HERALD INTERNATIONAL (Printing In Over Twenty Languages)

Bringing New Life In Romania

    It is our privilege to share with you the excitement of a new birth. It was approximately nine months in the making, and a sweet blessing from God for the people of Romania.

    10/7/2005 email from Carol Schulz sent to Herald of His Coming: "Greetings in Jesus’ wondrous Name! How I continue to be blessed, challenged, nourished by Herald of His Coming, which I have been receiving for many years. I pray for you, for the ministry so near and dear to our Lord’s heart.

    "For some fifteen years now I, an American from Madison, Wisconsin, have been co-laboring with Jesus in Romania. Over the years I have been praying and searching for a way to have at least part of each Herald translated and distributed to some here in Romania.

    "I just returned from out of the country, and read in the August issue of Herald the article ‘Heralding Christ In Europe,’ the interview with Wolfgang Gerstenberg of Leun, Germany. There was such a stirring in me that just maybe there would be a possibility of yet another European edition – for Romania..."

    Herald of His Coming reply to Carol Schulz: "Thank you very much for writing. We appreciate your friendship and partnership with the Herald ministry over the years, and we also appreciate your encouragement and desire to see a Romanian edition of Herald of His Coming. We have been praying for the work to expand, and our initial response to your request is that this may very well be one of the ways the Lord plans to expand the work. We will take the idea to heart and to the Lord and will get back with you soon...May the Lord bless your life and ministry in every way, and may He guide us according to His perfect will in the possibility of a Romanian Herald!"

    11/21/2005 email from Carol: "Now I have found a good translator and probably can find a way of getting the Herald printed here in Bucharest. Before going any further, would you please let me know how the Herald International printing and distributing is carried on? I know this means finding financial support...I so look forward to hearing from you. In the meanwhile I continue praying for God’s all-sufficient grace as the staff and volunteers continue laboring in the Kingdom for God’s glory and the building up of the body of Christ. I thank God on many occasions for you and for the Holy Spirit’s divine inspiration and direction in all you do."

    01/05/2006 email from Carol: "I just got a phone call from my young Nigerian friend, Duru McGreg Matthew, who will co-labor in this possible project of translating, printing, and sending out portions of Herald of His Coming..."

    03/27/2006 email from Carol: "Greetings in Jesus’ glorious Name from Bucharest, Romania. Perhaps you are wondering how the Lord is leading us – Matthew and me – as we pray and pursue the new work of a Romanian Herald. I won’t go into any details right now, but would ask you at Herald headquarters to intercede for us as we prepare to launch out, beginning slowly and following other helpful directives you sent and seeking the Holy Spirit’s counsel and leading...We are very excited about getting started, the first issue may even be sent out sometime in April; translating will be done in Constanta as well as printing...

    Matthew, a Nigerian evangelist, has lived in Romania for more than 10 years now. While still in Nigeria, he had been greatly blessed reading the Herald, so when I talked with him about this possibility, he was very enthused. I have known Matthew all the years he has been in Romania, first as a Bible school student and in the last years fervently co-laboring with Jesus among the Turks and Romanian nationals in Constanta. While we are not in the same city, we feel we can quite easily work together, keeping in close touch..."

    Herald of His Coming reply to Carol: "Your email to us is such a great blessing and we rejoice in the Lord and offer praise to Him for the Romanian Herald He is raising up through you! Our thoughts, hearts and prayers are with you. We marvel at how the Lord can bring everything and everyone together for His work, including your friendship with Matthew, and his background and heart for the Herald’s ministry. Surely the Lord is at work!"

    5/21/2006 email from Carol: "Our first printing of the Romanian Herald of His Coming, Vestitorul Venirii Lui, 2,000 copies, has been printed. In the next short while, hopefully/prayerfully Matthew and I will get them distributed. We are very excited and praying much! The printing was done by a newspaper company in Constanta (Black Sea port city) at a good price and has already been a witness for the Lord to the printer himself. I wrote an abbreviated version of the history of Herald of His Coming. Also we introduced ourselves and asked for those receiving the Herald to give us names and addresses of others who may be interested in it. Then, in the second Herald we send out, we will ask those interested in continuing to receive it to reply to us..."

    5/31/2006 email from Carol: "Just wanted to tell you we’re in the process of distributing the first Heralds, and it seems God is graciously arranging some special meetings, like a prayer conference in one major city this week, at which intercessors will gather, and I have the opportunity to see to it that Vestitorul Venirii Lui is available for those who desire it..."

    6/05/2006: First issue of the Romanian Herald, Vestitorul Venirii Lui, arrived in the Herald of His Coming mail.

    Please pray with Carol and Matthew:

    That the Herald will be sent to souls in Romania the Holy Spirit shows us and will stir them to fervent prayer and believing for revival.

    That the copies we mail out will in fact reach their destinations (mail getting through to recipients can be a problem...also we will be distributing quite a few as personal handouts).

    • That in all concerning the Herald we will have the wisdom of the Lord and be led by the Holy Spirit each step of the way.

    • That the finances to continue this ministry will come in.