Out of Mail Box 279
Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I apologize for my delay to write and thank God for Herald of His Coming. We are so busy praying for revival and we will not stop praying for revival in this country as long as the church is so lukewarm. Herald of His Coming has taught us that the remedy for the lukewarmness is revival. That is why we are praying for revival. Thank you for the blessings we have received from Herald of His Coming….


    It is with joy and appreciation that I write to Herald of His Coming. Simple words cannot explain the impact that this paper has had in the lives of many in Cameroon. I have been reading the Herald for more than five years. The challenging messages of this publication have shaped my life and made me a better leader in our youth evangelism in Cameroon. I have learnt a lot which I am not able to explain in this mail. I have encouraged many to read and have distributed my copies to others whenever they are interested….I will continue to pray for all the Herald staff….


    My wife and I have been missionaries in Malaysia for four years now and appreciate your sending the Herald to us here. It is a breath of fresh air to us to read the stories as they encourage us in a dry place. We also have the opportunity to share it with others. Please continue to send this valuable resource to us. We dearly appreciate it.


    The Herald of His Coming magazine not just blessed me, but also encouraged me and equipped me to do what God wants me to do in my ministry. Each issue has so much spiritual teaching and it’s a good source for spiritual nourishment and spiritual growth to those who can read. Please continue to retain my name on the list to receive Herald of His Coming magazine….


    I always marvel at the kind of messages that appear in each issue of Herald of His Coming. They are anointed and inspiring and timely and I’m always set ablaze after reading. I am not able to put the Herald issues aside when I receive them. The Bible indeed contains the life-changing Word of God for mankind. The Herald makes me hungry for more of God’s Word….I have given the copies to the members of the chaplaincy board in the school where I teach. I am the chaplain in this secondary school. The members are thankful for the blessed material….


    I have been on the Herald of His Coming mailing list from 2003 to February 2006. It has been a sustaining spiritual food and drink nourishing my spiritual life. It was giving me guidance, advice, courage and meaning to my life. The articles have a way of stirring up a burning desire within me for more of God and more of His power within me. I would greatly appreciate if you can reinstate me on the Herald mailing list….


    I take this privilege of writing to you to thank you and say how grateful I am to receive Herald of His Coming. I enjoy reading and studying some of the writings in the Herald. I also use them in my preaching because if I am blessed, then I must bless others with what I learnt from the Herald. I will always remember Herald of His Coming in our prayers, that the Lord Jesus and the precious Holy Spirit help and meet all of the needs at the office.


    Thank you for still giving me Herald of His Coming, which helps me in praying, preaching and intercession. My church is growing because of Herald of His Coming. Our members are active in praying, preaching in open air, village by village…. May God bless you as we labour together for the extension of His kingdom and the salvation of precious souls!


    Thank you for sending the Herald of His Coming which was a blessing for me. It has helped improve my life a lot. I’m writing to inform you that I have made my commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and hope that you will also help others who are in need of it. May God bless you!


    Praise the Lord, the Herald of His Coming has done so great to me. I can’t even express my feeling. I am giving God thanks for all that are sending these papers to us. It teaches us more to pray and to seek God more. God bless you all. I am praying for you. Continue in the good work you are doing….


    Thanks for the Herald of His Coming. I am helped whilst reading through and my spiritual life is encouraged, sustained and motivated in all areas of my life and the work of God that I am called to do….


    The Herald of His Coming magazine is very helpful to me, so I need to have more issues of this magazine. It awakes, refreshes, strengthens my spiritual life. My wife as my helpmate in the ministry is so interested to have it. Then we share to other Christian workers. It inspires them to be faithful to the Lord….


    Thank you for the Herald messages…. The uncertainties in this age have caused many of us to take refuge in our Lord Jesus. Reading the articles in the Herald papers has kept up our hope in Him, and we move on fearlessly trusting only in Him who has all we need in this present time and always. May the gift help to send out the papers to others too….


    Thank you for being faithful to the calling God has given you. The Herald articles give me a good shake to wake me up from my spiritual lethargy….


    I found a copy of Herald of His Coming from my brother. It has encouraged me a lot and helped me to understand the Word of God more deeply. It has challenged and inspired me to be on fire for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the blessed work you are doing to further the Gospel. May you kindly put me on the mailing list? I so appreciate Herald of His Coming and how much it encourages the body of Christ….


    How timely and relevant has been the message, "Continue on and Finish Well," April 2006. This is the Lord Himself speaking to His church throughout the world. I have been stirred to read the Word of God and to pray more. We must continue on and stay focused on Christ! God bless the Herald for being an encouragement to subscribers….


    Herald of His Coming is not just a paper, but it is the heartbeat of God for His people. The messages in this paper are inspirational and life-changing. Herald is the paper for this generation and for this hour. It is both seasonal and practical. Ever since I was introduced to the Herald my perspective of ministry has changed. It has been a blessing to our church and the local community. Now we know how the revivals started – through prayer….


    Thank you for regularly sending me a copy of Herald of His Coming. The Bible-based messages are "meat for my soul." The messages never fail to encourage and convict me in the Spirit. Enclosed is my "thank you" token….I’ve been reading Herald of His Coming since the 90’s, when I was based in the Philippines. Now I share it with the Filipino Christian community in Switzerland and hope they are equally blessed by it.


    I express my profound gratitude for sending me copies of the Herald paper consistently. First, the articles in the Herald form part of my sermon. Secondly, issues in the Herald add vitality to my messages. Thirdly, the messages in the Herald instill varieties into my preaching. Fourthly, the Herald paper serves as a spiritual thermometer to my spiritual life. Fifthly, it directs and redirects me in my devotion and service to the Lord. Please keep sending me Herald of His Coming.


    I pastor a small church in north Texas and have been reading the Herald since the mid-1980’s. It has been such a great blessing and encouragement to me throughout the years and often a great resource for my preaching. Please keep up the good work and may the provision and bounty of our Lord be released to the Herald….


    Thanks for your faithfulness in the work you are doing. "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15). The ones who can’t go can help send the ones that can. What a blessing to know we are a small part in helping Herald of His Coming send the Word!..Sometimes I feel like Jeremiah, the weeping prophet. I cry a lot for the lost people.


    Good Christian material is in short supply in prison. A place most needy and much forgotten by society. Very sad. Thank you for spreading the Word to us inside. God’s love is the answer….