Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    The Scripture Union at my college has been mightily blessed with the messages in the 15 Heralds you have been sending since May. They are breeding revival in the hearts of students! We share them with our teachers also. It’s a mighty blessing…. I have been coordinating the distribution of the Herald in this school, but I am doing my final exams this year, and I will be leaving. But I don’t want the good work of God to end here. So I have organized someone to take over the distribution…. I request that you increase the number of copies so as to accommodate even the teachers who wish to read and the big number of students!


    I have been receiving the Herald for quite some time and it is helping us as a church here in Zimbabwe where things have become hard for almost everyone. It has helped us keep the faith even in such trying times. We do not have the money to help with, but we help with our prayers that God will richly bless the Herald so that it may continue to help many….


    I am thankful for the work you are doing on spreading the Gospel. I have been receiving Herald of His Coming for some years now. Back in the church where I grew up, we would share this inspirational word at prayer meetings and for family devotions. I have since married and moved from the south to the east where my husband and I are working at a Rehab centre (Teen Challenge, started by David Wilkerson). I still receive the Herald every month and I must say it’s a joy to share with the men here who are struggling with life-controlling problems. I also send copies to churches, neighbors and friends. My mom does the same with the package she receives at my former church….


    We want to thank you and to praise God for the Herald of His Coming papers that we get every month. The teachings we find in the paper are so solid and attached to the Word of God. It’s so encouraging in these end times, with so many wrong teachings, to know that there is still a source of teachings which are coming from the Throne. Revival is first seeking God’s face, repentance, sanctification and prayer, and all the rest is in God’s hands. Please pray that God will revive the Lord’s Body in Israel and then, the whole people of Israel.


    I have been distributing the copies of the Herald of His Coming prayerfully and making follow-up and many are testifying of anointing and the drive of the message…. There is great awakening at our school. Many have been led to Christ our Lord and Savior. We have by the grace of the Lord formed a group for prayers and deliverance. We started very few of us, about seven, but now we are about forty. The salvation literature and the Herald of His Coming have helped us to lift our hearts to the Lord. Things are changing at our school, and I belong to the change. There is great demand for the paper. I would be happy if you can increase from the thirty copies I am currently receiving to sixty…. I’m praising and thanking God for including me as one of the Herald of His Coming intercessors. My prayer life is taking new shape. Praise the Lord!


    I receive Herald of His Coming paper monthly and read carefully. I take some points to my notebook as my reference as I read the Bible, and I use some words to tell my friends and share with my family. Articles found in this paper contain spiritual messages that empower my faith…. Through reading the Herald paper I am very much encouraged to pray for others and say something to my neighbors about the Word of God, because I feel some power forcing inside my heart to say to others. Once I finish to read the Herald I pass it to my friends who are very interested to read the news found in this paper….


    Three weeks ago I bought some Christian books from a bookstore and the cashier gave me a copy of Herald of His Coming. Initially I thought I was given a copy of some outdated articles, but to my surprise, I was glued to the paper. It is not only easy to read but inspiring and gives me a better understanding of the teachings. It also helps in my spiritual walk and many of the subsections touch my heart. Therefore, I wish to be on the mailing list of future issues….


    Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am overwhelmed by the Herald newspapers you send to me monthly. This has helped me so much in discipleship class. Some of the new converts are happy to have known this Christian paper. This has blessed our souls and sparked up a revival in our lives. My wife carefully reads them each month and uses them at times for her devotions. If I can have many more copies, I will be grateful, for many more readers are added, especially those I frequently visit in the villages in the North West Province of Cameroon. Thank God for blessing you with such a ministry….


    I am glad to yet be receiving the Herald of His Coming each month. It’s now three years. The messages are encouraging my church and me. My spiritual life is growing because the Herald serves as a window of the kingdom of God. It links me with the Lord and gets me connected with my Jesus Christ, teaching me the way of life. The Herald is precious to me because it teaches the way a good Christian should live within and outside. It has also made me plus my church to have the desire to be prayer warriors and soul winners….


    I enjoy so much the Herald of His Coming. The articles are such a blessing to me. I have grown deeper in my walk with the Lord, and have been greatly encouraged by the articles written. Please continue sending the Herald to me. I will help whenever I can….


    Since I started reading the Herald in the 90’s, my life has so changed in a way that I find myself loving to read the Word of God more and more everyday. The articles in the Herald are exactly what the people should be hearing in the churches, but unfortunately they don’t. When sharing about what I read in the Herald, people become amazed and blessed and just want to hear more…. Accept the small donation enclosed herein for this blessed ministry.


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming! You can not imagine how deeply and powerfully God has spoken to me through this blessed instrument of God. God bless you always!


    Thank you for sending me the Herald of His Coming regularly. I cannot express it in words how the mighty God is using the Herald of His Coming mightily. Praise the Lord! He is enabling us to serve through this paper. The Lord is feeding and reviving us. Whenever I read the Herald something stirs inside me and challenges me to go on praying. I always wait hungrily for the Herald to reach me. God always gives something to pray for. I take the title of the prayer to my groups and challenge them to pray. I live in a country where many churches are closed and many Christians are in prison. But God’s Spirit always works, and no one can stop the mighty King from working His way. Alleluia! Let the Lord bless the Herald mightily till He comes back. Amen!


    The church keeps on asking me why is it that my teaching becomes clear, easy to understand. I told them it is just by the grace of Christ Jesus. I have another great secret, which is Herald of His Coming you send to me every month. It is helping me in my spiritual growth. God richly bless you always!....


    I thank God for what the Lord is doing through Herald of His Coming. It has been a tremendous blessing to me. I have been reading the Herald since my college days, about 25 years ago. It has contributed to my being involved in two areas in the ministry – prayer and missions. Right now I am a full-time cross-cultural missionary in Republic of Benin. When I came here in 2000 from Nigeria for the work of mission, the Lord helped me and a fellow missionary also from Nigeria to start an intercessory prayer group. The Lord has blessed this group so much that it is growing daily and definite prayers are being answered. Can you please help to send me more copies in English and some copies in French?....


    I’m currently incarcerated in the Colorado Department of Corrections. I’m under Administrative Segregation 23-hour lockdown. I’ve been under 23-hour lockdown three years now and all I’m allowed in my cell is a television and religious material. In all this isolation time I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of my life. I thank you for sending me monthly issues of Herald of His Coming…. The Herald is so key to my spiritual growth. I pray the Lord continues using you mightily in sharing the gospel as long as He tarries….


    I have by God’s grace been telling the old, old story for a long time – ordained Baptist pastor 56 years ago. Herald of His Coming has been a powerful resource for my life and ministry.