of Spiritual Warfare," has strengthened me and brought me closer and more dependent on God. I have not yet seen His work in my life, but I am convinced that one day Jesus will reveal Himself to me.


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming paper. It has been a source of strength to me in my daily life as I battle it out with the opponent Satan. The monthly Herald and its contents chosen to be printed is indeed inspired by the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Jesus, for Thy mighty name!...I am enclosing a bank draft…. Please accept my good wishes and God’s choicest blessings to the staff members, not forgetting the volunteers….


    I have received the Herald Newsletter, "Looking Unto Jesus." I think it will help me to rise up from my slumber, to wipe away my tears, to forget my troubles. Today it’s my time because our Lord Jesus is alive and is the answer to our problems. There is no problem without a solution. If God is for us, who can be against us? (Rom. 8:31). Don’t forget to send me the Herald spiritual food in order to be strong in the words of God. For His anger lasts only a moment, but His favor lasts a lifetime. Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning. Things are already better when God is for us. Thank you for the spiritual food….


    The Herald of His Coming has been a great blessing to me through the years, especially now in my senior years and not able to attend church. It encourages me in my walk with God…I will continue to pray for this blessed ministry.


    Warm greetings to you from an old German missionary in Panama. I received the precious Herald for over 50 years in German, then in Panama for over 40 years in English and Spanish. I cannot describe the rivers of blessings which I have received through this precious paper which reached me faithfully every month. Now I distribute the 15 papers in Spanish to Guaymi pastors and believers, and read the English Herald together with English-speaking missionaries. I just received the English January Herald which I am reading with great joy and blessings. Thank you. I can see that it is a paper not printed on fine, expensive paper as many missions are printing their news today, but the contents are precious. The Lord bless you! Keep on the good work in the power of the Lord!


    I value each copy of Herald of His Coming. It is like receiving a pastor in your home. It was through reading the Herald that I discovered my ministry of prayer and intercession. I’ve been receiving these Heralds since 1982 and I assure you they have matured me. I am now a leader in the church, heading evangelism as well as prayer and intercession ministries. The Lord has so much burdened me with these two ministries. Every Tuesday I have overnight prayer alone at the church where I intercede for revival to come upon our church and upon the body of Christ in Zambia….From 1982 to 1992 I used to intercede alone, but now we are more than thirty serious intercessors….


    You don’t realize the many blessings you have been giving to me through this paper. I am an intercessor for my church and also for Women Aglow. The paper you send me regularly lifts me up and gives me a song in my heart. I like to receive the Herald of His Coming. I keep on praying that the Lord will keep this paper going from strength to strength and that many will enjoy like I have….


    I wish to thank you and the Lord Jesus for the Herald of His Coming that I have been receiving for almost one year now. I work in a company that many a time requires me to work for seven days a week and thirty days a month. Only the Herald, the Bible and prayer keeps the fire burning in me and the family. I always share the contents of the Herald of His Coming with my co-workers during an interdenominational lunchhour meeting that we have started. In my house, my wife and women believers meet on Monday afternoons, share the Word and pray together for respective families and the Church of Jesus Christ. The Herald of His Coming gives us the right spiritual diet to keep us healthy and thus go an extra mile….


    Thanks for granting me more insight and revelation through Herald of His Coming articles. I am grateful for that. It has transformed my life into studying the Word of God always and learning a lot also, as well as increasing my faith in the Lord….


    Greetings in the name of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ from Chin State, situated between the border of India and Burma. It is hilly, without natural disaster, covered with evergreen forest. The season is mild throughout the year. Communication is only by car-road from Yangon and Mandalay. We have been abundantly blessed with the Herald monthly papers for some years, but we apologize that we cannot write or inform the situation because the postage rate is uncertain from this side. But we pray times will get brighter. Please send us the Herald papers, 50 copies each month, for the ministry, for the re-cultivating the barren field; the famine greater than ever heard was reigning over the field so that we need the more prayers at every time….


    Shall I ever get the appropriate words with which to thank you fittingly for the Heralds which you send to me monthly? The beneficiaries of those Heralds have always asked me to thank you on their behalf for the job you are doing tirelessly. Together we have reaped plenty of spiritual uplifting from what we read in the Heralds….In His eternal love….


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming paper you are sending me every month. This Herald paper has been encouraging me in this Muslim country. I pray that God will help you as you are encouraging people all over the world to come and know God through our Lord Jesus Christ. I have been in this country for five good years of not seeing my own people. I am a Nigerian. I came to Chad in year 2000 for I have been serving my Master and this is time for me to go back to my country. It is not that I am not coming back again; by the grace of God I will come back. Please, brethren, send me many Herald papers so that I may add it with the ones I have here to distribute to my friends and my brothers and sisters who never see my face for long. Please keep me on the mailing list….


    Thank you for the timely messages in Herald of His Coming. They are a true blessing to me and other brothers in our church. The pure words from the Father’s heart touch each one’s heart in a different time of need. I ask for your prayers in a time of many tests and trials that we endure in behind these walls. Prayers are welcome and needed. I thank you.