Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    It is a good thing to belong to Herald of His Coming family of the staff, correspondents and readers all over the world. The Herald is a great blessing to many in the body of Christ; including me…The Herald has been a great source of encouragement. Many times it has uplifted my spirit and several times I have used its many articles to encourage others. The timeliness of the Herald messages amazes me so much. Many times I get confirmations through it of what God speaks to me. This encourages me so much and it gives direction to my prayer life. One such confirmation was the message of the November 2005 articles. For a long time I have had a burden for the persecuted church in many parts of the world. Often I have prayed for the courage and endurance of the saints in these places. The November articles blessed my soul and renewed my commitment to pray for the persecuted church and personally to prepare for afflictions and persecutions as I serve Christ. Please send me another copy of that November issue….


    Herald of His Coming is doing substantial work in the prison where I am. It has given help to me and many people in this prison. We all pray for the Herald work and all the staff. We use the Herald messages for our group devotion and discussion and we are really blessed. Thank you for the contribution you are making to our lives….


    Greetings in the most powerful name of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ. Almost seven years now since my friend handed me this Herald of His Coming, just one paper. I kept that in my drawer and when I open my drawer I keep repeat reading it. Only this time I decided to write you to have my own copy so that I can share it to my brethren in my church. I pray that God will continue to bless you and support you for all the needs of hungry souls. More power to the ministry of God.


    I am a very devoted reader of Herald of His Coming, which I read almost daily. It has revived my life and has helped me greatly to understand the things of God. It has been so inspiring in my life and especially on the area of revival and prayer. Others have been blessed too. I am just out of college and am believing God to bless me to be able to support this ministry. Please continue sending me the Herald….


    We are so grateful to God for receiving the Herald of His Coming the last year. It was a rich source of spiritual nourishment for each of us that helped us to better minister to the people in our churches. Besides the articles, the news from around the world strengthens us, providing us with knowledge about God’s work across the nations. We truly appreciate your effort in sending the Herald each month….


    I used to receive the Herald of His Coming. It was a blessing to my life. I desire now to renew that powerful, exciting life of prayer. Herald of His Coming is the way to renew and revive my zeal for the Lord. I know by going through that revival magazine, my prayer life will be aflame again. Please put me back on the list and keep supplying me the Herald of His Coming….


    Continue in the good work you are doing. I am really enjoying the monthly issues. They are quite encouraging especially at the times we are living now, which are so close to the second coming of the Lord. I personally view Christian literature as one of the most efficient means of bringing many more souls to Christ and redeeming them from hell. I have also shared the Herald issues to friends and relatives who haven’t yet received Christ as their personal Savior of their lives….


    God had purpose managing to provide me Herald of His Coming magazine. I can say much about the great blessings we are constantly receiving from all messages contained in it. Our home has been revived since we now have morning prayer altar. I wish some day I can give for this ministry. Please do not stop the Herald. We are your prayer warriors here in Pakistan. I thank God for the person who gave me first copy of the Herald….


    I wish to express my gratitude for the Herald of His Coming which I have been receiving for the many past years. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I lost touch with God and also lost contact with the Herald of His Coming. However, God is always gracious to bring His lost sheep back into His fold. The Herald of His Coming is a God-inspired magazine. It has strengthened my faith and encouraged my growth spiritually. Please do continue to send me copies of the paper regularly. I am thankful and deeply appreciate your service for the Lord….


    Thanks to God and all of you for sending me the Herald of His Coming since October 2004. This spiritual material has helped me so much. I have found many things in it which have edified my spiritual life and the lives of others too, whenever I share with them the messages in it. The messages always keep in line with the will of God and help me to check myself, if I am really ready for the coming of our Lord Jesus. May the Almighty God bless you spiritually and materially, help you in all your endeavors to advance the Kingdom of God here on earth….


    I am a Christian and from a Christian home in Nigeria. I came across Herald publications through my brother. I requested Herald by mail just for it to keep me busy, but now it is not just for reading sake. I have been really touched by the Herald publications; it developed some interest and hunger in me for evangelism. I’ve never before had the passion I am having for Christ now. I am thanking God for the Herald ministry, and I pray that God will continue to inspire you through His Spirit to revive many….


    Enclosed please find a cheque for the Herald of His Coming. We appreciate it very much. This week, at a women’s small prayer group, we used one of the Herald articles for discussion of the Word. Everyone was uplifted….


    I lack words to express the impact of the Herald publications on my life and ministry. It’s wonderful! It is also my prayer that those who send support in cash or in kind will also be replenished and abundantly rewarded. There have been a lot of challenges that sometimes threaten the very foundation of our faith, but we are resolved to go with the Master at any length no matter the roughness of the road. This is one area that Herald of His Coming has greatly helped us. The anointed pages have seriously contributed to our hanging on despite the storms of life….


    Thank God for Herald of His Coming ministry. It’s been several years that I have been receiving Herald of His Coming. The teachings have been health to my bones, and meat. Through the teachings my spiritual life has grown from strength to strength. And your faithfulness over the years has been such a blessing to me. The articles have a gentle touch to my heart and mind. The teachings inspire my spirit. I am watching and waiting to continue on receiving the powerful messages.


    I have been receiving Herald of His Coming since 1996, when I was still crawling in my faith. Herald made me feel part of the Church of God in its entirety and to be missionary minded. For a remote rural area like mine, Herald opened my world and updated me of what is happening worldwide. Please don’t drop my name but instead include the following brethren in the Herald mailing list….


    Thank you for keeping me in mailing list that I receive Herald of His Coming monthly. The Herald of His Coming contains spiritual articles that strengthen my faith and enable me to know how great our God is. After deeply reading through this paper I get power in my heart and say something to my fellows and share God’s messages together. After reading the Herald I also distribute it to my friends and neighbours. This paper makes me to read some verses in the Bible many times….


    Please I beg you to continue sending Herald of His Coming for us, as it means so much for us. The Herald always brings tremendous blessing and inspiration to many…


    What a blessing Herald of His Coming continues to be to our family! God is beginning to stir up a hunger and desire for the Word and prayer in our 15-year-old son’s heart. Praise His wonderful Name!


    The meat in the Herald is always a most timely blessing. I love a truth that exposes my heart to me. Thank you.


    We always look forward to Herald of His Coming. It calls us to a deeper walk with God and gives us more hunger for Him and a longing for revival. Thank you for its continuation.